2008 LA Design Challenge: Vw Bio Runner

Article by Christian Andrei, on August 25, 2010

The Vw Baja 1000 currently presents the race that it calls the "One Tank Unlimited Solo Class." The only conditions are one driver and one ten-gallon tank of fuel, compelling rivals to use all available technology, strategy and intelligence to finish the unique race. The rider in the Bio Runner is crouched in a protective cage on a motorcycle-like seat with relevant controls connected to both hands and feet.

These controls maneuver all wheels through artificial muscle-based suspension which offers unequalled control and grip.

Similar to the motorcycle, this scheme permits the driver to incline towards turns as well as change the center of gravity by shifting the position of the wheels relative to the position of the cab. This system provides an unequalled level of control and grip which in the end results in a much swifter speed runs.

This transportation is driven by powerful dual-turbine engines that can operate at an extremely efficient 500,000 rpm and runs on a patented bio-synthetic jet fuel. It can also link with an Arial Recon Drone (AR-D) which transmits real-time video of the terrain when visibility is severely limited.

Support Team Choppers execute a variety of tasks, namely, transport, pursuit and, in crashes, lands and performs repairs. It also comes with telemetry analysis software which takes over piloting in emergencies to evade danger not visible to the driver.

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