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Mitsubishi to supply sedans to Fiat-Chrysler for Asian sales

Mitsubishi Motors Corp. will be supplying Attrage sedans to Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, to be sold in a number of markets in Asia later this year under a to-be-announced agreement, according to a report by Nikkei. The Japanese paper said that Fiat Chrysler is bound to sell the sedans under the Chrysler brand name in China and other Asian markets.

Mitsubishi commenced producing the sedans at its Thailand site 2013. The carmakers are expected to announce the partnership next week.

The partnership is expected to Fiat push expansion in Asia by sourcing less costly, fuel-efficient cars from Mitsubishi, Nikkei said. While Fiat Chrysler has been in China for some time, it has yet to make name in the country where it only holds a market share of only 0.6 percent.

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Suzuki and Mitsubishi to stop selling diesel cars in Europe

The diesel exodus in Europe continues. Years ago, carmakers have been in a sweeping race to offer more diesel-powered vehicles in the continent, which hunger for such transports seems unending. But now, it looks like carmakers – including Japanese company Suzuki and Mitsubishi Motors -- are also in a race, but this time, it is to exit from the shrinking market in Europe before it becomes too late.

Yes, Suzuki and Mitsubishi Motors are the latest of the carmakers that are saying goodbye to their diesel-powered offerings in Europe, in light of the growing dislike for such engine technology in the region. They will be joining fellow Japanese carmaker Nissan and Toyota in getting rid of diesel vehicles from their European lineup.

Interestingly, Mitsubishi Motors’ decision isn't really surprising as 34 percent of the carmaker is owned by Nissan and the company is also a part of the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance. Mitsubishi has already halted sales of new diesel car in the United Kingdom. It has also stopped sales of diesel-powered cars in Germany. The only diesel vehicles that would remain in Mitsubishi’s lineup are its pickups, but that would only be for the short term. Diesel offerings accounted up to 30 percent of the Japanese carmaker’s sales in Europe in 2017.

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2019 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV delivers more torque from bigger Atkinson-cycle 2.4-liter engine

A couple of years ago, Mitsubishi introduced the Outlander PHEV. And by now, they are giving the plug-in hybrid SUV a significant update for the 2019 model year, a few months after launching the model in the United States. The most important change though is found under the hood. This is because the former Otto-cycle 2.0 liter gasoline engine has been replaced by a larger Atkinson cycle 2.4 liter unit.

Mitsubishi decided not to share output number, but instead, they said that the torque has gone beyond 186 Newton metres (137 pound feet), which is attainable at 4,500 rpm in the previous Outlander PHEV. Meanwhile, efficiency has improved and a smoother operation is expected from it. The vehicle’s output remains a mystery to us at this point, but for what it is worth, the 2.0 liter engine had an output of 118 horsepower (87 kilowatts) at 4,500 rpm.

Furthermore, the 2019 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV benefits from a 10 percent generator output hike and a 10% boost of the rear motor’s output. They also decided to tweak its lithium ion battery pack that has a capacity of 13.8 kilowatts per hours, which has increased from the previous 12 kWh. Furthermore, the battery’s output has improved by 10 percent. These revisions also affected the electric range compared to the outgoing model with 22 miles too.

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Former Mitsubishi Evo has evolved into an e-Evolution Concept

It looks like Mitsubishi will be resurrecting the Evolution badge or “Evo,” as the Japanese carmaker is set to unveil a new study -- the e-Evolution Concept – at the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show in Japan. However, the concept bearing the Evolution name isn't a sports sedan, but an all-electric performance sports utility vehicle.

The Evolution had been the official designation for the sporty version of the Mitsubishi Lancer compact sedan. The Lancer Evolution lasted only until the tenth generation, with production now totally ceased. But as early as March 2014, Mitsubishi issued a press release saying that while the Evolution, a high-performance four-wheel drive sedan, won't have a successor, the carmaker would explore the possibilities of creating high-performance models with electric vehicle technology. Mitsubishi did explore, and the result is the new Mitsubishi e-Evolution Concept.

