Players can pilot Han Solo’s or Boba Fett’s ships in upcoming Star Wars Battlefront Fighter Squadron mode

Article by Christian A., on November 9, 2015

Fans of the iconic characters Han Solo and Boba Fett of Star Wars can look forward to stepping into the cockpit of these two characters’ space vehicles. This is because, according to Star Wars: Battlefront senior designer Björn Sundell, Solo’s Millenium Falcon and Fett’s Slave I are playable in the Fighter Squadron mode of the upcoming Electronic Arts game.

Sundell noted that most, if not all, fans of the Star Wars have dreamed of sitting in the cockpit in one or both of these iconic starships and this is EA’s response to that dream. Players must go through pickups on the Fighter Squadron maps in order to acquire the Falcon and the Slave I.

This is a chance for fans and gamers alike to blaze through the opposition in Fighter Squadron with the extra speed and firepower of these iconic starships. If you pilot the Slave I, you get the chance to experience the firepower of its arsenal, which includes powerful Ion Cannons, devastating Proton Torpedoes and a jammer that can help break missile locks from the opposition.

There’s a catch though – you can only use these starships for one round. If you lose, you can find yourself respawning to a common Rebel or Imperial fightercraft. Sundell also said that the game will become more challenging for the player once they have entered the cockpits of the Millenium Falcon and the Slave I.

He noted that, during tests, players piloting regular starships suddenly become enthusiastic and hungry to be the one to score a point destroying the Millennium Falcon or the Slave I. So, players must avoid being too cocky with their iconic fighters.

This means that Rebel or Imperial pilots should make it a point to collaborate and team up with each other when facing the Millenium Falcon or the Slave I in a match. Sundell’s team has designed the environments in a manner that gives players piloting regular craft a standing chance against the extra capabilities of these two iconic starships.

Sundell said that they have designed everything in Star Wars Battlefront to reflect the feeling of heroism and being “cool” that the iconic characters have brought into the films.

He noted that they have paid great attention to detail in designing the visuals to bring about the feel of an authentic Star Wars experience, thanks to the DICE team being able to access the Star Wars archives as part of the game’s development.

The DICE senior designer also said that they have designed the short intro sequence when collecting the two Hero Vehicles as a means to set the mood for the matches. Star Wars Battlefront is set for release on November 17th, which is only two weeks away from now.

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