Airbus displays Peugeot-designed H160 civil helicopter at Dubai Airshow

Article by Christian A., on November 11, 2015

Airbus Helicopters is showcasing its latest civil helicopter, the H160, at the Dubai Airshow slated on November 8-12, 2015. The H160 is a new medium-twin helicopter designed to perform a variety of duties like public-service missions, emergency medical services and offshore platforms as well as private business and aviation.

Commercialization of the H160 will commence next year. Airbus Helicopters launched an in-house style competition for the design of the next chopper, with an aim to get inspiration externally while creating a new benchmark in helicopter style.

This competition was won by designers at PEUGEOT Design Lab who then commenced work on the new helicopter, then known as the X4. The initial plans for the X4 were then adapted, developed and fine-tuned by Airbus Helicopters’ own design team.

Following a period of assembly, Airbus Helicopters then presented the H160 at the Dubai Airshow. According to Guillaume Chielens, Head of Style and Design at Airbus Helicopters, the company used the initial design submitted by PEUGEOT Design Lab to give the H160 a strong personality, reflecting its performance, innovation and emotion.

He remarked that the design by PEUGEOT Design Lab design immediately grabbed the attention of both operators and the general public. Cheilens noted that style was a key priority in the project – one that would strongly indicate the H160’s personality and performance.

This new helicopter is defined by sleek dynamic lines and futuristic contours, representing a leap from the previous generation chopper, the Dauphin.

These sleek lines also convey the H160’s efficiency and quietness in the air, something that was accomplished by implementing a number of innovations like an airframe made from composite materials, a canted tail rotor, a biplane stabilizer and Blue Edge blades.

Styling of the H160 is further enhanced by tapered windows. Cathal Loughnane, Head of the PEUGEOT global brand design studio, remarked that with the design work on the H160, PEUGEOT Design Lab managed to show its ability to work on complex technological projects.

Set up three years ago, PEUGEOT Design Lab has been the choice for a number of major companies like Alstom, Bombardier, Dassault Aviation, Leclerc, Quechua and SEB. It is also involved in the design of the PEUGEOT food truck, Le Bistro du Lion.

Starting as a coffee mill company in 1810, Peugeot has been in the auto-making business since 1890. Peugeot has since manufactured more than 65 million vehicles. Currently, Peugeot operates in 160 countries through 10,000 franchised dealers.

Press Release


  • New Airbus helicopter, announced in Dubai, was designed with PEUGEOT Design Lab assistance
  • PEUGEOT Design Lab was formed in 2012 to satisfy non-automotive partners with its resources
  • Helicopter planned for take-off in 2016

Airbus Helicopters is presenting its new civil helicopter, the H160, at the Dubai Airshow between 8th to 12th November. PEUGEOT Design Lab drew up the initial plans for the helicopter’s design, which were then adapted, developed and finalised by the in-house design team at Airbus Helicopters. The sleek, dynamic lines of the H160 represent a new aesthetic for the helicopters in the product range, reflecting the generational leap embodied by the model.

The Dubai Airshow is an international, biennial event that drew over 60,000 visitors in 2013. At this year’s airshow, Airbus Helicopters is presenting the H160, its new medium-twin helicopter whose commercialisation will begin in 2016. This versatile model is designed to perform a wide range of duties, including offshore platforms, public-service missions, emergency medical services as well as private business and aviation.

The designers at the PEUGEOT Design Lab began work on the H160 (then known as the X4) after winning an in-house style competition, launched by Airbus Helicopters in an aim to get outside influences and to create a new benchmark with regards to helicopter style. The in-house design team at Airbus Helicopters then developed and fine-tuned PEUGEOT’s initial design to create the aircraft that is presented this year.

“We used the initial styling developed by PEUGEOT Design Lab to define a strong personality for the rotorcraft—a mirror reflection of the innovation, performance and emotion unique to the H160. We developed a helicopter based on the PEUGEOT Design Lab design which immediately caught the attention of both operators and the general public. Style has become a key priority for the H160 programme, which aims to make a strong impression both with its unique personality and its performance,” said Guillaume Chielens, Head of Style and Design at Airbus Helicopters.

The futuristic contours of the H160, which are enhanced by the helicopter’s tapered windows, represent the culmination of the design project. The styling offers an updated take on the previous generation, the Dauphin, whose iconic nose has been revamped. The sleek lines of the H160 convey how efficient and quiet it is in the air—performance achieved through a series of innovations, including an airframe made from composite materials, a biplane stabilizer, a canted tail rotor and Blue Edge blades.

“PEUGEOT Design Lab demonstrated its ability to take on complex technological projects through its work on the exterior design of the H160,” explained Cathal Loughnane, Head of the PEUGEOT global brand design studio. Since it was established in 2012, an extensive range of customers have relied on the studio’s services: Dassault Aviation, Alstom, Bombardier, Leclerc, SEB, Quechua and more. One of the latest PEUGEOT Design Lab projects is the PEUGEOT food truck, Le Bistro du Lion.


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