According to Mitsubishi, the e-Evolution Concept is a technical prototype that combines the strengths of an SUV and an EV, as well as the ability to integrate new systems to allow for a connected mobility customer experience. The carmaker added that the e-Evolution Concept embodies the brand’s new strategic directions under its "Drive your Ambition" strategy.

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Not so long ago, Mitsubishi mentioned that they will be revealing a futuristic concept car at this month’s 2017 Tokyo Motor Show. Dubbed the Emirai 4, the study will give us a sneak peek of the company’s electric, connected, and autonomous technologies for the future. According to the automaker, it was designed to “help reduce traffic accidents”, while contributing to a more convenient, safe, and environmentally friendly transportation.

The Emirai 4 is an open top, windshield-free, two-seater car. The Japanese automaker did not mention anything with regards to the concept car’s electric powertrain, but some of its technology include a heads-up display with augmented reality, that makes use of high accuracy locator, high-accuracy 3D mapping and positioning technology. Another new thing about this is that drivers can now drive safely in bad weather conditions and when visibility is minimal, as the system can still give directions.

Mitsubishi’s new concept does not look like a normal car, considering that it doesn’t have physical side mirrors. Rather than having those, it has a “crossed images display” function that will provide the driver with images of the car’s surroundings. It will also give easy-to-see alerts in the form of images instead of words or voice notes.

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Mitsubishi offers a sneak preview its e-Evolution Concept ahead of its world premiere later this month. The e-Evolution is an all-electric concept taking the form of a futuristic CUV. Featuring huge wheels, side view cameras, and slim LED headlights, the unconventional exterior design is so advanced that it has no visible door handles.

An AI (Artificial Intelligence) is said to be featured in this concept, making it quite an interesting vehicle to observe during the exhibit. Aside from the e-Evolution concept, Mitsubishi will be bringing twelve other vehicles at the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show. Among them are the Mitsubishi Outlander plugin hybrid EV and the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross SUV.

The AI system enhances driver capabilities and vehicle performance which means the car will come equipped with a number of sensors including coaching function that will let the driver see the road and traffic situation in advance. The AI should also be able to adjust the vehicle to the driver’s skills while reading changes within the environment. Its program provides feedback to the driver through the vehicle’s infotainment system located within the dashboard with the help of a computer-generated voice assistant.

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German publication Handelsblatt reported that some Audi documents that were found during a raid of the German automaker’s office last March explain why thousands of vehicles are being exported to China, Korea or Japan. Apparently, the vehicles that are being exported to Asia have duplicate VINs.

As we all know, a car’s Vehicle Identification Number (or VIN) is a unique combination of 17-digit numbers that are assigned to every vehicle. With a VIN, it will be easier for one to track the vehicle throughout its lifetime. The general rule that the European Union and German laws implemented is for every car to have its own unique VIN. It is only this car that can have this number for at least 30 years, and it cannot be duplicated or transferred to another model.

After the raid, an Audi spokesperson said in an interview with the German business journal that they were not aware of the duplicated VIN number that have been assigned to more than one car.

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On August 21, 2017, many people in North America witnessed the once in a lifetime solar eclipse, as the last time it occurred was over 99 years ago. The eclipse crossed what they called the "Path of Totality" as the sun moved from west to east, covering some parts of the United States.

Unsurprisingly, this phenomenon was used by automakers as some kind of marketing tool. For instance, Nissan used this natural event to introduce the Midnight Edition, or blacked out version of models like the Titan, Titan XD, and the Frontier. This is a limited edition blacked out livery of the said models. Volvo, on the other hand, used the solar eclipse to present a protective screen that people can stick on their XC60 SUV's sunroof.

Apart from Nissan and Volvo, other automakers like Land Rover, Mitsubishi, and Karma used the solar eclipse to as a backdrop of their cars. Having said that, all three companies brought out their cars to the field, photographing them during the event.

