Toyota announces the one-millionth sale of the Prius in the U.S.

Article by Christian Andrei, on April 7, 2011

U.S. sales of the Toyota Prius hybrid have surpassed the one-million mark, marking a milestone for the vehicle that had once been only an experiment initiated by environmentalists. Sales of the Prius were helped by the high prices of gasoline that now edges towards $4 per gallon.

The Prius, which is equipped with a gasoline engine and an electric motor, boasts a fuel efficiency rating of about 51 mpg in the city and 48 mpg on the highway. The Environmental Protection Agency named the Prius as the most fuel-efficient car in the U.S. (second only to electric vehicles).

In a statement, Bob Carter, Toyota Division group vice president and general manager in the U.S., said that Prius had “paved the way” for the arrival of more hybrids. Toyota started to sell the Prius 11 years ago.

Back then, prices were low and only the seriously environmental-conscious people bought the model.

Then gasoline prices started to rise and the Prius became more popular. Autodata Corp. said that Toyota sold almost 43,000 units in the first quarter of 2011 -- higher than the first quarter of 2010 by 52%.

Toyota sold over 140,000 Priuses in 2010. Last year, global sales of the Prius exceeded 2 million. Toyota also announced that total global hybrid vehicle sales surpassed the 3 million mark sometime in March.

Carter said that Prius has turned into a synonym for the word hybrid. So far, Prius sales make up more than 60% of hybrid passenger car sales.

Press Release

Toyota Sells One-Millionth Prius in the U.S.

Toyota Motor Sales (TMS), U.S.A., Inc., today announced the one-millionth sale of the Toyota Prius, the world’s first mass-produced hybrid gas-electric vehicle, in the United States. It is the third milestone for Toyota’s hybrid lineup in the last six months that started with the announcement of worldwide Toyota Prius sales topping two million in October 2010 and overall global Toyota hybrid sales passing three million last month.

“Since the Prius went on sale eleven years ago not a year has gone by when it hasn’t been the number one selling hybrid vehicle in the U.S,” said Bob Carter, Toyota Division group vice president and general manager. “Prius has become synonymous with the word hybrid and as we see fuel prices starting to rise again, it has accounted for more than 60 percent of hybrid passenger car sales so far this year. Prius paved the way for hybrids and while it is still the hybrid leader in sales and fuel economy, I’m proud to say that since its introduction, 13 other auto brands have seen the benefits of hybrid technology and joined the hybrid market.”

The third-generation Prius topped the EPA’s list of the Most Fuel Efficient Vehicles for 2011. It has been named the Best Overall Value of the Year for the last nine years in a row by IntelliChoice, and has the highest owner loyalty of any mid-size vehicle for four of the last five years according to R.L. Polk. More than 97 percent of all Toyota Prii sold since 2000 are still on the road.

Since it was introduced in the U.S. in 2000, Prius, when compared to the average car, has saved American consumers more than an estimated 881 million gallons of gas, $2.19 billion in fuel costs, and 12.4 million tons of CO2 emissions.

In January 2011 at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, Toyota debuted the Prius v, the first vehicle to be debuted as part of the Prius family marketing strategy. Prius v, which goes on sale in third quarter of 2011, is a mid-size vehicle that provides more than 50 percent additional interior cargo space than the current Prius. In early 2012 Prius will launch two more Prius family members – the Prius c compact hybrid vehicle and the Prius Plug-in Hybrid vehicle.

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