Brabus expands its global network with a branch in Dubai

Article by Christian Andrei, on June 6, 2011

Tuning firm Brabus is opening a branch in Dubai as part of a plan to expand its global network even further. This branch of Brabus Middle East LLC doesn’t do merely sales. It is a highly advanced tuning center that gets its own modern workshop where all types of vehicle refinement operations are accomplished by factory-trained experts.

This division will also be getting an upholstery shop and huge parts warehouse that provides specialist tuning parts to all of the Arab countries.

Prof. h.c. Bodo Buschmann, CEO of BRABUS Group, describes the Arab market as one of its “most vital mainstays” and so the company seeks to improve its services for the region. He added that this investment benefits its retail customers as well as its trade partners in the region. A big showroom in its headquarters displays the entire Brabus model lineup and its exclusive tuning program.

Aside from the Brabus 700 Biturbo Widestar, this showroom will also feature the latest evolution of the Mercedes SLS gullwing and an array of tuned variants of the Mercedes SUVs, such as the customized G-, GL-, GLK- and M-Class models and even the more extreme packages.

Those who buy from Brabus Middle East in Dubai will also receive VIP services from a specialist team composed of locals and Germans. These customers will also benefit from having these Brabus factory-trained technicians and upholsterers work in a nearby modern workshop where all the latest tuning components can be installed and where scheduled maintenance could be performed.

BRABUS is a name you should be aware of in the tuning industry. These exclusive high-performers based in Dubai provide essential VIP services to customers and dealers across the Arabian peninsula.

With a large logistics center in the Middle East, BRABUS is able to provide salesroom and office space, excellent administration and distribution rights and the rapid export of tuning components to any of their customers.

A mixed team of Germans and domestic expertise allows for the quick supply of parts and new vehicles to the region. Nevertheless, BRABUS trained-engineers, upholsterers and technicians can install any essential maintenance when required.

The team's upholsterers are also able to work with the finest leather and Alcantara to suit your needs and everything done in Dubai matches what their company headquarters in Bottrop can do.

Professor h.c. Bodo Buschmann, CEO of BRABUS Group, said that he believes Dubai will serve as a “focal point” for Brabus in the Arabian region, and will permit it to promptly and fully meet the demands of its customers in the Middle East. He said that with their presence in the region, its trade partners benefit as they’re able to supply any component much faster. BRABUS Middle East LLC is located in a modern building on Sheikh Zayed Road with more than 3,000 square meters of luxury floor space.

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From Bottrop into the entire world: BRABUS, the largest independent automobile tuner in the world and manufacturer of exclusive high-performance automobiles, further expands its global network with a branch in Dubai. The new state-of-the-art tuning center of BRABUS Middle East LLC is more than just a sales center. It also features its own modern workshop where BRABUS factory-trained specialists can perform all vehicle refinement operations. The branch further features a company upholstery shop and a large parts warehouse that supplies the entire Arab world with BRABUS tuning components.

“The founding of BRABUS Middle East lets us serve the Arab market, which is one of our most vital mainstays, even better in the future,” explains Prof. h.c. Bodo Buschmann, CEO of BRABUS Group. “This strategic investment once more demonstrates the exemplary role we play for the entire tuning industry. This step benefits not only our retail customers but also our trade partners in the region, which we can now supply even faster with BRABUS tuning.”

The newly founded company is a subsidiary of BRABUS Group. The modern building of BRABUS Middle East LLC has more than 3,000 m² of floor space and sits on Sheikh Zayed Road, the country’s most important traffic artery.

The Arab headquarters of BRABUS houses a large, representative showroom where the trained sales staff presents the entire BRABUS model line-up and the exclusive tuning program.
This includes the BRABUS 700 Biturbo WIDESTAR, the ultimate evolution of the Mercedes SLS gullwing, and the tuning versions of the Mercedes SUVs. The spectrum ranges from customized G-, GL-, GLK- and M-Class models to the BRABUS 800 WIDESTAR. This special model is based on the Mercedes G-Class and features a twelve-cylinder biturbo capacity engine with 800 hp (788 bhp) / 588 kW, making it the world’s most powerful off-roader.

Also on hand are customized luxury sedans such as the BRABUS 800, an 800-hp (788-bhp) / 588-kW version of the Mercedes S 600 with a top speed of 350 km/h (219 mph), and refined versions of the Maybach.

BRABUS Middle East in Dubai not only sells these exclusive high-performance automobiles, it also offers special VIP services for their owners.

In addition to the showroom and the offices for sales, distribution and administration, BRABUS Middle East also operates a large logistics center for the fast supply of BRABUS tuning components to customers and dealers on the Arabian peninsula.

The BRABUS team in Dubai is comprised of German and domestic specialists that supply the discriminating clientele with new vehicles and parts. But that’s not all: the BRABUS factory-trained technicians and upholsterers operate in a modern workshop where they can install all BRABUS tuning components and perform all scheduled maintenance.

The fully equipped company upholstery shop crafts exclusive interiors from the finest leather and Alcantara at the same high level of quality as BRABUS headquarters in Bottrop.

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