Volkswagen Golf models now available with leather upholstery as standard

Article by Christian Andrei, on October 5, 2011

Volkswagen’s Golf range has received enhancements in terms of value and appeal. For one, customers who will be ordering an R, GTD, GTI or GT model beginning today will have leather upholstery as standard. In the past, customers will have to shell out £1,890 if they opt for the luxurious black "Vienna" leather upholstery, which provides more than just a fine hide seat covering.

In addition, these vehicles have Bluetooth phone preparation, which means that customers can enjoy more than £2,000-worth of extra value. Moreover, the driver’s seat has an electrical adjustment.

Both the passenger and driver can enjoy electrically operated lumbar support as well as heated seats, which are ideal for the coming winter season. The GTD, GTI and GT all have sports seats with bolsters in order to hold the passengers securely. On the other hand, the Golf R's sports seats have deeper bolsters, suitable for the extra performance of the vehicle.

Recaro sports seats continue to be optional for Golf R clients. The Bluetooth phone preparation, which used to be a £255 option, seamlessly integrates compatible mobile phones with the in-car entertainment system of the Golf, allowing phone users to access a range of the features of their gadget using buttons on the radio or through the standard leather-trimmed multifunction steering wheel.

The upgrade is offered for no extra cost on R, GTI and GTD, and only £140 on GT models. This means that prices now start at £31,420 for R models, £25,305 for GTI, £24,635 for GTD and £21,310 for GT.

A version of the Volkswagen Golf came out in 2008 and these were the first cars to have the first design touches under the purview of Walter de Silva. The design team renewed one of the best known automotive designs to make it more modern. The powerful design of the Golf complements earlier designs seen in the Golf’s first generation models which came out between 1974 and 1983, and the fourth generation models that came out in 1997 through 2003. The one of a kind character of the general design, as well as the orientation of the taillights, side profile, and headlamps, also follows the redesign seen in all other Volkswagen cars.

The VW Golf redesign is part of the company’s wide redesign push that aims to make the brand look sharper. And Walter de Silva contributed greatly in the process by redefining the brand’s every design criteria.

Walter de Silva worked with group director for creative design Flavio Manzoni and design chief for the Volkswagen brand Klaus Bischoff to incorporate the best of the brand’s past designs and come up with a more focused design philosophy. De Silva explains that they have come up with a list of core elements that they call the “historical DNA”. The Volkswagen Golf and all other VW cars launched from here on will have historical DNA but there will be something new for its customers as well.

The sixth generation Golf does not really have any obvious differences in looks compared to the earlier models. At first glance, it is instantly recognizable as the Golf because it still has the same characteristics as its earlier counterparts: Original. One of a kind. Timeless, stable, timeless, reliable, and has universal appeal.

Bischoff says that the brand’s formal design language is fully seen in the Golf as it stirs up a “new feeling in product design. It is easily understandable but difficult to duplicate. As such, none of the German automaker’s competitors have been able to recreate the logic of the Golf’s design. And no competitor has also been able to match the Golf’s continuous development and success over the past thirty years!

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Volkswagen is boosting the appeal and value of its Golf line-up, with customers ordering a GT, GTI, GTD or R model from today gaining leather upholstery as standard. On top of this, Volkswagen is adding Bluetooth phone preparation to these cars, meaning customers benefit from over £2,000-worth of extra value.

Luxurious black ‘Vienna’ leather upholstery was previously a £1,890 option, and offers more than just a fine hide seat covering. Both passenger and driver get electrically operated lumbar support and heated seats, which should receive a warm welcome in the coming winter months.

The GT, GTI and GTD all feature sports seats with bolsters to hold occupants securely in place, while the sports seats in the Golf R have even deeper bolsters, as befits the R’s extra performance. Recaro sports seats remain an option for Golf R customers.

Bluetooth phone preparation (previously a £255 option) seamlessly integrates compatible mobile telephones with the Golf’s in-car entertainment system, allowing users to access many of their phone’s features using buttons on the radio or via the standard leather-trimmed multifunction steering wheel.

This upgrade is offered for just £140 on GT models, and for no extra cost on GTD, GTI and R, meaning GT prices now start at £21,310, GTD at £24,635, GTI at £25,305 and R at £31,420.

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