2009 Vw Golf VI GTI by MTM

Article by Christian A., on August 25, 2010

With the help of some ECU tweaking and an additional air filter, MTM boosted the performance of the engine of this Golf VI GTI from 210 hp to an impressive 270 hp and 400 Nm of torque.

Of course, this is not all! Due to the big amount of power, the German tuner installed a new set of matt black 19-inch MTM Bimoto light alloy wheels wrapped in 235/35 19 size Continental XL Sportcont tyres in order to improve the handling but also to provide better stability when the top speed limited electronically to 265 km/h is achieved. Behind the 19-inch wheels a new Brembo braking system was installed with 380mm discs and 8-piston calipers.

The engine of Volkswagen’s Golf GTI has been tweaked to boost its performance, increasing the power output from 210 hp to 270 hp plus a peak torque of 400 Nm. MTM modified the ECU and put in an extra air filter.

In order for the car to take in the additional power, MTM also put in 19-inch matt black light alloy MTM Bimoto wheels with the XL Continental Sportcont tires sized at 235/35 19. This is to make sure that the Golf VI GTI remains stable even when it reaches its maximum speed of 265 km/h.

It also allows for better handling. Providing support to the wheels is the Brembo braking system that has 8-piston calipers with 380mm discs. The engine and exhaust system are not the only thing that is new with the Golf GTI; it also has a very distinct sound that makes it immediately identifiable as a GTI.

This highly unique sound not only emphasizes the already sporty appearance but it does not annoy the people inside especially on long travels. This is because the sound is produced through a rather complex routing system.

The same sound also does not irritate those on the outside as it regulated by the new exhaust system. Furthermore, the exhaust system is hidden from view and only the chrome tailpipes can be seen as it has been unified with its black diffuser.

While this is already an amazing feature, what makes it even better is that it is possible to reduce not just the back pressure of the Golf GTI but also that of its weight. As such, it can have a significant effect on the fuel economy and performance.

In addition, the sound that is produced combines the acoustics of the engine well with the interior. This Golf GTI, which is already in its sixth generation, has a chassis whose front portion has been decreased by 22 millimeters while the rear was lowered by 15 millimeters.

MTM also re-tuned every component like the dampers, stabilizers on the rear, and even the springs. In the rear for instance, a multi-link suspension was placed to make sure that there is less interference from the ESP system.

The front meanwhile has the strut-type suspension with the shock absorbers and helical springs. There is also the braking system with its unique brake calipers in red. What makes the Golf GTI even more unique is that it uses the electronic XDS transverse differential lock.

Rather than a separate system, the XDS is an extension of its electronic limited-slip differential incorporated to the ESP system. This improves both the handling and traction. Suppose for example the Golf GTI enters the curve at a high speed.

Once the electronics determines that the wheel has started going inside the curve, it checks if the front axle has sufficient load. If it doesn’t then the ESP hydraulics increases the braking pressure on that wheel in order to give it the best traction.

As such, the XDS offsets the understeering that often occurs when front-wheel drive cars go through curves at high speeds. Owing to the XDS, driving is made more precise and gives the perception of using an all-wheel drive with its handling properties.

According to Hans-Joachim Stuck, what makes the GTI amazing is not just the layout of the chassis but the XDS which allows for a more stable driving. Stuck adds, the result is that driving is more enjoyable and understeering is also reduced, making it enticing even for sports car drivers.

However the XDS also gives an important feature for normal drivers since they will not be able to experience any unexpected circumstances as when it happens, the Golf GTI will simply not move forward, Stuck concludes.

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