AC Schnitzer BMW 7-Series F01/F02 revealed ahead of Geneva

Article by Christian Andrei, on August 26, 2010

The new AC Schnitzer trimmed BMW 7-Series comes with F01/F02 internal works codes suggesting motorsport characteristics. The latest version is, according to AC Schnitzer Chief Designer Michele Viandante, the most dynamic of all 7-series models ever, reason why changes made to the outline were subtle. AC Schnitzer accessories package install important highlights and calls attention to the sporting traits of the saloon in specific areas.

This is demonstrated by the magnificent front section which was enhanced by a new air spoiler feature. The lip lengthens the look of the car giving it a faster appearance and, like all other accessories created by AC Schnitzer, it is made from durable, well-fitting PU-RIM. Enhancements of the sides are also described as subtle but stunning.

The result is a harmonious, seamless combination of elements. Side skirts attachment give emphasis to the wheelbase of the car, visually lengthening it and offering it a more aggressive look. While by the third part at the rear the skirts are broadened to provide the car a more beefy appearance.

The appearance matches the power under the hood of the 7-series. It is not only the appearance of the AC Schnitzer that is striking, but also the audio it generates.

It comes with two exclusive exhaust channels that merge together in a subtly rounded chromed trapezoid trim. But this is not all as AC Schnitzer introduces a spoiler element between the exhausts with its air diffuser style demonstrating pure action. The appearance is rounded off by a subtle boot spoiler and rear roof-mounted spoiler.

Indeed, AC Schnitzer knows how to improve the appearance of the car without eliminating its stylishness. The final touch, consisting of numerous AC Schnitzer wheel options, remains in the hands of the customer.

Two striking examples include the Type V alloy equipped with clear, transparent five-spoke configuration in 22-inch world introduction on the 7-series and is also offered for the X5 and X6. The second one, the Type VII multispoke wheel also comes in 22 inch sizes. Both versions come with the characteristic trait of the entire car: a balanced merger of performance and elegance.

Press Release

AC Schnitzer BMW 7-Series F01/F02

F01 / F02 are the internal works codes for the new 7-series. The combination sounds like motorsports, but is this title adequate for a big luxury saloon? Anyone who’s seen the big BMW in AC Schnitzer trim will certainly answer this with an unambiguous "Yes".

"The new model is certainly the most dynamic 7-series ever, so we’ve only made subtle changes to the outline", explains AC Schnitzer Chief Designer Michele Viandante. His philosophy: "Our accessories set important accents and emphasise the sporting characteristics of the saloon in a targeted manner." These are already written large in the imposing front, which is emphasised by a new AC Schnitzer spoiler element. Michele Viandante’s tip: The through lip elongates the front and gives the car a faster look.

Like all accessories from AC Schnitzer, it is made of very hardwearing, well-fitting PU RIM. Subtle but striking also describes the effects of the side enhancements: "The result must be a harmonious ensemble, and not a combination of trainers and tuxedo", says Viandante.

The AC Schnitzer side skirts attachments emphasise the car’s wheelbase and lengthen it visually, giving it a more purposeful appearance. Towards the rear third, they are lifted and widened to give the car a more muscular look.

This is no bluff, because the new 7-series has plenty of power under the bonnet in every version, even when the music’s playing at the back. The sight of AC Schnitzer tailpipes is as striking as the sound: two exhaust channels come together in a slightly rounded, chromed trapezoid trim - all very individual.

But that’s not enough for sporting attributes. Between the exhausts, Michele Viandante has introduced a further spoiler element which with its diffuser style symbolises pure dynamics. Only the subtle boot spoiler and rear roof spoiler remain to complete the look.
AC Schnitzer knows how to enhance a saloon’s sporting aura without losing its elegance.

Then the final touch is down to customer taste: There’s a choice of countless exciting AC Schnitzer wheels for the new 7-series. Two particularly striking examples: the Type V alloy with its clear, transparent five-spoke design, which celebrates its world premiere in 22" on the 7-series and is also available for X5 and X6. Or the multispoke Type VII, also available in 22". Both versions not only show true greatness, but constitute the perfectly balanced combination of performance and elegance. A characteristic which is symbolic of the entire car.


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