Geneva Motor Show: Protoscar Lampo Concept

Article by Christian Andrei, on August 29, 2009

The small Swiss design company Protoscar, which employs only 14 staffs, has come up with an electric roadster concept in carbon fiber composite called the Lampo which they will produce in 2010. The Lampo was showcased at the Geneva event this week featuring a twin-motor design and a power yield of 268hp (199kW) and maximum torque of 440Nm.

This particular design permits a motor to propel each axle, which consequently offer FWD capability. A range of 120 miles (200 kilometers) is provided by a 32kWh battery which can be charged by a maximum of 12 hours in a standard 240V and 10-16amp European household power outlet.

The Lampo also comes with an intelligent charging system that allows the owner to choose the key criteria for performance: briefest charge time, maximum charge output, and the desire total level of charge desired in a given period of time. So, a quick charge will proportionately shorted range.

The Lampo is intended to accommodate two passengers, has an acceleration rate of 0-100km/h in five seconds and attain a maximum speed of 200km/h. Power is derived from lithium-ion batteries, which by itself already weighs 140kg.

Under the Lampo’s carbon fiber composite bodywork is a full tubular steel chassis 4.315 meters long. Having worked with Daimler, GM, Nissan and Rinspeed, Protoscar is currently dedicated in designing eco-friendly cars.

Press Release

Protoscar Lampo Concept

Protoscar SA will unveil LAMPO - a full size sport cabriolet - at the next Geneva otor Show on March 2nd, 2009 (stand 5141 in the e-mobile area). LAMPO is powered by two BRUSA electric motors (one rear and one front), optimized for maximizing acceleration and regenerative braking respectively. They deliver a total output of 268 HP and a torque of over 440 Nm. The lightweight Lithium-Ion battery pack with a capacity of 32 kWh allows for a range of over 200 km. LAMPO shows that also a zero-emission electric vehicle can offer the same performance as a traditional sporty car.

The primary energy source used for charging the LAMPO has been in existence for more than 4.5 billion years and has demonstrated to be rather reliable: it’s the sun. The exploitation of solar energy for LAMPO is possible thanks to a 16 kWp photovoltaic plant located in Seggiano, Tuscany.

Never before a premium driving pleasure like the one of the LAMPO has been achieved at such an optimal level of overall “Well-to-Wheel” energy efficiency - and zero emissions. However, even if the LAMPO was “filled up” with today’s particularly clean Swiss electricity mix, the WtW CO2 emissions of this vehicle would only account for about 7 g/km! Considering the EU electricity mix projection scenario for 2020, elaborated by Eurelectric, the WtW CO2 emission would still be limited to about 40 g/km.

Through the showcar LAMPO, Protoscar and its partners aim to demonstrate new technologies which include absolute innovations such as „intelligent charging“ or interactive GPS-based „range estimator“ – and discuss potential applications together with car manufacturers, in order to implement these solutions into their plans for future CleanCars.

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