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Subaru of America is celebrating 50 years with events, special models and charity

The year 2018 marks the golden anniversary of Subaru of America. Of course, the company will celebrate 50 years of being at the helm of the brand’s crusade in North America.

Subaru of America has planned quite a number of events and programs as part of its golden anniversary celebrations. For now, the company has provided little details about these celebratory events and programs – all of which will be announced at the right time. In addition, Subaru of America will release a series of special edition vehicles in early 2018.

A special donation of “50 cars for 50 years” will also be made, the proceeds of which will benefit a national charity. All of these celebratory events, programs and special releases will culminate on the company’s actual anniversary on February 15, 2018 – exactly 50 years since Subaru was founded in February 15, 1968.

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Mercedes-Benz celebrates 30th Anniversary of the C 124

Mercedes-Benz has revealed that in 2017, its series 124 coupé will be celebrating its 30th anniversary. While this itself is a significant event, it will also mean that this model will now be eligible to carry Germany’s historic license plate, also known as the H plate.

It was back in March 1987 when the brand first unveiled the coupe version of the 124 model series during the Geneva Motor Show held in that same year. Though coupe versions have long been considered as classics by many enthusiasts, this particular model continues to be considered as such even long after it was originally shown.

In the brochure that was released way back in 1987, the Mercedes-Benz mid-sized 124 coupe was described as having an impressive combination of a vehicle that had exclusive form, made use of innovative technology, delivered excellent fuel economy, featured high safety, and of course, boasted a remarkable performance. It was a model, the brochure continued, that can be reliably driven on a daily basis but is also a competent vehicle for long journeys.

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