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Android Auto 2.0 allows drivers to use app on their smartphones

Getting connected while on the move has become more of a necessity nowadays. This is why carmakers have been installing infotainment systems into their vehicles. But since these systems are sometimes not enough, drivers have turned to Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, both offering easy-to-use interface compatible with many vehicle systems.

More than 200 new vehicle models from over 50 brands are now supporting Android Auto. However, Android Auto users have found that this tech is not compatible with older vehicles. In addition, it seemed not possible for vehicles without any infotainment systems to employ Android Auto.

But what if Android Auto can be brought straight onto a smartphone? This would be a great idea as this would make possible for a car without a compatible infotainment system to use Android Auto. Now, Google has noticed this possibility and worked to create an updated version of Android Auto that enables it to be employed directly through a smartphone app, without integrating it into a car’s infotainment system.

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Android Auto and Apple CarPlay are now integrated to 2017 Honda Pilot

Honda has long held a strong position when it comes to the three-row SUV segment. With the new 2017 Pilot, Honda hopes that this will strengthen its position even further. The model will become available for purchase on November 7, 2016, and it will have a functionality that customers are sure to love. Specifically, it will be compatible with both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. In addition, the choices for color on the interior have been increased. Installed inside is a touchscreen that’s fingerprint-resistant.

That the 2017 Pilot has this functionality should not be a surprise as Honda is the first to have Apple CarPlay and Android Auto installed to their models. This was first observed with the 2016 Civic and even the 2016 Accord. The functionality mentioned is integrated to the all-new Display Audio 8-inch touchscreen. To ensure that the risk of fingerprints appearing on the screen is minimized, the touchscreen has a new coating applied to it. This also allows the touchscreen to continue having a high glare resistance. However, the Android and Apple adaptability are only available for trims starting with Pilot EX and higher.

According to Jeff Conrad, who is the General Manager and Senior Vice-President of Honda Division, as a third generation of the Pilot, this new model has been a success with many SUV customers. For the 2017 model, the brand made sure that the Pilot would have the technology and the choices that many customers want, he added. Indeed, under the 2017 Pilot, Honda improved the customization even further by making available on all trims the black interior. White Diamond Pearl paint for the exterior will be offered as an option, something that was only made available for the Elite in the past.

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Android Auto now compatible with GMC IntelliLink system

GMC announced that the Android Auto will now be made compatible with models that carry the eight-inch IntelliLink system. These include three 2016 models in particular; the Canyon, Sierra and Yukon. Compatibility is made possible with a software upgrade that will be implemented by dealers of GMC.

With this upgrade, Android Auto now joins Apple CarPlay in being compatible with the IntelliLink screen. Apple CarPlay’s compatibility with the system was initially unveiled early this year.

According to Duncan Aldred, U.S. vice president of Buick and GMC, by making both the Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatible with the IntelliLink system, this will usher in an era of making sure the driver is connected but not inconvenienced.

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2015 Hyundai Sonata is first vehicle to feature Google’s Android Auto

The 2015 Hyundai Sonata is the first vehicle to feature Google Inc.’s new Android Auto interface. This is a huge achievement for Hyundai, which had worked hard to be the first to offer a system that may be available in countless vehicles in the near future as consumers look for cars that work with their smartphones.

It’s also a tremendous win for Google, which has gotten ahead of rival Apple Inc, which offers CarPlay as the iPhone interface. Hyundai’s senior manager Cason Grover, who works on connected-car technology, is confident that once customers try Android Auto once, they won’t be willing to not have it in their cars again.

As an example, he mentioned that as he entered his car to go to a business trip, Android Auto asked him if his destination is at the airport so that the trip can be set there. The system understood that his flight was leaving within two hours after it accessed his Google calendar. Grover added that it won’t take too long before this system will become “a ubiquitous technology in the industry.”

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