Kia Borrego Limited Concept at 2008 SEMA Show

Article by Christian Andrei, on August 26, 2008

Visuals and appearance are at the centerpiece of the modifications done to the Borrego midsize SUV for the SEMA-exclusive Kia Borrego Limited Edition. Sleekness is the style in this amazing concept, with an all-black, shiny exterior sure to catch the eyes of car aficionados anywhere in the world. The windows are heavily tinted.

The only flashy components of the Borrego Limited are the pair of 22-inch Avarus Chrome Wheels in the rear and front wheel drives with Spec-X 285/45R22 tires. Subtle exterior changes are found in the side fender vents, side mirrors and door handles, which are all done in chrome.

A custom mesh grille is also added, finished in chrome as well for that subtle but distinctive appeal. The standard leather seats in the Borrego have also been replaced with custom leather upholstery that take on that alligator appearance. The infotainment system has been beefed up with a realistic surround sound system, together with a TV and DVD car theater system. Of course, a navigation tool has also been fitted in to the infotainment system to complete its practical side.

Kia has built the system to be integrated directly into the interior, also done in colors that complement the all-black exterior of the Borrego Limited. The Borrego provides two options for its engines – a 3.8-litre V6 engine and the proprietary 4.6-litre V8 DOHC powertrain.

These engines are mated, for the first time, to a six-speed automatic transmission. If equipped with the DOHC engine, the Borrego can produce a total of 300 horsepower, and can tow vehicles and objects of up to 7,500 pounds in weight.

The other engine, on the other hand, can only accommodate 5,000 pounds. With two-wheel and four-wheel drive options available, the Borrego is your all-around SUV that can be used for both going off-road and just cruising along normal roads.

Of course, exceptional performance is a hazard without safety equipment. Kia has equipped the new Borrego with all of the safety equipment found in all of its fleet. These include two-stage airbags, antilock brake systems for all four wheels, as well as a tire pressure monitoring system so you’ll know when to have them vulcanized. Other safety features include Downhill Assist Control, Hill Assist Control, electronic brake distribution and traction control, among others.

Press Release

Kia Borrego Limited Concept

An extension of the all-new Borrego midsize SUV, the Borrego Limited SEMA concept offers a stealth-looking version of the midsize SUV with a monotone black exterior enhanced by limo-tint windows. Lowered for a sleeker profile and outfitted with flashy 22-inch Avarus Chrome Wheels and Spec-X 285/45R22 tires, this Borrego concept projects an assertive and sophisticated stance fit for a motorcade as much as cruising down the Vegas strip.

Chrome side fender vents, side mirrors, door handles and a custom chrome mesh grille add flair to its already striking and commanding presence.

The interior of the midsize SUV also has been revamped, with custom leather upholstery on all seats embossed in an alligator skin pattern. Completing the blinged-out experience will be a larger-than-life sound system backing up a TV and DVD player and a navigation system. Molded directly into the interior, all electronics create a modern and streamlined appeal, all color-keyed to match the exterior of the vehicle.

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