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Aston Martin V8 Cygnet is a one-off ultimate city with 430 bhp of output

Aston Martin Cygnet was best known as the rebadged version of the Toyota iQ city car. Initially sold in the United Kingdom, the Cygnet was considered a failure in terms of sales, and by 2013, it was dead. However, the Cygnet is resurrected from the dead as a commissioned one-off city car with around 430 bhp of potential under its hood.

Compared to its typical base model, the Aston Martin V8 Cygnet is dubbed as as the ultimate city car, both in looks and in power. Making its global debut at the 2018 Goodwood Festival of Speed, the V8 Cygnet was commissioned by a customer via the British marque’s bespoke personalization service, the ‘Q by Aston Martin – Commission’ service.

The project started with the steel body shell and panels of a right-hand drive Aston Martin Cygnet, as welded to a roll cage. To accommodate the 4.7-liter naturally aspirated V8 engine from the Aston martin Vantage S, engineers create a new front bulkhead and transmission tunnel from sheet metal. Also fitted into the project are subframes and suspension from the previous-generation Vantage as well as a steel fuel tank housing (boot area).

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Aston Martin says it ended Cygnet production because Toyota iQ will be axed

As you may know already, Aston Martin axed the small Cygnet city car based on the Toyota iQ and many believed it was due to poor sales as the British manufacturer only sold around 150 units. Apparently, that was not the reason, according to Aston Martin boss Ulrich Bez, who said the the company decided to axe the Cygnet because the Toyota iQ will be dropped next year.

Ulrich Bez also expressed its disappointment and frustration that the Cygnet didn’t see the success planned by Aston Martin.

Moreover, Bez was also disappointed that he didn’t bring it to the United States or didn’t put a supercharged engine in it. Both situations involved the lack of support for it. Ulrich Bez said that Toyota didn’t show its support like it did with Tesla or other products.

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Aston Martin will put a V12 in the Cygnet city car if there is enough demand

If there’s enough demand for the V12 engine, the Aston Martin Cygnet city car may be available with this engine. According to Autocar, a feasibility study has already been done. They also said that the 6.0-litre V12 from its top-of-the-line cars will fit the tiny city car’s engine bay without needing major modifications.

The additional upgrades to permit the Toyota IQ-based Cygnet to manage the weight, hp and torque of the powertrain are believed to be “significant but not insurmountable.”

It’s believed that the V12 will need to be significantly detuned from the 510bhp it offers in the new DB9 and Vantage models. Presently, the Cygnet is sold just in one state of tune, equipped with Toyota’s 97bhp 1.3-litre petrol unit.

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Aston Martin Cygnet introduced in Japan

Aston Martin is introducing its luxurious urban vehicle Cygnet in Japan and Hong Kong. Originally available in Europe from its kick off in mid-2011, Cygnet is the customized high-class urban automobile, made with low-emission engine technology and ultra-compact packaging.

Workmanship and a focus on detail are obvious in each Cygnet, and high levels of personalization are exemplified by the recently improved selection of materials and colors, which include six "Race Collection" paint schemes, quilted Alcantara and hexagon perforated leather. Also offered with two exclusive and limited Launch Editions, Cygnet joins Aston Martin's well-known pedigree of vehicles.

Every Aston Martin conveys the primary principles of Power, Beauty and Soul from the stylish but ferocious V12 Zagato and the spectacular One-77 supercar to new Virage and the robust Vantage array to the lovely DB9, DBS and four-door Rapide. Beginning from 4,750,000 YEN and 603,578 HKD with its compact but neatly-proportioned form, Cygnet is evidently recognizable as an Aston Martin.

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The Aston Martin Cygnet isn’t selling as well as chairman Ulrich Bez had expected but he believes that it’s only due to a shortage in supply. This model, which is based on the Toyota IQ city car, started selling in early 2011.

Bez thinks that the waiting period from the time that the order is placed and its scheduled delivery turns people off. Bez said that Aston Martin just doesn’t have enough stock so it can’t fill all the orders right away.

Bez also pointed out that the automaker doesn’t have millions of pounds to use on advertising, according to Autocar. But he is optimistic that the opening of a Cygnet store in Park Lane, London, will have “a dramatic effect” on its visibility.

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Two new Cygnets from Aston Martin are set to enter the fifth annual Bridgestone Eco-Rally, marking their debut. The Cygnets are intended to be the ultimate city cars and are set to be tailor-fit for urban driving. The Bridgestone Eco-Rally gives spectators and fans the chance to view the Cygnets as they are driven from the heart of Oxford to central London.

