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Rotwild R.S2 Beast of the Green Hell racing bike pays tribute to Mercedes-AMG GT R

When Mercedes-AMG created the new Mercedes-AMG GT R, Mercedes-Benz’s high-performance brand had the racetrack in mind. Since most of the development time of the AMG GT R was spent in the "Green Hell" of the Nurburgring, the AMG GT R earned the nickname the “Beast of the Green Hell.” Now, that mindset is translated from four wheels into two wheels, resulting to the creation of the ROTWILD R.S2 Limited-Edition Beast of the Green Hell.

As its name indicates, the ROTWILD R.S2 Limited-Edition "Beast of the Green Hell" is a special-edition hand-built racing bike that takes heavy inspiration from the AMG GT R. While the development of the AMG GT R was underpinned by AMG’s vast experience in AMG GT3 customer sport and in the German Touring Car Masters, that of the ROTWILD R.S2 Limited-Edition "Beast of the Green Hell" is cored on driving dynamics, design, comfort and lightweight construction.

Just like the AMG GT R, the ROTWILD R.S2 Limited-Edition "Beast of the Green Hell" racing bike employs a number of state-of-the-art technology. While the AMG GT R employs intelligent lightweight construction incorporating aluminum and carbon with specific reinforcements in the body shell, the hand-built frame of the special edition bike takes on "Carbon Module Monocoque Technology" (MMT2) as well as "High Modulus" and "High Tenacity" fibresto. This allowed the bike frame to offer high levels of rigidity with ideal damping properties while weighing as low as possible.

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Aston Martin Fascenario.3 is a super lightweight bike with a very big price

Automakers sometimes want to have fun and experiment on building other toys too, such as bikes. And now is not the first time you’ve heard of this, and it definitely won’t be the last too. Aston Martin has recently launched a limited edition bicycle of its own.

This was made possible by their partnership with German bicycle manufacturer Storck. Together, the British automaker and the German firm came up with a bike they call the Fascenario.3. Of course, expect this bike to be a limited edition model, with only 107 examples worldwide. And the automaker boasts that the bike is a perfect combination of “aerodynamics, stiffness, and comfort”.

The bicycle is mostly made out of a lightweight “Nanocarbon Technology”, which only weighs a total of 1.7 pounds (770 grams) - that’s just the frame though. But overall, with the other components including the brakes, wheels, tires, gearing, and the rest of the parts needed to complete a bike, it only weighs 13 pounds (5.9 kilograms). How cool is that, just imagine carrying a kettle bell, but instead, you’re carrying a bike.

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BMW reveals M Bike Limited Carbon Edition inspired by Marina Bay Blue M5 (F90)

For those of you who just placed an order for a new BMW M5 (F90), you might like to pair it with a matching bicycle. The BMW M Bike Limited Carbon Edition is finished in Marina Bay Blue Metallic paint, exactly like that of the sports sedan.

However, if you want this bike, you have to act quickly. That is because it will be limited to 500 units only, each of which will be priced at 1,400 euros (around $1,674). The bicycles are made with hydro-formed aluminum frame, while the fork, the seat posts and spacers are all made of carbon fiber to reduce overall weight. For easier braking, it gets a set of hydraulic Shimano disk brakes.

As we all know, the BMW M5 comes equipped with a 4.4 liter biturbo engine that enables it to give out 600 horsepower (447 kilowatts) and 553 pound-feet (750 Newton-metres) of torque. The M5 is more powerful than its predecessor, which has an output of 575 horsepower (428 kilowatts) and 500 pound-feet (677 Newton meters) of torque.

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$18,000 SF01 road bike is first product to come out of ‘Bianchi for Scuderia Ferrari’ project

The very first fruit of the collaboration between the oldest bicycle maker in Italy (also in the world) and the legendary Italian sports car manufacturer has finally been introduced. Bianchi and Ferrari is presenting an all-new road bike – the SF01 – as the first of the Scuderia Ferrari branded high-performance bikes, as developed by taking inspiration from racing cars in the Formula One.

SF01 comes as the first-born of the “Bianchi for Scuderia Ferrari” project, with developments done in close collaboration between the R&D and Design departments of Bianchi and Ferrari. With a weight of only 780 grams, the SF01 is an ultra-light high-performance road bike. Made from carbon and benefiting from racing geometry, the SF01 is a really lightweight bike. In addition, the SF01 features a stiff carbon frame engineered with Countervail vibration cancelling technology. Employing a special fiber architecture and viscoelastic resin, this technology could cancel up 80 percent of vibrations, which means that power and control could be optimized further.

