New games now available for PS Plus members on January 5

Article by Christian A., on January 6, 2016

The New Year has already passed, and it’s time for the January 2016 line up of games for the PlayStation Plus. This month, the PS Plus service is making available classic titles that have become fan favorites. Of course, the new versions have been revamped to keep up with the graphical capabilities of the PS4.

First on the list is Hardware: Rivals. This game takes cues from the Hardware: Online Arena game, which became a cult classic in the PlayStation 2. Take on vehicle versus vehicle action and fighting in this exciting game, which you can now experience for free as a PS Plus subscriber.

Bring your friends online to a match of your choosing. There are numerous game modes and maps available for the game’s online multiplayer arena mode. If you haven’t made enough friends playing the game just yet, you can still dive into the multiplayer mayhem on your own.

Watch out for special events too! Fast Attack Vehicles give you agility and quick access to those tricky weapon pickups, but you can’t get complacent out in the open. Tanks are less nimble but can take a hit and bring hefty firepower and a formidable presence to the battlefield.

You’ll be able to challenge your friends and hunt down your rivals. Wear your colors proudly and unlock vehicle upgrades to tweak your ride to your own personal taste. Here on the development team, we have daily debates over which vehicles and weapons are the best, and we can’t wait to hear what you think.

There are a variety of vehicles that you can pilot in Hardware: Rivals. You can pilot Tanks, which are beasts carrying powerful weapons and hitting power on the field.

However, despite their capability to damage opponents seriously, they are not as agile as the Fast Attack Vehicle. Take your pick from these two vehicle types and bring mayhem to the MOBA arena. Pimp out your vehicles to make them flashier, and more powerful. Hardware: Rivals will be available for beta testing soon.

PS Plus members can inform the PlayStation developers about what they think about the game through the beta phase, with the information to be used in future updates. Vehicle versus vehicle combat can be tiresome for some players, which is why there is an adventure game in January’s PS Plus lineup.

Revisit the Grim Fandango through the remastered version available to PS Plus members this month. This game puts you in control of Manny Calavera, who is tasked to guide the souls of dead people to their final destinations. Be a travel agent in this game, but your mission is no pleasure cruise.

PS Plus members can download the games beginning in the first Tuesday of January, January 5th. The full lineup also includes PlayStation 3’s Dragon Age: Origins, Legend of War Patton for the PS Vita, Medal of Honor Warfighter for the PS3 and PS Vita’s Nihilumbra.

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