This rally displays the best eco-friendly vehicles in the world in association with ‘Start’, an initiative whose inspiration came from HRH The Prince of Wales for the celebration of eco-friendly living.

The Cygnet is built to be driven in the city with the best-quality materials and focus on detail. The Cygnet is bespoke and is highly exclusive as it provides options that had not been offered in a small package.

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Lady Moss received a new Aston Martin Cygnet for her birthday from her husband, international motorsport legend Sir Stirling Moss, at the Royal Automobile Club on the eve of her big day. A private celebratory dinner was planned in the clubhouse at the Royal Automobile Club.

When they arrived, there was a new Aston Martin Cygnet displayed in the central rotunda. For six months, Sir Stirling and Aston Martin secretly corresponded to get this surprise right.

Sir Stirling Moss said that his wife is his “greatest partner” in everything that he does. He said that since January when he first saw a pre-production Cygnet, he knew that it was the “perfect car” as it is a “proper little piece of British luxury and perfect for our life in town.”

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Aston Martin and Parisian fashion authority colette are collaborating to release a limited edition city car based on the Aston Martin Cygnet. Dubbed as the “Cygnet & colette” luxury city car, the limited edition model will be handcrafted courtesy of Aston Martin Works Tailored, the carmaker’s personalization service.

Aston Martin will create 14 examples of the Cygnet & colette city car, which features elements like “Cygnet & Colette” branded boot badging by Thomas Fattorini and hand-formed and engraved door handle badges made from stainless steel. Likewise, the city car features quilted leather door and seat inserts, which are in turn complemented by quilted Alcantara sun visors.

Furthermore, the city car has hand-trimmed quilted colette blue leather occasional cushions for the rear seats. It also features a distinct ‘Cygnet & colette' key ring made from solid aluminum with blue enameling. Also, a ‘Cygnet & colette' branding will appear during the startup of the satellite navigation.

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Aston Martin introduces Cygnet, a luxury city car based on the iQ subcompact of Toyota, as a way to broaden its appeal to its customers and boost sales. The price of this new luxury vehicle is more than twice that of iQ, which provides the transmission, frame and engine. According to the company, customers will be persuaded to pay 30,995 pounds ($50,500) for the Cygnet with the Aston Martin badge on the grill and the vehicle’s hand-stitched leather interiors.

Chief designer Marek Reichman affirms that the Cygnet is indeed a luxury city car, sharing that prior to Cygnet, the choice vehicle would be one that smells of plastic in its interiors. He says that with Cygnet, “you'll be hit by this wonderful smell of leather." The company is targeting sales of 1,500 units a year for the vehicle model, making it the company’s second bestseller behind the V8 Vantage with annual deliveries of approximately 2,000 units.

In totality, the company’s sales in 2010 increased approximately 6 percent to 4,250 cars, spokesman Kevin Watters said. In a special project, Aston Martin worked with Toyota in order to cut the time and cost needed to build the Cygnet. The vehicle model was developed in about a year, compared to the traditional three-year timeframe for most vehicle projects.

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Aston Martin is developing an electric version of the Cygnet, which will be launched in its gas-powered version later in 2011, according to Britain’s Car magazine. It actually shouldn’t come as a surprise since Aston Martin officials perceive the Cygnet as a means to give its customer base a vehicle that’s both efficient and luxurious. Many cities in Europe have been adding infrastructure that would be open only to electric and/or hybrid vehicles.

In addition, Aston won’t have to concern itself with extensive engineering to build the Cygnet electric vehicle. Toyota had long been considering an electric version for the iQ city car whose gas-powered form is the basis for the regular production Cygnet.

At the 2011 Geneva Motor Show, Toyota had displayed a production-ready version of the iQ EV. If the Cygnet EV is a mirror image of that car, it’s to be expected that the two-door will use a small electric motor to power the front wheels.

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Aston Martin revealed today two Cygnet Launch Edition models: White and Black. As expected, the new editions celebrate the commencement of production of the new Aston Martin city car based on the Toyota iQ.

Aston Martin Cygnet Launch Edition White comes with a Snow White paint with a mix of silver mesh, chrome brightwork and White Diamond turned alloy wheels. Inside, the car features seats hand trimmed in Pearl white leather with perforated Alcantara inserts, as well as satin chrome.

The Cygnet Launch Edition Black features a Magic Black metallic paint with a deep sea green effect, offset by matt black louvers and chrome brightwork. The interior is finished in pure black full grain leather, perforated in a specially-developed diamond pattern.

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Aston Martin had the global unveiling of its new Cygnet city car at Harrods in Knightsbridge. It is only appropriate for one of the most premium brands to have its new product debut at Harrods, which is considered as one of the most famous stores for luxurious items.