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Recently, we have been hearing news that some of the biggest automakers will not make an appearance at the upcoming 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show. Despite being one of the biggest motor shows, they seem to not be getting majority of the best brands - for this year’s event at least.

Normally, we would expect most brands to showcase their new cars here. But according to Automotive News Europe, companies like DS, Infiniti, Peugeot, Jeep, Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Mitsubishi, Volvo, and Nissan will not be attending the grand event this year. And these brands take up about 20 percent of total sales in Europe.

You must be wondering why then? Firstly, taking part in the biggest shows means spending more too. And the Frankfurt event is probably one of the most expensive events for automakers to attend. Furthermore, spending a lot of money to put your cars on display in these events doesn’t necessarily translate to more sales. So sometimes, these companies lose more money than they expect to earn.

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Mitsubishi finally introduces the new Xpander MPV at the 2017 Indonesia International Auto Show in Jakarta Indonesia. Replacing the previous Expander, the new multipurpose vehicle will be mostly sold at the ASEAN region and other international markets. Earlier reports said the 2017 Mitsubishi Xpander is expected to arrive at the showrooms by early next year but will be out in Indonesia sometime this fall.

Taking its design cues from today’s crossovers and those of the traditional MPVs, Mitsubishi ensures to bring a tough and trendy multi-purpose vehicle without compromising convenience. Overall measurements consist of a length of 4,475mm, width of 1,750mm, and height of 1,700 with up to 205mm ground clearance. Aside from being stylish and functional, the new Xpander has the most generous space in the MPV segment.

The all-new Xpander MPV now comes with larger legroom and headroom for everyone on board thanks to its seven- seat configuration. When the back seats are folded, the second and third rows provide more space at the cargo area while staying flat on the surface.

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The National Police of Ukraine has a whole array of vehicles under their belt, including the Toyota Prius, Hyundai Sonata, Renault Dokker, and even a few Lada Niva 4x4s. And now, the list is now longer as the East European country received an overwhelming 635 plug-in hybrid SUVs from Mitsubishi, probably the biggest ever fleet of plug in hybrid vehicles delivered by the Japanese automaker.

This is not a first for the Japanese automaker as a few years ago, the company shipped a total of 507 full electric i-MiEVs in Estonia. Now Mitsubishi has delivered an army of 635 Outlander PHEVS that is based on the facelifted variant. Both of these contracts were approved as part of the Green Investment Scheme, an international emissions trading plan that aims to reduce C02 emissions and greenhouse warming gases.

The overwhelming fleet of environment-friendly SUVs was transferred to Kiev, with a delivery ceremony held in the country's capital where the Prime Minister of Ukraine and the MMC's president and chief graced the affair and even took part in the festivities. The Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV was considered as the best-selling plug in hybrid in Europe for no less than 4 successive years and had impressive registered sales of about 80,768 units at the latter part of last year. The SUV has been rolled out since 2013.

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Were you ever into the Mitsubishi Lancer? Perhaps you didn’t get a chance to buy one before? Well, now might be your last chance to own one. It hasn’t changed its form much since 2007 but it does have updated styling and advancements when it comes to technology features.

Thanks to some enhancements, the limited edition Lancer intended for the U.S. market looks a little sleeker than before. It features a silver exterior complemented with black 16 inch wheels, door mirrors, fender garnish, upper front grille garnish and roof. To complete the updated exterior, Mitsubishi gave the Lancer a sunroof and a Limited Edition badge. It is currently positioned just above the ES base version. Overall, the exterior looks elegant with an element of subtlety.

But let us get to the interior, the steering wheel, door trim, arm rest, shift knob and brake lever are all finished in black fabric with red stitching accents. Pedals are now upgraded to aluminum, black pillars and headliner, as well as gloss black finishing. As for technology, a 6.5-inch Display Audio System that supports both Apple Carplay and Android Auto has been added. It has kept up with the times.

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Mitsubishi Outlander is the Japanese automaker’s best-selling model. For 2018, the Outlander Sport will freshen up – both inside and out – to balance it out with the new Eclipse Cross.

