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BAC unveils Marine Edition Mono for super-yacht owners

BAC has unveiled a special version of its Mono single-seat super-car that perfectly fits in any super-yacht – the Marine Edition Mono. This Marine Edition Mono is derived from the MY2016 Mono and is powered by a 305bhp 2.5-liter Mountune engine.

BAC made sure that this edition of the Mono is not only exclusive and luxurious but is also suited to the super-yacht environment in which performance, design and mass are considered as important. In fact, the Marine Edition Mono features a weight of only 580 kg, which allows it to be perfectly loaded on a super yacht.

It comes with a carbon-fiber crane arm that can be used on all yacht crane systems, thereby enabling the super-car to be transported on top of any super-yacht. In developing the chassis of the Marine Edition Mono, BAC appropriately considered the crane arm.

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