As Aston Martin’s luxury city car, the Cygnet strongly features the marque’s distinct design language, especially on its two-door body. Cygnet features an array of Aston Martin’s signature elements like its aluminum grille, side strake and inverted rear lights.

Aside from identifying Cygnet as an Aston Martin, these features also contribute to the city car’s stylish yet luxurious form. Aston Martin made sure that the Cygnet is designed to tackle city roads.

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Many were surprised that Aston Martin remained profitable throughout the economic crisis. Recently, CEO Ulrich Bez expressed confidence that the company will continue to make a profit in the coming years. Its new Cygnet minicar is expected to be successful just like the models featured in the James Bond movies.

In 2007, Ford Motor Co. sold the British luxury sports car brand for $674 million in 2007 to a group of investors led by Kuwait's Investment Dar.

At the Automobilwoche industry conference, Bez said that his investors are “happy.” Bez, who has been the CEO of Aston Martin since 2000, said that the carmaker won’t look for an industrial partner even as there is a trend now of entering alliances to reduce costs.

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Aston Martin announced today that the Cygned, a luxurious version of the Toyota iQ, will go into production in 2011. As you may know already, the Aston Martin Cygnet made its debut in the concept form at this year’s Geneva Motor Show and made quite a buzz among car lovers. The car is just less than 10 feet long and will be produced at Aston Martin's Gaydon headquarters in Warwickshire.

This is the main reason that made Aston Martin build this car. Although prices were not released yet, several sources said that the upcoming car will be priced from $30,000.

Regarding the engine, do not expect this small city car to be powerful, because it will use a 1.3-liter engine delivering 98 hp, same used by the Toyota iQ.

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Aston Martin has come up with a car that's smaller than a Ford Fiesta and its name is Cygnet. The Cygnet came about as a result of a joint venture with Toyota.

The Cygnet is said to have the same three-cylinder petrol engine as the Toyota iQ, as well as its three-plus-one seating arrangement. It is also expected to have a Euro NCAP five-star crash safety rating. It boasts of a highly economical engine that has a low emission.

Aston Martin designed the Cygnet to be a supercar with a three-meter length. You'd be getting the same attention to detail as on the DBS, with a leather-clad cabin, and an Emotion Control Unit (ECU) that goes into the center console, in lieu of a traditional key.

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Aston Martin has shown off its Toyota iQ-based Cygnet in more detail than ever before. These Aston Martin Cygnet official studio pictures show how Aston has integrated its own styling cues such as its rear lights and door handles into the iQ's existing design.

Cygnet's exterior combines an all-new Aston grille with standard iQ lights to impressive effect. It has been devised entirely by Aston's Gaydon design group, led by Marek Reichman.

The luxurious, all-hide interior, also designed by Aston, uses the existing cabin instrument pack and architecture, but new colours and trim materials give it a new look that's much more luxurious than the standard iQ's. The Cygnet uses standard Toyota iQ mechanical components and proportions, but with different wheels and tyres.

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To much rejoicing, Aston Martin has confirmed that the Toyota IQ-based Cygnet concept minicar will enter production. At the Geneva Motor Show where the car is displayed, Chief Executive, Dr. Ulrich Bez, had mentioned that there is a market for the vehicle.

Along with the announcement, Aston Martin also provided the car's specs. The Cygnet uses the 1.3 cylinder unit producing 98 hp, one of the three engines from the IQ range. Similar to what Toyota has done, Aston Martin mated this engine to a six-speed manual transmission. It can also be used with an optional CVT transmission.

When it comes to carbon dioxide emissions, the Cygnet emits 110 grams of CO2/km (only three less than the IQ). In addition, the Aston Martin car returns 58.9 mpg (4l/100km) as compared to Toyota's 56 mpg(4.2 l/100km). There are three configurations to the Cygnet: a 2+2 seating one, a 2+1 seating one that increase the luggage space and a 2 seating one that offers generous luggage area.

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Aston Martin is taking the next step in transportation through the Cygnet Concept -- a luxury commuter car. The Cygnet Concept is expected to showcase the future of Aston Martin as it relates to design, innovation and technology giving customers more freedom without compromising the qualities that symbolize the company.

The manufacturer has consistently been giving customers enjoyment in driving with high quality craftsmanship and designs. While the company uses traditional values to the letter, it also promotes innovation. The Cygnet Concept is expected to bring what Aston Martin stands for to new market sectors.

Aston Martin CEO Dr. Ulrich Bez relates that with many of its customers preferring to have small cars for use in the city, it was time to bring Aston Martin to this market. As a premium commuter car, the Cygnet Concept is exactly what customers need.

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