Moreover, the SF01 employs the Astute One saddle, which only weighs around 94 grams. This saddle is made of 3k carbon, the same materials used for the seats of Ferrari’s F1 race car. The handlebar of the SF01 is wrapped in Astute’s anti-vibration Luxury Black tape, which provides an iconic black-velvet effect. The new SF01 rides on Speed 40C Carbon wheels from Fulcrum. These wheels – featuring Scuderia Ferrari custom graphics and carbon hubs – weigh only 1,420 grams.

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Luxury automakers often come up with something special or limited when celebrating special events like anniversaries or when they reach a milestone. And this year, McLaren celebrates their 50th F1 anniversary. So the first thing you’ll probably ask is, what special edition model are they going to unveil? Well, it isn’t an F1 car, but a road bike instead.

The street bike is a product of McLaren and Specialized as they work together to build a bike that would blend in with any road race, while celebrating fifty years of historic grand prix and Formula One racing. They call this the S-Works McLaren Roubaix, a road bike with a handful of collaborations between both brands, after the Venge, the S-Works Tarmac and the Venge ViAS.

Looking at it from afar, it looks like it had been painted in yellow. But it is actually finished in a custom Heritage Orange that mimic the automaker’s race cars and modern street legal vehicles, accented with matte black parts. The road bike uses McLaren’s own data logging software that works hand in hand with the Rolling Efficiency Simulator, which is the software they use when designing a part of the bike.

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The world never runs out of adventure, which is why BMW Lifestyle has teamed up with “Specialized” to develop the special edition E-mountain bike. Branded as Specialized Turbo Levo FSR 6Fattie, the exclusively designed mountain bike has been given the new Phytonic Blue paint job to match the official color of the 3rd generation BMW X3 (G01).

To further complement the new SUV, the trail bike is equipped with a water bottle with the tagline “Specialized For BMW”. The price? Let’s just say the regular Specialized Turbo Levo FSR 6Fattie costs $4,500 (or about 3,900 in euros in Germany). Now for those who want the special edition BMW version of the mountain bike, they can have it for the price of $5,900 (5,200 euros).

What makes it more interesting to have is that the e-bike features a 504Wh battery pack with a dock that lets you recharge its battery off the bike. Similarly, BMW developed a special charging cable that can be hooked to the SUV’s 12V power socket without compromising its own supply.

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Introducing the lightest bicycle in the world, and it is built by no less than French maker of high-performance luxury vehicles Bugatti. Yes, you are reading it right, this luxury bike is made by Bugatti.

If the name Bugatti is mentioned, perhaps the first things on your mind would be the Chiron and the Veyron. These two supercars are considered as some of the fastest production cars in the world. In fact, the Super Sport version of the Veyron has been recognized by no less than Guinness World Record as the fastest street-legal production car in the world with its max speed of 268 mph (431 km/h). The Veyron alone is a testament that Bugatti could go beyond the convention and be the best in the world (in one field at least).

Bugatti now has again gone beyond convention by offering the lightest bike there is. In collaboration with German maker of bicycles PG Bikes, Bugatti has come up with a new special urban bike that would serve as the perfect complement to its supercars, especially the Chiron. Dubbed as the PG Bugatti special urban bike, this two-wheel non-motorized ride weighs a measly 11 pounds or less than five kilograms.

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Bianchi has announced the introduction of the 2016 range of Ducati branded bicycles. All of these bikes feature the common values and attributes of the Ducati and Bianchi brands – Italian design and style and advanced technological content.

The range now includes a number of new offerings including those from known segments like Mountain Bikes, Sport, Junior, Kids and E-bikes. Each segment has its own attributes and qualities. For instance, the Sport and E-bike models offer a good blend of innovation and tradition and are marked by modern and technological elements.

Junior and Kids models, meanwhile, take inspiration from the graphics of two distinct Ducati motorbikes – the Monster and the Hypermotard. Mountain Bikes, meanwhile, are laden with sporty features and elements.

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The German government is seeking to encourage electric bikes to replace trucks for local freight shipments in the country. The Transport Ministry has already commissioned studies on the usage of bikes to ship goods typically transported by trucks, the government said in a reply to questions from the Green Party.

