Video: Chrysler shows off new ad featuring Dr. Dre and 300s model

Article by Christian Andrei, on June 6, 2011

Chrysler has a new television commercial titled ‘Imported from Detroit - Good Things’ for its 2012 Chrysler 300S model, featuring famous music producer and rapper Dr. Dre. This commercial is centered on the idea that success comes to those who are hardworking and those who take risks. Chrysler believes that Dr. Dre epitomizes this idea as he “has revolutionized music throughout his career” as an artist, label head, producer, and businessman.

Chrysler added that Dr. Dre isn’t just known for having discovered Eminem and Snoop Dogg but he has also been a huge influence to hip hop and is renowned as one of the best music producers in the industry today. In this tv ad, Dr. Dre is seen driving through many places in Los Angeles while beats are heard from his new 300S.

When he arrives at his destination, he says this line: "This is L.A. and this is what we do." This commercial also launches the Beats by Dr. Dre sound system that is featured on the 2012 Chrysler 300S.

This system includes a 522-watt 12-channel amp with unique equalizer algorithms co-developed with music producer Jimmy Iovine.

Listeners will be able to hear the right type of mid- to high-range sounds due to the three 3.5-inch speakers positioned in the instrument panel and two 3.5-inch speakers placed in the rear doors. Bass comes from two 6-inch 9-inch front-door woofers. Meanwhile, full-range audio is provided by two 6-inch 9-inch speakers and an 8-inch speaker in the rear-shelf that’s mounted in the center.

Chrysler continues to impress with the all-new 300 Sedan with an interior dedicated to using only authentic materials. Passenger comfort comes as a priority and it has a style that can easily be described as world-class. The upgrades include heated and ventilated Nappa leather seats, gorgeous interior trim, an instrument panel with lined with real wood and an improved center console, steering wheel and doors.

Premium is the key adjective in mind here, the 2011 Chrysler 300 Sedan features include instrument and door panels in cast-skin and a dual gloss graining which appears three-dimensional and adds a suppleness you would not expect.

Bright and satin chrome aspects are contrasted all across the Sedan yet give a subtle hint of milled aluminum. The new instrument panel includes larger gauges available in Sapphire Blue with elements of chrome as is the interior lighting.

With a comfort you can rely on, the all-new seats were engineered to support the back with an S-shaped, serpentine, spring suspension plus all-new front-seat backs. These seat-backs all contain extensive lumbar support and foams of different densities aimed at enhancing all-round comfort levels. These seats can all be adjusted according to the driver's specifications.

The 300 Series Sedan redesign is for a driver who not only values the comfort and quality you expect from Chrysler but also one which a driver can individualise.

The all-new 2011 Chrysler 300 Sedan has been completely redesigned with the purpose of enflaming the passions of those who know the type of quality you come to expect from a Chrysler. Offering an elegance and style missing from other models, the 300 features best-in-class seat comfort, performance far and above you would come to expect and most important of all a price and quality from a E-segment luxury sedan which is world-class.

Innovation drives the Chrysler team and the 300 series, fueled by passion that drives them to contribute to the many new experiences both the development team and enthusiasts can come to expect.

Expectations are met with a sophisticated style, confidence, craftsmanship and technology which are directly targeted at the customers’ specific needs to ensure they remember that driving is a fun experience.

The all-new 2011 Chrysler 300 Sedan series is now available in the United States in four different models, the Chrysler 300, 300 Limited, 300C and the 300 AWD. Go see your local dealer for the model that best suits you.

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