SEMA Preview: 2010 Chevrolet Camaro Convertible by Drop Top Customs

Article by Christian Andrei, on October 29, 2009

At the upcoming 2009 SEMA Auto Show, the 2010 Chevrolet Camaro is expected to be the focal point of many tuning companies. At last year's show, the tuner's favorite was the Dodge Challenger. One reason for the Chevrolet Camaro's popularity is that a factory-built convertible is at least 18 months away since GM has put the program officially on hold.

For the SEMA Show, we know that Drop Top Customs by Convertible Builders is building a Camaro convertible.

Convertible Builders owner Jeff Moran shares that he doesn't believe it would be a "sound business move for GM to take on a project that has greater potential to lose money than to be profitable." However, the low-volume soft-top business has been good for Convertible Builders, a Florida-based conversion company established in 1976 as Coachbuilders Limited.

Aside from the 2010 Camaro package, Convertible Builders also offers conversions of the Challenger as well as the Cadillac CTS and the Chrysler 300C.

The car costs an additional $18,000 over the price of the stock hardtop. The company has started to take orders for the Camaro convertible. To view the car's development progress, you can check out Drop Top Customs' Facebook page or its Web site.

Press Release

Camaro Convertible - Drop Top Customs

With the talk of GM offering their own version of the Camaro convertible sometime in the future, you may wonder why a conversion company such as Convertible Builders llc. would take on this endeavor. Jeff Moran , owner of Drop Top Customs by Convertible Builders llc., explains it like this. I do not believe it would be a sound business move for GM to take on a project that has greater potential to lose money than to be profitable.

If you compare the numbers for the last Camaro in 2002, there were approximately 40,000 Camaros built; of those roughly 8,000 were convertibles. I don’t see even at those numbers the project being profitable for a company the size of GM. I also don’t think that anyone anticipates the car market to be nearly as strong within the next two years as it was in 2002. And who from GM will stand up in front of the Car Czar and say we want this project bad enough to risk more government money?

That does not mean that there will not be a desire for a quality Camaro convertible, the numbers will just be smaller. That is where Drop Top Customs by Convertible Builders llc can fill a market niche, much like we did with the Cadillac Eldorado convertible, and are currently filling with the Dodge Challenger convertible.

Being true to the lines of the car, Convertible Builders made the top line much as the factory would have, complete with a working glass quarter window. Not only does this enhance the limited rear seat visibility this car in known for, it stays true to the line the car. We believe this to be a significant factor. While we all love to drive our convertibles with the top down, you should not be ashamed of the car when the top is up. So when you make the decision to have your car transformed by Drop Top Customs, not only do you have a structurally solid car that looks great with the top down, it looks as it should with the top up.

The Camaro convertible conversion that made its debut at SEMA will run you an additional 18k over the hard top. Orders are currently being taken for the Camaro Convertible so you too can say Transformation Complete.

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