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Volvo S60L Petrol Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PPHEV) Concept unveiled at Auto China 2014

Volvo Cars is set to unveil the new Volvo S60L PPHEV (Petrol Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle) Concept Car at the 2014 Beijing International Auto Show. The new Volvo S60L PPHEV is a fusion of an electric car, hybrid car and high-performance car, thereby allowing the driver to enjoy both dynamic driving pleasure and superior fuel economy.

Volvo plans to introduce the production version of the S60L Petrol Plug-in Hybrid in China in early 2015, with the production set at its Chengdu assembly site. The new production version of the S60L PPHEV will employ a highly efficient 238-hp Drive-E petrol turbo and plug-in hybrid technology. The new hybrid car is part of Volvo Cars' plans to play in a role to the development and proliferation of new auto technologies in China.

Peter Mertens, Senior Vice President for Research and Development at Volvo Cars, remarked that the S60L PPHEV Concept Car combines a turbocharged petrol mill from the carmaker’s new four-cylinder Drive-E engine family and an electric motor, resulting to a hybrid powertrain with a power output of 238+68 hp and torque of 350+200 Nm. Mertens remarked that this combo resulted to Volvo’s most technologically advanced powertrain so far, making the S60L both the most efficient and most fun-to-drive car. He added that the S60L PPHEV Concept Car brings Volvo close to its vision of offering zero-emission vehicles in the future.

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Pininfarina unveils new H500 electric saloon at 2018 Beijing Motor Show

Following the unveiling of the HK GT Gran Turismo at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show, Pininfarina is showing off another all-electric car concept. Dubbed as the H500 saloon, this new electric study is being presented at Auto China 2018, also known as the 2018 Beijing Motor Show.

The new H500 saloon is actually one of the two new electric concepts born from the collaboration between Pininfarina and Hybrid Kinetic Group, a Hong Kong-based high-tech brand. The other is the new K350 four-seat sports utility vehicle.

HK GT Gran Turismo, H500 electric saloon and K350 SUV are the newest products of the companies’ joint effort to develop clean energy vehicles. All three are being shown at the Beijing Motor Show. The new H500 electric saloon was designed to suit customers with a dynamic lifestyle. It exudes both elegance and sportiness, while boasting sophisticated elements and pure forms.

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Pininfarina and Hybrid Kinetic Group reveal K350 electric SUV at Auto China 2018

Pininfarina and Hybrid Kinetic Group are not stopping their product concept onslaught as the partners took advantage of the current auto show in Beijing, China to unveil to the global public their latest creations, including the K350 electric 4-seater SUV.

The new K350 electric 4-seater SUV is one of the three concepts being displayed by Pininfarina and Hybrid Kinetic Group. The other two concepts are the H500 electric saloon and the GT Gran Turismo. The GT Gran Turismo actually made its global debut at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show, while the H500 is making its first public appearance alongside the K350 at the Auto China 2018 (2018 Beijing Motor Show).

These three new models – K350 4-seater SUV, H500 saloon and the HK GT -- share a number of elements, including their electric powertrain that features a range extender. All featuring Pininfarina styling, these three new HK electric vehicles are influenced by the same clear, straightforward design language. They are laden with advanced technology, and boast of better ergonomics as well as sophisticated materials.

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Vision Mercedes-Maybach Ultimate Luxury is opulence visualized in a crossover

The Maybach sub-brand has already come to characterize utmost exclusivity among luxury vehicles. Thus, if Maybach unveils an all-new concept with “ultimate luxury” as part of its moniker, it would only be dutiful to take a peek at this new study. As not to disappoint, a new concept vehicle dubbed as “Vision Mercedes-Maybach Ultimate Luxury” has just been unveiled by the sub-brand at the Auto China 2018 in Beijing.

As its name indicates, the new Vision Mercedes-Maybach Ultimate Luxury represents how the sub-brand views the future of ultimate luxury, as packed in a shape of a premium crossover. Measuring 5,260 mm in length, 2,110 mm in width and 1,764 mm in height, the Vision Mercedes-Maybach Ultimate Luxury is practically a luxurious electric car powered by four compact permanent-magnet synchronous motors for a fully variable all-wheel drive configuration.

Total output is pegged at 750 hp (550 kW), with energy derived from a flat underfloor battery with a capacity of around 80 kWh. This battery allows the concept to travel more than 500 km as per NEDC, or over 200 miles as per EPA. The study has an electronically limited top speed of 250 km/h.