Having e-bikes do the shipments is thought to help prevent traffic jams while reducing pollution in German. BMW and Smart already offer e-bikes in the country while there are around 1.6 million electric bikes on German roads.

The Transport Ministry said that the government believes that there is a “large, still unused potential” for freight bicycles, also with electric support, in the logistics and service transport in municipalities.

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The market’s acceptance of electric vehicles has not exactly been enthusiastic but regardless, BMW still launched its first store for its i sub-brand on Park Lane in London. At the grand opening of the store, BMW displayed the updated i3 model and the i Pedelec, a foldable electric bicycle. BMW is hoping that there will be one i Pedelec for every i3 on the streets.

Once the compact bike is folded, it can fit in the trunk of the i3. Its frame is built from lightweight aluminum and carbon fiber. BMW even claims that two i Pedelecs can be placed in the i3’s trunk. The i Pedelec has an electric motor, an electronic management system and a high-performance battery that permit the rider to reach a speed of 16 mph.

Because of the limited speed, the rider won’t be required to have a license. There is also no need for registration or insurance. Depending on the body size of the rider, the i Pedelec could travel anywhere from 16 to 25 miles on a single charge. Charging the i Pedelec could be done while it’s inside the i3’s trunk or while using a standard electric plug. BMW said that it takes four hours for a regular full charge but it can take as short as 1.5 hours with a quick charge.

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Skoda Auto’s bicycle range for 2012 is designed to play up the brand's involvement with motorsport since 111 years ago. This cycling sport offering comes with matching sportswear. Skoda made use of an exclusive ‘racing' design for this season. This is quite reflective of the success achieved by Skoda Motorsport's team.

The new bicycle range for the year 2012 comprises seven models for different range of use and age groups. All bikes are coloured green and white as is typical for the Skoda Motorsport team. The bikes' appearance also echoes Skoda brand's new, fresh corporate design.

The ambassadors for the 2012 Skoda bicycle and accessory range have been recently named -- Juho Hänninen and Jan Kopecký. Jan Kopecký, the driver in the Skoda Motorsport works team and IRC vice champion in 2009, 2010 und 2011, said that bicycles represent an “essential part” of training.

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Smart retailers will start selling the smart electric bike in late May 2012 but already, it has started to take orders. The smart ebike boosts the position of the iconic smart brand as the pioneers of electric mobility. The ebike has the distinctive styling associated with the brand. Using advanced technology, the ebike is actually very efficient while it’s being driven in towns and cities.

The smart ebike -- a pedelec (Pedal Electric Cycle) – is essentially a hybrid vehicle. The smart ebike, which was developed and assembled together with electric bike experts GRACE, is a worthwhile addition to the e-product portfolio of the smart brand.

It comes with an innovative design, making it a true smart on two wheels. This is the design that has earned a top industry award. At the red dot design awards, the smart ebike beat over 4,500 products from 58 countries to snatch the red dot ‘best of the best’ prize for best design quality.

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BMC Switzerland is releasing another exclusive impec bicycle, drawing inspiration from the successful impec Lamborghini Edition -- the Lamborghini 50th Anniversary Edition impec. A combination of high-end Italian components and a Swiss-made impec frame, the Lamborghini 50th Anniversary Edition impec features the same precision, detail, and style used in the Lamborghini Aventador.

This exclusive impec builds upon the similarities between race cars and race bikes -- shapes and colors, cutting-edge technology and high-performance handling characteristics. Other similarities include complete integration of engineering, research, and design. On the other hand, Lamborghini and BMC are known for breakthroughs in their fields even while skirting trends and conventions.

Both companies are also known for transforming novel concepts into functional designs as well as for always trying to think outside the box for solutions. Both companies have made carbon composite manufacturing as the core of their projects and their successes.

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By anyone's estimation, the "world's first bike designed and hand built by Formula one engineers" would be terribly expensive. In fact, the Factor 001 bicycle, which is built by engineers at BERU f1 systems in Norfolk, England, is priced from £22,000.

The Factor001 bicycle is a lightweight carbon monocoque frame that can be completely customized to the owner's physical measurements.

Since the bicycle does not have to comply with the many rules for competitive cycling, designers were able to create a machine that accelerates quickly with the highest level of stability.

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