Report: McLaren will build only sports cars

Published by Andrew Christian @andrew4wheels Google+ | Monday August 30, 2010

Report: McLaren will build only sports cars

Rumors that McLaren is diversifying and won't be limited to making sports cars aren't true, according to company boss Ron Dennis. He revealed that McLaren is developing two new cars to join the new MP4-12C in its lineup. It's believed that these models would compete against the 911 and would be an F1 replacement.

He denied that saloons, SUVs or other variants are included in its plans. He clarified that while the company wants to have diverse product range, all of its cars will be two-seaters and will have engines at the back.

He said that it is McLaren's heritage to be sportscar makers. Dennis acknowledged plans for a racing version of the new MP4-12C. He said that McLaren will provide a service for car-racing customers but he clarified that it's still too early to confirm whether there would be a single make series.

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