Earlier this year, Mitsubishi introduced the Outlander Sport at the Chicago Auto Show with what they called a “special edition”; but wasn’t that successful in the “special” part. Now, for 2017 New York Auto Show, the Japanese automaker re-introduces the 2018 model year by polishing it yet again. Let’s see what changed over the weeks after the Chicago Auto Show.

If you do not look closely (or for some, refer to a “before and after” photo), these changes may be too minimal to be caught right away. For the sake of those who want to know more about the changes, we will be enumerating them one by one.

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Japanese carmaker Mitsubishi Motors is indeed resurrecting a nameplate that has made its mark in four generations from 1989 to 2012. Yes, the Mitsubishi Eclipse moniker is back, but it won’t be a sports car anymore. Instead, Mitsubishi is now using the moniker to identify its latest crossover offering that makes its debut at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show.

If you think you have already seen the face of Mitsubishi latest crossover, it is highly likely you have. This is because the new Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross boasts of being closely similar – especially on the front end -- to the carmaker’s previous design studies like the Mitsubishi XR-PHEV (2013 Tokyo Motor Show), Mitsubishi XR-PHEV II (2015 Geneva Motor Show) and the Mitsubishi eX concept (2015 Tokyo Motor Show).

Mitsubishi’s new compact SUV is fitted with a sharp body and a slightly raked roofline, making it appear like a “coupe SUV.” The seemingly slanting body of this new compact SUV features a prominent character line, as accentuated by the vehicle’s pronounced wheel arches. It also features a sharply truncated rear gate as well as short overhang.

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Mitsubishi is all set to unveil the first of its next generation of vehicles at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show next month – a still unnamed compact sports utility vehicle. But even before that important unwrapping, Mitsubishi intends to keep matters fresh by unveiling a limited edition of its Outlander Sport SUV at the 2017 Chicago Auto Show.

The new Outlander Sport Limited Edition builds on the equipment and features found in the ES model, but adds a couple of enhancements both in terms of style and technology. Enhancements implemented on the exterior of the Outlander Sport Limited Edition include HID headlamps and fog lamps, as well as alloy fuel door, black painted door mirrors. Also added on the feature list of the Outlander Sport Limited Edition are 18-inch alloy wheels and a rear view camera as well as a Limited Edition badge. All exterior colors available for the Outlander Sport could be specified for the Limited Edition model.

Inside, the new Mitsubishi Outlander Sport Limited Edition features a custom designed cabin, as marked by black fabric and red stitching on the steering wheel, aluminum pedals and heated front seats. In addition, the carmaker throws in trim-exclusive shift knob and brake lever exclusive for the Mitsubishi Outlander Sport Limited Edition. In addition to these interior elements, the new Mitsubishi Outlander Sport Limited Edition is also provided with a display audio system with Smartphone Link for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

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Mitsubishi Motors is getting all ready to evolve as it will soon unveil the first of its new generation of vehicles in March at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show. In fact, Mitsubishi has provided a teaser image of an all-new compact sports utility vehicle that will make its debut in Geneva.

The name of this new compact SUV from the Japanese carmaker remains unknown, although we’re almost sure that it represents the production evolution of the previous SUV concepts that Mitsubishi unveiled in the past few years. The vehicle featured in Mitsubishi’s teaser image features striking similarities with the XR-PHEV (2013 Tokyo Motor Show), XR-PHEV II (2015 Geneva Motor Show) and the Mitsubishi eX concept (2015 Tokyo Motor Show). The latest of these design studies – the Mitsubishi eX concept – could be the closest representation of what we could expect to be the real appearance of the new Mitsubishi compact SUV.

Upon closer look at the teaser image, the new compact SUV from Mitsubishi features a sharp body and a slightly raked roofline – thereby making the vehicle appear like a “coupe SUV.” The front end dons sleek headlights similar to those on the Mitsubishi eX. The seemingly slanting body of this new compact SUV features a prominent character line, as accentuated by the vehicle’s pronounced wheel arches. The rear end, meanwhile, is specified with tail lights with shapes and forms similar to that of the XR-and the XR-PHEV II.

