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Martorrel site is now producing the second generation of Audi A1

SEAT SA is commencing production of an all-new car at its Martorell facilities in Spain. However, its plant won't be assembling a new SEAT car. The Spanish carmaker is now assembling the next generation of Audi’s small city car – the new 2019 Audi A1.

The sight of SEAT producing Audi vehicles isn't surprising as both carmakers are members of the larger Volkswagen Group. In addition, the A1 isn't the Audi vehicle produced at SEAT’s Martorrel site. In the middle of 2011, the VW Group assigned the SEAT facility to produce the Audi Q3 luxury subcompact crossover. Since then until July 2018, the Martorrel site had been producing the previous generation of the Audi Q3 and total Spanish production of the subcompact crossover reached nearly 800,000 units.

When the second generation of the Audi Q3 was unveiled, it was decided that the production of the subcompact crossover will be moved from Martorell to the Gyor facilities in Hungary. On the other hand, the previous generation of the A1 was assembled in Brussels. The idle manufacturing capacity at Martorrel left by the Audi Q3 might have prompted the VW Group to transfer the production of the second generation from Brussels to Martorell.

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Audi offers 2.0 TFSI version of A1 subcompact in the UK

Choosing between a petrol-powered Audi A1 and a diesel-run one in the United Kingdom is quite tricky now with the arrival of the 97g/km TFSI version of the subcompact. This will be the petrol version with such specs in an Audi vehicle.

Likewise, this version of the three or five-door subcompact vows to deliver fuel economy of 67mpg while still dishing out the needed road dynamics – all at the more affordable starting price of £14,315 (on the road).

This new 95PS turbocharged three-cylinder petrol engine, which replaces the 89PS 1.2-liter four-cylinder engine in the A1, also provides around 160Nm of torque to empower the subcompact to accelerate from zero to 62mph in 10.9 seconds on the way to reach a top speed of 116mph.

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2015 Audi A1, A1 Sportback models get a facelift [w/video]

After selling over 500,000 units, Audi decided to offer a facelift for its smaller model, the A1. As a result, the German manufacturer unveiled today the new 2015 Audi A1 Facelift and A1 Sportback Facelift models. The first thing you notice about the A1 facelift when looking at the photos are the redesigned headlights, which include the daytime running LEDs.

In addition, fresh decors and paints give the vehicles an even more attractive appearance. As an option, Audi can offer the roof arch on the A1 or roof dome on the A1 Sportback in a contrasting color. According to the manufacturer, thanks to the sportier design, the models are 2 cm longer at a length of 3.98 meters.

Six engines, gasoline and diesel, will be offered and some of them are new or have been improved. Audi is offering a completely new 1.0-liter three-cylinder petrol engine that delivers 95 hp (70 kW) and has a fuel consumption of 4.3 l/100 km (54.7 US mpg), while CO2 emissions are just 99 g/km.

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500,000th Audi A1 rolled off the production line in Brussels

Audi launched its A1 supermini-sized economical car back in 2010 and it appears that the vehicle is quite popular since the 500,000th unit rolled off the production line. That’s right folks, 500,000 Audi A1 cars were produced at the plant in Brussels. The jubilee model was a Misano red Audi A1 S line, powered by a 1.4-liter TFSI engine and built for a customer in Germany.

For those who don’t know, the 1.4-liter TFSI engine produces 122 hp (90 kW) as well as 200 Nm (147 lb-ft) of torque and when paired with a 6-speed manual transmission it offers a fuel consumption of 4.4 l/100 km on the highway, 6.8 l/100 km in the city and a combined 5.3 l/100 km.

When using the seven-speed S tronic automatic transmission, the Audi A1 is able to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) in 9.1 seconds, while top speed is 200 km/h or 124 mph. The model you see in the photos starts at 23,000 euros in Germany.

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Mercedes-Benz will launch a subcompact car range with the help of partner Renault-Nissan, according to German magazine AutoBild. The subcompact car range, to be known as X-class models, carries tag prices of below EUR20,000, targeting rivals like the Mini brand and the Audi A1, the magazine reported.

The subcompact models are expected to fill the gap between the Smart brand and the Mercedes A- and B-class compacts. AutoBild said that the pioneering model would be an SUV-styled crossover that would target the upcoming Audi Q2.

