Upcoming Lotus Evora Cabrio will be a two seater

Article by Christian A., on August 29, 2010

The Lotus Evora, which is a 2+2, is going to see some changes as the carmaker is intent in converting it into a two-seater only for a convertible variant which could be released by 2012.

The carmaker is preparing for the release of the standard Evora, although plans are on the way to expand the range via transmission, powerplant and roofing options by the year 2012.

A Lotus-developed paddle-shift transmission will be the first range-expansion to arrive, which is set for 2010. This will provide the Evora a competitive edge against all the versions of the Porsche Cayman, its primary competitor.

Supercharged versions of the Evora are set to launch within two years with at least two levels of tuning offered, with the top of the line model getting in excess of 350bhp on tap. Moreover, the carmaker is rumored to be creating versions for motorsports, following the steps of the extreme Exiges which are presently available on the market.

The Evora with the drop-top version will be available by the latter part of 2012. The struggle of Lotus to include the electric retractable top which expected in this class, but should not compromise lightweightness and chassis rigidity, has been tough, although by following the Evora's stowage design, where the roof is stored in the latter's rear seat, the struggle would be won.

The designer of the Evora, Steve Crijns said that the car will most likely come with a soft-top instead of a hard one since the latter would be quite heavy and too intricate, therefore will have no part in a sports car and in Lotus key value of lightweight ride.

The roof will get to the front of the powerplant, where the rear seats are currently, while the remainder of the car has been so designed so as to accommodate the system without any major revisions. It's going to be a tough job, Crijns said.

In designing the new Lotus Evora, the main goal was to meet global automotive regulations. In addition, the brand also planned to release different variants in the future with one of them being a convertible. Aside from being hand-crafted, the Evora will be created using a new assembly line inside the brand’s very own high-tech facility located in Hethel, which is in the east of England. Since production in this facility is limited to 2,000 units per annum, it guarantees that the Evora will be both exclusive and rare.

According to Group Lotus plc CEO Mike Kimberley, this dynamic and new sports car is by far the brand’s biggest milestone since the release 13 years ago of the Elise. He adds that the Evora is also part of the five-year strategic plan being implemented. Aside from the Evora, the plan also includes introducing new technologies and new cars to additional markets in the world, he continues. He went on to say that this latest offering has everything customers expect from a Lotus especially when it comes to performance.

It is both lightweight and efficient and is proof that it is possible to have an elegant design, practicality, exceptional performance, and remarkable fuel efficiency, in a 2+2 mid-engine class-leading sports car, he says further. In addition, the new Evora is also able to meet many of the safety standards around the world, continues Kimberley.

The brand CEO shares further that as the Lotus moves to the future, the brand will continue to conduct research in order to develop and manufacture models that are more efficient and lighter. He goes on to say that these future models will remain to be connected to the wide range and highly-respected work with regards to alternative engines, electric vehicles, future fuels, and hybrid solutions.

Everyone will have to be responsible for future generations and the Evora is but the first step in the brand’s move of working towards cars that are sustainable and efficient, he adds. CEO Kimberley concludes by saying that they hope to keep Britain in the lead when it comes to the use of high technology in the auto industry.

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