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2018 BMW 1-Series Facelift revisions are so subtle you might not spot them

BMW has given the 2018 1-Series a facelift, and they have just released a ton of new photos and a couple of videos to show us what it’s got. Nevertheless, the people at BMW continue to remind us of the three- and five-door, rear-wheel-drive model from Bavaria that is available in three-, four-, and six-cylinder powertrains if the upgrades do not interest you. Now, going back to the all-new 1 Series, the Mini-like hatchback will have a front-wheel-drive setup this time.

The range-topping trim of the 1 Series will be getting a turbocharged 2.0 liter engine under its hood, where it can bring out 300 horsepower. This is quite a downgrade from the previous model year which has a turbocharged 3.0 liter inline-six, that produces 340 horsepower (250 kilowatts) and 500 Newton-metres (368 pound-feet) of torque like the M140i. Plus, the older model has a sweet-sounding soundtrack, while the facelifted model will be more silent.

The current 1 Series may start to show its age already based on how it physically looks; however, its engine still seems better than that of the facelifted model. A new M140i is on its way, though it might have a smaller engine that will be paired with the xDrive.

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BMW won’t offer the new 1-Series Sedan in Europe for fears of cutting into 3 Series Sedan sales

After a prototype version of the BMW 1 Series 120i sedan – sans any disguise – was spotted in Munich, Germany early this year, many interested and potential customers had their hopes up that the German premium carmaker would offer the front-wheel-drive 1 Series Sedan in Europe. But to their dismay, BMW doesn’t plan to immediately bring the 1 Series Sedan from China to Europe, according to Autocar, citing a source from the German luxury carmaker.

While the new 1 Series Sedan is part of the BMW’s offering, it is not being offered in Europe since this so-called baby Bimmer is an exclusive product targeting affluent customers in China. BMW officially introduced the 1 Series Sedan at the Guangzhou Auto Show in China, hoping to take advantage of a new generation of car buyers that might shy away from larger premium vehicles that are currently the trend in the country.

BMW has already made it clear that the BMW 1 Series Sedan will only be offered in China. Autocar’s BMW source said the carmaker won’t be rushing the introduction of the 1 Series sedan outside of China, even though rival saloon model from Audi (Audi A3 saloon) managed to achieve much success in the global stage. Likewise, BMW’s reluctance to launch the 1 Series Sedan in Europe bears quite a contrast to a recent confirmation from rival Mercedes-Benz that its A-Class line-up will feature a saloon model in 2018.

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BMW 1-Series Sedan seen in Germany, raises speculation of possible Europe launch

Needless to say, the new BMW 1-Series Sedan is part of the premium carmaker’s offering. However, it should be noted that the so-called baby Bimmer is not being offered in Europe as it is an exclusive product targeting affluent customers in China.

Just recently, a new BMW 1-Series Sedan was seen being driven on roads in Europe. In particular, a reader of BimmerToday was able to take a good glimpse at a BMW 1 Series 120i sedan – in a prototype version without any disguise – in Munich, Germany.

BMW officially launched the BMW 1 Series Sedan at the Guangzhou Auto Show in China, hoping to take advantage of the propensity of more people in the event who may want to buy any of the premium compact cars. While the demand in China is still mainly for larger premium vehicles, especially those with spacious interiors, a new generation of car buyers is on the rise.

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BMW hopes to draw in young Chinese customers with smallest-ever 1-Series sedan

BMW has officially launched its newest sedan at the Guangzhou Auto Show. The BMW 1-Series Sedan made exclusively for the Chinese market is the first compact sports variant under BMW. Since more and more people opt for the premium compact car segment not just in China but globally, BMW has explored a new product range to attract its targeted consumer group.

Jochen Goller, senior sales marketing for BMW, said that the smallest sedan is built for China’s “young generation”. Despite the small size however, the new BMW 1 Series’ build quality and performance has never been compromised.

Just like the BMW 2 Series, the 4-door variant’s main attraction goes to the LED dual headlights and double kidney grille. In other words, there is no shortage of BMW’s iconic styling cues with this one. Moreover, the compact sedan’s short overhangs and extended hood design make it a good competitor to other cars in its class. Some of which include Citroen DS5, Volvo S40, Mercedes Benz CLA-Class and Audi A3.

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The BMW 1-Series may not look like a vehicle that could dish out a dynamic performance. But now, the 1-series could, thanks to the tuning experts at AC Schnitzer.

To power up the BMW 1-series, AC Schnitzer took an engine that powers the 5-series and further tuned how the vehicle performs. The new core of the BMW 1-series was afforded with the "Diesel M-Technik" that is originally designed for the 5-series.

Now, the BMW 1-series has become the ACS1 5.0d. This engine develops up to 294 kW (400 hp) in output and 800 Nm of torque, allowing the ACS1 5.0d to accelerate from zero to 100 km/h in just 4.5 seconds and from 80 km/h to 180 km/h in 7.9 seconds.

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BMW has finally revealed the 1-Series Facelift, an updated version of its well-known hatchback that will attract new customers to the brand thanks to its new design. And speaking of new design, the 2015 BMW 1-Series Facelift arrives with redesigned headlights that now come as standard with LED daytime running lights (full-LED headlights are offered as an option for the first time), a newly designed BMW kidney grille as well as larger air intakes.

At the rear, there a new taillights featuring the well-known BMW “L” shape and LED technology, rear foglamp that also works using LED technology as well as a redesigned bumper.