The pioneering model would be based on the Renault Captur subcompact crossover and could be rolled out in 2018. It would be followed by a spacious subcompact minivan that would be a smaller version of the Mercedes B class. The subcompact minivan would be based on the next-generation Renault Clio subcompact hatchback. Both models will be powered by three- and four-cylinder gasoline and diesel powertrains.

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Volvo mulls building a subcompact-sized vehicle that would compete against BMW's Mini and the Audi A1. But for this to be possible, Volvo needs to acquire a partner to share the costs as well as get a smaller engine, which could be produced in cooperation with parent Zhejiang Geely of China, Volvo chief executive Stefan Jacoby told Automotive News Europe.

According to Jacoby, premium-car buyers are willing to spend extra even for subcompact-sized cars.  Volvo’s top boos quipped that premium customers no longer define luxury based on the size of the car or number of cylinders, adding that there are other attributes that come into play. Sales of subcompact-sized vehicles in Europe rose by 19 percent to 332,262 units in 2011, according to data from market researchers JATO Dynamics.

Segment sales, however, have dwindled, with the six-month total volume dropping 10 percent to 148,891. Volvo has yet to field a vehicle in the subcompact-sized segment, as its smallest model is the compact V40, which rivals Audi A3 and BMW 1 series.

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Audi introduced two new exclusive editions for the A1 and the A1 Sportback. Dubbed A1 amplified red and the A1 amplified white, the two new editions are based on the Ambition line which is available for all engine versions of both models. A1 amplified red is painted in Misano Red pearl effect, while the A1 amplified white is painted in Glacier White metallic.

According to the official press release, both lines will be available in three different equipment levels that build on each other. Known as amplified, the first level features a high-gloss black roof line, S line roof spoiler, exterior mirror housings and single-frame grille. The design is completed by the 17-inch five-spoke wheels with inserts and a matt, transparent film for the engine hood, roof and rear hatch. The interior features air vent sleeves in the body color, black sport seats with stitching in Parade Red (amplified red) or Rock Gray (amplified white) and floor mats with piping in matching colors.

The second level is called amplified plus and features an upgraded interior with a a black headliner, an LED interior light package and a color coordinated ignition key. Furthermore, the interior features a custom center console and interior mirror housing, both painted in the body color. The design of the interior is completed by the stainless steel caps for the pedals and foot rest. The exterior was upgraded too and features sporty add-on parts from the aerodynamics competition kit, painted the same color as the body, and LED taillights. A new high-gloss black diffuser was added and now integrates two matt black tailpipes on the left side (one tailpipe for engines up to 77 kW).

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It appears that not all the concepts shown at the biggest auto shows are becoming reality. It’s the case of the A2 electric city car as Audi just cancelled the project due to the fact that a 40,000 euros ($49,713) price tag would be too much for the customers.

According to Car magazine, the Audi believes that the A2 could not become a best seller in Europe and we must agree with this, as the rivals Nissan Leaf and Mitsubishi iMiEV are not quite a success on the mentioned market. The A2 was meant to take on the Bmw i3. The Audi A2 concept was a purely electric vehicle powered by a lithium-ion battery that stores 31 kWh of energy, about 24 kWh of which is usable.

The vehicle delivered a total output of 116PS of peak power (80PS continuous) and 270 Nm of torque (160 Nm continuous) to the front wheels through a single-speed transmission.

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Audi UK said that £41,020 OTR is the price for the limited edition 256PS A1 quattro. Audi would only build 19 left-hand-drive units intended for the UK. Order books officially open in early March.

There are already deposits seen at the UK Audi Centres for the broad majority of these excellent high performance subcompacts, which don’t just come with quattro all-wheel-drive, a bigger capacity 2.0-litre TFSI petrol engine and rally-inspired styling.

It also gets an all-encompassing specification including equipment upgrades to the value of more than £11,000. Over 600 components were either reworked or replaced in creating the A1 quattro.

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Audi chief executive Rupert Stadler has effectively discarded the idea of creating a full-blown cabriolet version of the first-generation A1. The decision was based on the Audi’s internal business study that concluded that an A1 cabriolet variant would be too expensive to engineer and produce without any open-top models from Volkswagen, Skoda or Seat to share its PQ35 platform. 

