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Top 5 supercars from the 2017 Geneva Motor Show

The Geneva International Motor Show has always been a favorite event for carmakers to show off their highly powered supercars.

In the past years, some of the most prominent supercars unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show are the 759-hp Lamborghini Centenario LP 770-4 and the 1,479-hp Bugatti Chiron.

Now, the 87th edition of the Geneva Motor Show this year is no exception, as major carmakers are also strutting their supercar offerings – in production or in concept. Here are some of them.

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Artega names first electric sports car after race champion stallion ‘Scalo’

Many people have long wanted a complete electric drive offering from Artega. In fact, the thought of coming up with an electric sports car seems to be as old as the brand itself. The wait is finally over with the Artega Scalo. While being the first for the brand, this electric car not just succeeds the Artega GT but also brings new technical innovations and elegant appearance. Take the chassis for example. Its modular structure and light-weight materials make this platform the best when it comes to electric drives.

Before the Artega Scalo, there have been three prototypes made as of 2012 but none made it to production mainly due to design issues. The brand believes that this new electric car will form the basis of a new practice. In particular, Artega expects that future vehicle models of the brand will be named after famous racing stallions. The first of course is Scalo, a Westphalian stallion, who was the 2010 Galloper of the Year. In addition, Scalo was trained near the company’s head office.

According to the manufacturer, the battery has a capacity of more than 37 kWh with nominal voltage measured to be at 411 Volt. However for about 10 seconds, an electric output of 385 kW is possible. Maximum range of the Artega Scalo is 250 miles.

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Artega introduces Karo electric quad-bike concept

Artega remains to be a brand known for manufacturing innovative vehicles. Not one to disappoint, the company has come out with its newest concept vehicle, the Artega Karo. This vehicle makes use of a wholly electric drive with the advantages afforded by the motor scooters, all-terrain vehicles, and jet skis.

For example, the chassis of the Karo, which is similar to that of race cars, when combined with the electric motor, gives more than a "karting feel" to the driving experience. Another special feature is the leg shields with reinforced high-strength steel integrated to it.

This does not only improve its splash water protection but also enhances the side impact protection. Unlike most electric vehicles available on the market, it is relatively easy to charge the Artega Karo. Everything is already on board like the charging cable with protective plug and even the charger itself.

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