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If you are planning to purchase a new Mitsubishi Lancer in the next few years, be warned that production will end soon so you better act now. This is because Mitsubishi is saying goodbye to its beloved sedan, which has been its staple offering since 1973.

Incredibly, Mitsubishi has been quite silent about its plans for the Lancer compact sedan. It was only early this year that people were informed that the Lancer would follow the tracks of its performance-laden version – the Lancer Evolution – to the scrap yard. Yes, Mitsubishi is finally ending the production of one of the most beloved nameplates in the automotive world in August of this year, as confirmed by Don Swearingen, Mitsubishi Motors North America’s executive vice president and chief operating officer. Worse, the Japanese carmaker doesn’t have any plans to build a replacement – immediate or non-immediate – for the Lancer compact sedan.

Mitsubishi’s decision to end production wasn’t because of qualms. Likewise, don’t even blame Nissan – yes, Mitsubishi’s new owner – for the pending demise of the Lancer. After all, Mitsubishi has decided to axe the Lancer even before the deal to become part of the Nissan group was signed and finalized. If you have something to blame, it should the dropping demand for the Lancer.

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Mitsubishi is now officially part of the Renault-Nissan alliance after Nissan took over the Japanese car company recently. We know a lot has been happening in the car industry, but there’s nothing more momentous than this. At least for the whole 2016. From what we can recall, the last time we heard something like this has occurred, was in 2014. That was after Chrysler was bought out by Fiat Automobiles. But that’s a different story.

Mitsubishi, as we know, has had a very difficult year following reports of the cheating scandal. Oh wait, you haven’t heard about that yet? Well, Mitsubishi got itself screwed up after it was revealed that most of its vehicles (marketed for Japan) cheated on emissions test ratings. Sadly, they had been lying about their cars’ fuel efficiency, and that went on for twenty-five long years.

Now it seems as if Nissan felt really bad for Mitsubishi, but that may not be the case. It has been five months since the buy off was initiated and only became official recently. Technically speaking, Nissan now owns thirty four percent of Mitsubishi. That only means that Nissan also gets the upper hand over Mitsubishi Motors. You’d think 34% is too little, but according to Japanese corporate law, that percentage is enough to make things go their way. Besides, it costs 237 billion Yen (or equivalent to $184 billion).

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Most Japanese car manufacturers have been focusing on expanding their current lineups for the past few years. However, there is one particular Japanese automaker that is taking the opposite route and is making only a handful of models. Yes, Mitsubishi has been following this principle and it looks like it will be making quite a stir at the 2016 Paris Motor Show.

The Japanese automaker has currently been focusing on creating new concept cars with its newest creation, the Mitsubishi GT-PHEV. The concept is expected to be a “high-end next-generation SUV” that can easily maneuver through any road surface conditions; thus its GT name which stands for “ground tourer.” The concept car will feature Mitsubishi’s newest plug-in hybrid EV system which we have to watch out for at the Paris Motor Show. It is said that it will be using three electric motors.

Design-wise, the GT-PHEV sports the brand’s latest design language but looks oddly similar to Mitsubishi’s previous concept cars. It has a Dynamic Shield front design concept which features a huge grille, sleek and stylish headlights and big DRL clusters. It also has a floating roof design for that futuristic vibe coupled by big wheels and a set of cameras instead of the standard side mirrors.

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The importance of having your car checked every once in a while is to prevent problems in the future. Regular car check-up and tuning is as important as a person who undergoes annual physical examination to test for minor glitches and to prevent further injuries.

As the saying goes, “prevention is better than cure”. And just like humans, there are also some cars that were already born with defects. Some companies have recalled their products while others wait until someone notices these anomalies.

It was not until the year 2000 when authorities found out that there were some Mitsubishi models that had several defects. Several investigations were made until authorities found out that the Japanese automaker was covering up their mistakes.

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