4WheelsNews is a specialized website offering the latest and well-informed news in the automotive industry. Our dedication and passion for providing accurate and updated information is what sets us apart from other competitors. We aim to be one of the most trusted source of information for all 4wheels fans and to build a very strong connection with our audience. Our challenge is creating top-quality automotive news from around the world covering all niches and all segments of interest, from luxury automobile industry to various spy news inside companies, spy shots, reviews or videos. Our experienced and innovative team is seeking always to improve the information and to keep the audience updated with an excellent and interesting content everyday.

Andrew Christian is the founder of 4WheelsNews and the story started back in 2008 when he discovered its passion for writing about cars. 4WheelsNews started its life like a Wordpress blog and people became more and more interested in the articles written by Andrew Christian. Two world premieres made their debut first on 4WheelsNews: the 2010 Jaguar XFR and the 2011 Infiniti FX. These made 4WheelsNews even more popular and people started to visit our website more often. The motor shows are also a popular section on the website as people find their information immediately. Moreover, the website features plenty of high-resolution images that can also be used as wallpapers.

4WheelsNews features a database of over 300,000 images and counting! Back in 2010, 4WheelsNews received a new design and people were happy that their favorite website became even more interesting. The navigation through the website was easier and the website was also much faster as it received a new platform. Also, a new gallery was added in order to let the people see their favorite car almost immediately. The gallery was faster and the photos were loading within a second. After the redesign, 4WheelsNews also received a Facebook page and it is now present on Google Plus. 4WheelsNews is also popular on Twitter. Our team is trying to stay in touch with all the readers and their location is not important as long as they are online.

Currently, 4WheelsNews is trying to deliver the latest news from the automotive industry. Our team covers all the niches and segments and it is continuously improving its skills. Also, we are continuously looking for automotive journalists that could join the 4WheelsNews team.

If you consider that you are good enough you can contact us, send us a sample article made by you and who knows, maybe you will become our next colleague. Still, you must have a passion for autos, some knowledge about the auto industry as well as the ability to write about automobiles. Moreover, you must have a fast internet connection, some knowledge about manipulating photos and the most important thing, is to be available on an almost daily basis. If you believe that you have all the skills needed, you can write us an email which will contain the following information: your full name, contact information, one or two sample articles but also a small introduction where you tell us why do you believe that you are the right man (or woman) for this job!

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