There are, however, possible plans to create a semi-open-air version of the A1 compact hatchback, to compete with the likes of the Fiat 500C. According to Autocar, an early design study of the three-door A1 with a retractable cloth roof panel has been added to the company’s on-the-road prototype fleet, supporting theories that the A1 concept has already been approved. 

Autocar’s sources suggest that the new open-top A1 will be highlighted by a large, electric-powered cloth panel, covering around 80% of the total roof area. The cloth panel will automatically retract and be gathered in above the rear hatch at the press of a button. The open-top A1’s rear hatch will remain unchanged to make it possible to produce the car at a cost Stadler considers sufficiently low for it to be profitable.

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Although everyone was waiting for the RS1, it appears that Audi decided to make a small modification to the nameplate: this is the Audi A1 Quattro. 

The A1 Quattro comes with 18-inch cast alloy wheels finished in Glacier White and featuring an exclusive turbine design. Behind these wheels we find internally vented front brake discs measuring 312 millimeters (12.28 in) in diameter and gripped by black calipers.

The A1 quattro is 3,987 millimeters (13.08 ft) long, 1,740 millimeters (5.71 ft) wide and 1,416 millimeters (4.65 ft) tall.

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Audi has launched its unique A1 SAMURAI BLUE at the Tokyo Motor Show. The vehicle shows the company's respect for the Japanese national soccer team nicknamed "Blue Samurai." This A1 proves how much respect Audi has for the team. The company intends to sell the SAMURAI BLUE as a one-off model. Audi also plans to donate a portion of the profit for a charity.

White and blue are the colors of the soccer jerseys for both men and women of the team.

The Japanese men are the reigning Asian champions. Meanwhile, the women have been even more successful in world soccer -- winning the championship title in the World Soccer Cup held in Germany this year. The team colors are reflected on the Audi A1 SAMURAI BLUE, accentuated by the red of the Japanese flag. In addition, the 18-inch wheels with exclusive polygonal design are also in red.

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Audi is expanding its A1 lineup with the addition of the five-door A1 Sportback, which is set for launch in early 2012. A close resemblance of the three-door models in the A1 product range is obvious in the design, the dimensions and the structure of the lightweight body of the new model.

The up-and-coming A1 is 3.95 meters (12.96 ft) long. Being several millimeters taller, it offers more space in the back seats.

This Audi model has four seats, but an additional one is available upon request without extra charges. One can choose either three TDI diesel or three TFSI gasoline engines delivering between 63 kW (86 hp) and 136 kW (185 hp). Audi matches some engines with the lightning-fast, seven-speed S tronic transmission.

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Set to arrive in early 2012 is Audi’s five-door supermini – the A1 Sportback. Audi’s sales teams in the UK have announced that order books for the premium A1 five-door will be opened beginning this month. Its prices range from £13,980 to £21,270. The Sportback is six millimetres taller and six millimetres wider than the A1 three-door.

The Sportback’s interior also provides a slightly bigger head room and shoulder room too. The A1 Sportback will be available with five TFSI and TDI engine options in the UK.

These are: 1.2 TFSI petrol (86PS, 160Nm), 1.4 TFSI petrol (122PS, 200Nm), 1.4 TFSI twin-charge petrol (185PS, 250Nm), 1.6 TDI diesel (105PS, 250Nm). Buyers can also choose between manual or S-tronic double-clutch gearboxes. The Audi A1 Sportback will arrive in showrooms early next year.

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After yesterday’s leaked photos, Audi officially unveiled today the 2012 A1 Sportback, its latest addition in its lineup. The new Audi A1 Sportback is 3.95 meters (12.96 ft) long and has a wheelbase of 2.47 meters (8.10 ft), just like the three-door model. It is six millimeters (0.24 in) wider and taller than the three-door model, however, at 1.75 meters (5.74 ft) and 1.42 meters (4.66 ft), respectively.

A1 Sportback come as standard with four seats, but a fifth seat is available on request free of charge.