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At this year’s FIA World Touring Car Championship, it was Volvo that stood out and became the victor with an S60 TC1 race car. So to celebrate this victory, the Swedish automaker dished out a handful of special edition S60s and V60s that get their inspiration from the motorsport. For your reference, it was Thed Bjork who took the driver’s championship during the FIA World Touring Car Championship. He was the guy behind the S60 Polestar TC1, and if you didn’t know, this is the very first time a Swedish company won the championship.

Having said that, the new V60 Polestar Performance World Championship Edition and the Volvo S60 package are available on all D4, D5, T5 and T6 models. The package includes visual enhancements such as a set of 19-inch bespoke Polestar light alloy wheels that are dressed in performance focused tires, a sculpted diffuser, and a new rear spoiler. There is also a Polestar gear lever that can be found in the cabin.

As for the mechanical bits, the special edition model gets a free flow stainless steel exhaust system, a sports air filter, and updated suspension dampers and springs that come with the package. With Polestar’s optimisation, horsepower has also increased by 10 (7 kilowatts), and torque is improved by 36 pound feet (50 Newton metres). The current engine is paired to quicker gearshifts and improved throttle response.

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A racing team is claiming that it has managed to break the lap record in its category in the ever-demanding Nurburgring circuit in 2016 while driving a road-going Volvo S60 Polestar, but it elected to keep things in secrecy – until now.

Cyan Racing -- the official Volvo factory auto racing team based in Gothenburg, Sweden – said that it did break the record for the fastest four-door, road-legal production car in the Green Hell.

According to the account, after the FIA World Touring Car Championship round in the Nordschleife in Germany, Cyan Ryan opted to stay behind and conduct a so-called secret test involving a road-going Volvo S60 Polestar. This secret test was conducted by Cyan Racing in order to harvest more know-how about the Volvo S60 Polestar as well as to bring more improvements into the car. Taking advantage of their motorsport expertise, Cyan Racing went on to boost the performance levels of the Volvo S60 Polestar, thereby making it more potent on the road.

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Owners of Volvo cars who want to boost the performance of their cars for that added driving pleasure would surely love the new customization options now available. Volvo subsidiary Polestar Performance Parts recently unveiled a wide range of enhancements for the Volvo S60, V40, V60 and XC60 models.

The numerous enhancement options being offered include chassis parts, exhaust, interior and exterior details designed to improve driving experience while reflecting owners' preferences. Polestar Chief Operating Officer Niels Möller explained that for a long time, the company has known of a strong demand for their products from Volvo owners all over the world.

This time, the company is happy to oblige these loyal customers by developing these enhancements aimed to improve driving pleasure, performance and handling of their cars. With Polestar's and motorsport partner Cyan Racing's 20-year motorsport experience, all Polestar Performance Parts were designed under the philosophy "Made to Perform."

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Volvo Cars is again offering another premium vehicle that caters to the needs and wants of its customers in the United States. Dubbed as the Volvo S60 Inscription, this vehicle tries to meet the most common features that US customers are looking for in a car.

One of these features is comfortable seating for rear passengers. Those occupying the posterior part of the cabin usually complain of not having enough legroom. Volvo addresses this by increasing the rear seat legroom of the S60 Inscription by 3.5 inches.

Such revamp means the Volvo S60 Inscription offers best-in-class rear accommodation. Moreover, the Volvo S60 Inscription features materials that do not only speak of the vehicle’s premium quality and class but also convey the Volvo brand’s Scandinavian roots.

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Volvo promises to surprise its audience at the 2015 Detroit Auto Show as the Swedish carmaker will bring the S60 Cross Country. A segment first from Volvo Cars, the new S60 Cross Country promises to continue the tradition started by the V70 Cross Country in 1997.

S60 Cross Country will be the first premium sedan with the same level of capability and rugged design cues of the brand new Cross Country wagons. The vehicle will arrive with a T5 all-wheel drive powertrain with 250 hp (254 hp in Europe and 249 hp in Russia for taxation reasons).

Volvo's S60 Cross Country is built to draw in customers who are looking for a sedan that is not only capable and thrilling, but also offers the advantages of a crossover. The S60 Cross Country crossover sedan features a ride height that is higher by 65mm (2.5 inches).

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Sales of the Volvo S60L in the United States are expected to reach at least 5,000 units annually. Volvo will start selling the long-wheelbase version of the S60 in the second half of 2015. Alain Visser, senior vice president of marketing, sales and customer service at Volvo, remarked that the potential of the S60L in the US is “very significant,” since although its wheelbase is 3.2 inches longer than that of the S60, it does not look like an extended-wheelbase car.

