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2013 Shanghai Auto Show will be a party for crossovers and SUVs

Chinese market’s demand for crossovers and SUVs will be tested at the Shanghai Auto Show from April 21 to 29 as this event will mark the global debut of models by Acura, BMW, Citroen, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, and Jeep. Automakers will be competing fiercely for China’s crossover sales as its growth rate has fallen to single digits.

The German automakers are particularly keen on launching compact crossovers in order to expand beyond the stretched sedans that have taken over China's luxury market. So far, we found out that the vehicles that will be introduced at this show include the following. Honda has unveiled a sketch of the Acura concept crossover that will be launched globally.

Audi A3 compact sedan was presented to journalists in New York last month but its official public debut will be in Shanghai. The sedan is targeted to capture the attention of China's high-earning young urban professionals. BMW will be displaying its X4 crossover concept in Shanghai while its production version will make its debut at the Frankfurt auto show this September.

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