Regarding the powertrains, the A1 Sportback is available with a choice of six four-cylinder engines: three TFSI and three TDI units. The base engine is the 1.2-liter TFSI, which delivers 63 kW (86 hp) and has a fuel consumption of 5.1 liters per 100 km (46.12 US mpg).

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Audi A1 customers could now make their vehicles more personalized and exclusive with the new Contrast Edition and Black Edition specification options. These can also be integrated with a more powerful 2.0-litre, 143PS TDI engine that complements the current 1.6-litre, 105PS unit. The Contrast Edition is available for a premium of £1,350 on top of the price of an equivalent A1 Sport model, and in combination with all A1 engines except for the 1.4 TFSI 185PS.

The options offer a contrasting color for the roof line. There are also aerodynamic body styling elements added on top of the Sport specification, plus larger 17-inch ‘five-arm’ design bi-color alloy wheels that expand on the 16-inch examples of the Sport model.

For an added cost, a double-blade roof spoiler, which also comes in a contrasting color, can be added for a sportier appeal. On the other hand, the Black Edition is based on the top S line specification. It comes exclusively in combination with the 185PS 1.4-litre TFSI petrol engine as well as the latest 143PS 2.0-litre TDI.

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As part of a fleet trial, 20 units of the Audi A1 e-tron are now being driven on the roads of the Munich pilot region. A few weeks ago, trial participants started to get the keys to their electric cars. For this project, Audi has partnered with E.ON, the public utility Stadtwerke München and Technische Universität München (TUM). E.ON and SWM are responsible for expanding and maintaining the charging infrastructure in the Munich metropolitan area.

The Audi A1 e-tron features a range extender. The A1 e-tron can deliver 75 kW (102 hp), enabling to reach a top speed of 130 km/h (80.78 mph).

When the battery runs out of energy, the range extender (a compact combustion engine) recharges the battery as required to improve the vehicle’s operating range to as high as 250 km (155 miles). This means that this compact electric car has no emissions for the first 50 kilometers (31 miles) of a trip, such as when traversing through urban roads.

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The in-house engineers at Superchips have taken on the challenge of improving the engine performance of the Audi A1, which is already recognized for its frugality, build quality and style. And now, owners of the 122 PS Audi A1 1.4 TFSI Sport can experience the performance that results from the launch of a performance-boosting ECU remap.

The performance electronic experts at Superchips have thoroughly examined the A1’s direct injection, 1390cc, turbocharged engine as well as the Audi’s Bosch MED17 ECU. This allows them to determine opportunities to safely enhance engine performance through a high-performance ECU remap.

Rigorously tested on Superchips’ in-house chassis dynamometer as well as on real-world driving conditions, the Audi A1 1.4 TFSI Sport ECU remap provides impressive gains. Power is enhanced by a maximum of 26 bhp at 6168 rpm, with increases beginning 2000 rpm right throughout the operating range, up to the rev limiter at 6500 rpm.

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The Audi A1 has only been in production in Brussels for almost one year but already, it has celebrated the milestone of having its 100,000th car roll off the assembly line. To commemorate the achievement, no less than King Albert II of Belgium graced the event in the Forest district of Brussels in the plant that Audi got and restructured four years ago.

The King was accompanied by Rupert Stadler, Chairman of the Board of Management of AUDI AG, and Gerhard Schneider, General Director for Technology and Logistics and management spokesman of Audi Brussels.

The visitor’s route through the A1 production facility was officially opened by Benoît Cerexhe, Minister of the Government of the Brussels-Capital Region, who is tasked to handle the Economy, Employment, Scientific Research and Foreign Trade.

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A more fuel-efficient variant of the Audi A1 1.6 TDI is exempted from road tax and the London congestion charge with its lower 99g/km carbon dioxide emissions level.

What makes this A1 even more desirable are its improved 74.3mpg economy potential as well as its unchanged OTR prices for the SE, Sport and S line models that range from £14,480 to £17,865. Further optimization of the fuel system as well as its engine management unit has decreased the carbon dioxide output of the A1 1.6 TDI to 99g/km from 105g/km.

It also enhanced the vehicle's official combined economy figure to 74.3mpg from 70.6mpg. Like before, these enhancements were aided by engine start-stop and energy recuperation systems.

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