Visser added that the S60L can be a key player for Volvo. While the S60L is built only in China, Visser said key dealers and customers in the US were “enthusiastic” about it. According to Volvo Car Group chief executive Hakan Samuelsson, the S60L will be positioned as “an executive car,” with more features and options.

The S60, on the other hand, will be positioned as the sportier model. He remarked that the Volvo will save lots of money by building and importing the S60L from China since its plants is not a joint venture, as the carmaker is owned by a Chinese company, Zhejiang Geely Holding Group Co.

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The first mainstream vehicle made in China will be arriving at showrooms in the United States next year, in form of long-wheelbase version of Volvo S60 sedan – the S60L. Volvo Car Group chief executive Hakan Samuelsson confirmed that the S60L will arrive in the US "absolutely" 2015. Volvo is now owned by Chinese company Zhejiang Geely Holding Group Co.

The company started output of the S60L at its Chengdu site China in October 2013 and is ramping up to full production capacity of 120,000 vehicles annually. AutoPacific analyst Ed Kim said that while the S60L will be a low volume car, its significance shouldn’t overstated since Volvo will it as a litmus paper to determine the real-world quality of a China-built car in the US as well as consumer response.

The S60L boasts of a wheelbase that is 3.2 inches longer than that of the S60, which is built in Sweden. According to Samuelsson, Volvo is importing the S60L from China instead of Sweden due to costs, noting production in the Asian country is less expensive, adding that the Chinese yuan is tied to the US dollar rather than the euro, leading to gives more stability.

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Volvo has rolled off the first Volvo S60 and V60 Polestar from its Volvo Torslanda site for delivery to its first owners. Volvo’s Torslanda site recently marked 50 years of production with a total of over 6.8 million cars rolling off its production line, starting from the Amazon in 1964 and to the Volvo S60 and V60 Polestar.

The Polestar model also marked the first time the site produced a vehicle for an independent partner. Henrik Fries, S/V60 Polestar Technical Project Manager, expressed delight in rolling off of the first Polestar from the Volvo factory.

He remarked that the car was “a satisfying result of many hours of work” by the people of Polestar and Volvo.

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Volvo is intending to commence exporting China-built cars to the United States and Russia as early as 2015, a senior Volvo executive told Reuters. With support from Chinese owner Zhejiang Geely Holding Group, Volvo would commence shipping the S60L -- a long-wheel-based version of the S60 -- to the US and the XC90 SUV to Russia as soon as end of 2015.

A site in Chengdu started building the S60L sedan late 2013, and the second site in Daqing is ramping up output of the XC90. The executive said Volvo will eventually export around 10,000 S60Ls and a few thousand XC90s annually, noting that the carmaker believes it could minimize foreign exchange risks by adding China as a production base, despite worries about the quality of China-built products.

The executive said that the US dollar and the Chinese yuan have the “best relationship,” which is more stable than the euro and the dollar. David Ibison, Volvo's global head of media relations, has confirmed plans to start exporting from China, but said that the timing and target markets had yet to be determined.

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In order to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Golf, Volkswagen unveiled at the Auto China 2014 the Golf Edition Concept. As expected, this new concept car was extensively customized and comes with a new colour called “Magic Morning”, machine polished “Madrid” 19-inch alloy wheels, mirror caps finished in “matt chrome” and new badges on the B pillars that show an engraved laureal wreath with the number “40”.

The interior was also upgraded and makes the Golf looks like a business sedan. The Golf Edition Concept features leather upholstery offered in two colours: “St. Tropez” (bright as a sand beach) and black. The seats feature the centre panels up to the headrests wrapped in “St. Tropez” and upholstered with diamond-shaped stitching, while the seams have a brown hue.

The leather used for the side and outside surfaces is black. Brown leather piping in "Sevilla" forms the interface between the bright "St. Tropez" and the "black" surfaces. Wood was used for the inlays in the door trim panels and in the dashboard on the passenger’s side.

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The 2015 Mercedes-Benz C-Class long-wheelbase arrived at the Auto China 2014. For those who don’t know, the Mercedes-Benz C-Class is one of the most important pillars of company’s business in China and the new model will be one of the most important growth factors in the Middle Kingdom.

The 2015 Mercedes-Benz C-Class L has a length of 4,666 millimetres, while the wheelbase measures 2,920 millimetres.

This means that the 2015 C-Class L is 80 millimetres longer than the standard version. All the additional space means more legroom for the rear passemgers and Mercedes-Benz says that its vehicle provides the greatest legroom in the entire segment. Thanks to the increased footwell space, the passengers can enter and exit the vehicle much easier.

