Toyota expanding workforce in the United States as Mississippi plant opens

Article by Christian Andrei, on October 31, 2011

Toyota Motor Corp. is expanding its workforce as it opens the Mississippi plant this month. The Blue Springs plant, which will be building Corollas, will hire about 1,500 people. One of those that Toyota has hired for its quality-assurance team is 39-year-old Karen Bowen who is a single mother. She said that she will get a “better life” for her family as she gets a $15 hourly starting wage as well as health insurance, a retirement plan and job stability.

Between now and 2015, U.S. and international automakers are planning to either hire or rehire a minimum of 25,000 workers, which include 4,000 jobs in the fourth quarter alone from Toyota's $1.3 billion plant, a new assembly shift at Honda Motor Co.'s Civic factory in Indiana, a third shift at Kia Motors Corp.'s Georgia assembly plant and an expansion at Hyundai Motor Co.'s Alabama plant.

The industrial output in the U.S. is also expected to increase for the remaining months of the year as it estimates that there will be a 10% improvement in auto sales this year.

Contributing to this rise is the recovery of Japanese brands from the earthquake last March. More jobs will be created in upcoming years with the anticipation of new and expanded plants for Asian and European carmakers and the improved performance of Michigan-based competitors.

2011 Toyota Corolla recently took the centre stage at the 2010 Los Angeles Auto Show. Since 1966, the Corolla’s combined safety, value and responsive performance have made the brand sell as many as 30 million units worldwide. We bet this December, America’s bestselling subcompact will be sold out quickly. Here’s why.

The Corolla will come with redesigned interiors and new styling at the exterior front and also at the rear section. Aside from two new colours, Toyota added some special features such as the brand’s Smart Stop Technology and a complimentary maintenance plan courtesy of Toyota Care.

If that’s not all, Toyota’s efficient and performance-grade vehicle will have the brand’s Star Safety System. The built-in feature includes Brake Assist, Electronic Brake-force, Anti-lock Braking System and Toyota’s Vehicle Stability Control technology.

As always, there will be 3 variants for the new Toyota Corolla 2011. The entry level is the Corolla LE and S, which will be equipped with 1.8L DOHC 4-cylinder engines. This powerful feature can produce 132 horsepower at 6000rpm while the torque output will show off an impressive 128lb-ft at 4400rpm.

Meanwhile, the VVT-I or the Dual Variable Valve Timing with intelligence will back up Corolla’s exhaust pipes and intakes. This will provide an improved fuel economy and will optimise certain factors to reach its peak performance. At the same time, the improved internal components are there to minimise the friction whenever possible.

Toyota Corolla’s 1.8L engine is available in 4-speed Automatic ECT otherwise known as the Electronically Controlled Transmission. Still, the 5-speed manual transmission will still be available on the same variant. The 4-speed AT standard feature meanwhile goes with the LE model.

For optimum fuel savings, the 4-speed automatic variants are equipped with a torque converter and flex lockup technology. The new Corolla is also presented with the new shift control for uphill and downhill driving. This will work when the driver shifts the 4-speed AT (manually) then adjusts the shift from “D” to “S”.

For those who want a more engaged driving, simply push back the lever for downshifts and push forward for upshifts. The gear selected will then be displayed on the instrument panel. In line with this, the S model with 1.8L engine will come in 4-speed Automatic Transmission and 5-speed Manual Transmission.

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