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Nissan premiered today its newest global concept aimed at meeting the lifestyle needs of the rising "Post-80s" generation of China. Dubbed as the Lannia Concept, this model resulted from the strong partnership between Nissan Global Design Center and Nissan Design China located in Beijing. Being positioned as the "sedan theory-breaker," the model reveals a design that is agile, energetic, and clearly sleek.

Without a doubt, it is a design that is sure to meet the needs of many modern Chinese "Post-80s" trendsetters, especially in relation to values and tastes. Commenting about this new model, Chief Planning Officer Andy Palmer revealed that the Lannia Concept will now be part of the brand's ever growing range of models that are focused on the Chinese market.

While it is a model that was designed and manufactured in China, he added, it is a model that is aimed at a worldwide market. Palmer continued by saying that in coming out with this model, it needed the heavy involvement of many local Chinese teams. This includes the market research and all the way to the design which resulted in the Lannia Concept.

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The Jeep Wrangler Sundancer design concept that recently made its debut at the Beijing Show was designed to have the famed capabilities of the Wrangler with a sense of fashion and sophistication. Jeep designers painted this vehicle a tri-coat Chocolate Brown metallic color with gold accents.

A Golden Bronze tone-on-tone ghosted pattern is seen on the fender flares. Meanwhile, the windows are made of bronze tinted glass. Linear LED lighting is attached to its front and rear bumpers, which match the exterior and have been painted a tri-coat Chocolate Brown metallic color and come with Golden Bronze accent inserts.

It is equipped with a set of 20-inch pale gold billet aluminum wheels with polished gold inserts. It also has a stunning albeit unusual multi-piece billet aluminum fender badge. Upon entering the cabin, we see Axis II perforated seat inserts and exclusive Berry Baltique Semi-Aniline leather, which is the leather used by the fashion industry’s most expensive labels.

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After making its world debut at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show, the Jeep Renegade also came to the 2014 Beijing Motor Show as a special design concept called Zi You Xia. For those who don’t know (including us), “Zi You Xia”means rebel and the new concept car highlights a more sophisticated aspect of the Renegade’s personality.

According to Jeep, the new Renegade concept is inspited by the colors of the National Centre for the Performing Arts in Beijing and is finished in a Warm Chocolate Gray with a contrasting Dark Anodized Bronze color that accentuates the grille throats, front fog lamp bezels, rear lower fascia, skidplate, tail lamp insert bezel and badging.

Moreover, the roof panel, grille surrounds and door mirror caps are painted a Dark Charcoal. The exterior design is completed by the unique 20-inch Dark Anodized Bronze alloy wheels.

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Besides the Wrangler Sundancer Concept and the Renegade Zi You Xia Concept, Jeep also introduced at the 2014 Beijing Motor Show two more concepts based on the Cherokee: the Sageland and Urbane. According to the official press release, the Cherokee Sageland Concept is inspired by the historical landmarks and natural sceneries found throughout the mystical expanse of the Shangri-La Region.

As a result, it comes with an Ivory tri-coat Pearl exterior complemented by bronze grille collars and front and rear fascia appliques. Furthermore, the Daylight opening (DLO), roof rack, door mirror caps and exhaust tips are painted in Satin Bronze chrome. Inside, we find neutral grey Nappa leather seats with red and water blue accent stitches.

The stitching found on the seats is inspired by traditional Chinese knot design, while the pattern on the door appliques derived from the color and finish of Chinese ornamental door knobs. The Jeep Cherokee Urbane Design Concept wants to unite the night life of a modern megacity with glamour and elegance.

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Lincoln Motor Company officially revealed the MKX Concept during the Auto China 2014 held in Beijing. Designed to get the attention of many customers around the world, this concept model acts as a preview to a global SUV that is slated to be the third of four models released by the brand by 2016. By unveiling such a model in Beijing, this marks the first time that the brand will be presenting a concept model outside of the U.S.

Having a design that is inspired by motorbikes and airplanes, this concept model is able to show feelings of agility and power. As such, it allows a peek into the future of this American luxury brand especially as it enters the Chinese market, a rapidly growing one. The main goal set for the Lincoln MKX Concept was to have a final execution that would be able to satisfy the world's luxury customers and also delight them at the same time.

To make this happen, the brand conducted various customer research clinics in the U.S. and China in order to get the needed feedback on the model's design. Indeed, an intensive study of luxury customers in China over the last few years has shown that the preference was for a premium medium utility vehicle to have sportiness and off-road capability.

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