According to BMW, the 1-Series will be available with a choice of three non-metallic and ten metallic exterior paint finishes, with Platinum Silver Metallic and Sparking Brown metallic included as new additions. The BMW M135i in conjunction with the M Sport equipment package is available with the Estoril Blue metallic.

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Vehicles such as the Mercedes-Benz CLA or the Audi A3 Sedan are quite popular and BMW knows this fact very well. As a result, the Bavarian carmaker is preparing a sedan version of it 1-Series, which will arrive in the United States in 2017. The new model will use the same front-wheel-drive architecture from the smaller MINI Cooper, which means it will be close to its competitors.

There are no details regarding an M version of the upcoming 1-Series sedan, but taking in consideration that Audi offers the S3 Sedan, while Mercedes-Benz sells the CLA 45 AMG, we believe that we will see a sporty version of the sedan.

Nothing is official yet, but we might see the same engine used by the MINI lineup and this means that the 1-Series sedan might receive the 1.5-liter three-cylinder petrol and diesel engines as well as the 2.0-liter turbocharged petrol engine found on the MINI Cooper S and delivering 189 bhp and 280 Nm of torque.

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Earlier today, we revealed you the M4 DTM Champion Edition but this is not the only special model introduced by BMW. The German carmaker also announced the 1-Series DTM Sport Edition, a replacement for the M Sport Pack for the 1-Series that will be available from November 2014.

According to BMW, the 1-Series DTM Sport Edition arrives as standard with the M Sport Pack, xenon headlights with washers, 18-inch alloy wheels, sports seats and an M steering wheel wrapped in leather. In addition, the exclusive interior trim includes high-gloss black and matt Oxide Silver accents.

The vehicle can be ordered with diesel or petrol engines, but he have to admit that the 3.0-liter straight six-cylinder petrol engine is the perfect choice.

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Toyota made quite a buzz with the GT 86 sports coupe but it appears that the manufacturer wants to push things even further. As a result, the Japanese carmaker is working on a new compact sports car which will be slotted below the Toyota GT 86. Codenamed 69DZ, the vehicle will make its debut in 2017 and according to Japan’s Best Car magazine its design will be similar to the current BMW 1-Series hatchback.

According to the same source, Toyota will choose the design inspired by the 1-Series in order to make sure that the vehicle will be popular in Europe. Now here is the interesting part: Best Car says that the vehicle might be developed in cooperation with BMW.

Toyota’s upcoming three-door hatchback will be powered by a 1.5-liter DOHC inline four-cylinder naturally aspirated petrol engine that will develop 130 hp at 6,500 rpm and 150 Nm of torque at 4,500 rpm. The engine is derived from the 2NR-FKE powerplant and it is co-developed by Yamaha.

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German tuning company TUNINGWERK GmbH is now offering an optimized BMW M135i. The BMW M135i is considered as an ideal vehicle to optimize, thanks to its performance-wise factory settings and turbo-charged straight-six-engine. To optimize the M135i, which is regarded as the top model of the recent BMW 1 series, TUNINGWERK started with the vehicle's factory-set software.

Then, the Bavarian tuning firm equipped the engine of the test car, locked to manual gear, with a dual mass flywheel that is around 2 kilograms lighter.  Customers could also opt for a single mass flywheel that is 4.5 kilograms and a reinforced clutch. Both of these options cannot be equipped on a BMW M135i locked in automatic gears.

The tuned BMW M135i is also equipped with a modified turbo charger and an enlarged intercooler. An additional water cooler is also fitted on the left in the engine compartment. TUNINGWERK also fitted a down pipe with 200-cells cat into the exhaust system.

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According to a company source it appears that Bmw plans to introduce an entry-level front-wheel-drive sedan. The new model will be slotted below the 3-Series sedan and ill arrive in 2017. The 1-Series sedan will take on the Audi A3 sedan and the Mercedes-Benz CLA and just like its rivals the new Bavarian sedan will be developed to support FWD and four-wheel-drive.

Dubbed NES (New Entry-level Sedan), the new car is part of a range of fwd models scheduled for the BMW lineup. Moreover, it will use company’s new UKL, for "entry-level," structure, same used by the 2014 MINI Cooper, which will be unveiled in November at the 2013 Los Angeles Auto Show.

According to the same source, the new entry-level sedan is integral to Bmw’s growth plan and it will be an important pillar in the future 1-Series lineup, especially in the United States and China.

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BMW is thinking about making a 1 Series sedan, likely to be the direct result of the recent launch of Audi’s A3 sedan and the availability of the CLA-Class from Mercedes-Benz. We learned from Auto Express that BMW expects to achieve gains in the Chinese market if it releases a traditional three-box version of the newest 1 Series.

Buyers in China and the U.S. prefer traditional sedans and are not as fond of hatchbacks. This means that BMW will be up to a challenge if it sells its 1 Series hatchback in China as an entry-level model. This is probably the reason for Audi’s move to make a sedan version of the new 2014 A3 for both China and the U.S. even if this model is offered as a hatchback in Europe. It is for this same reason that the Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class sedan was offered in China instead of the European A-Class hatchback.

When interviewed by Auto Express, BMW sales and marketing chief Ian Robertson said that BMW is “never shy” of entering new segments. He implied that if the proposal to build a BMW 1 Series sedan doesn’t get approved, an entry-level sedan under the Mini brand may be built instead. Notably, the same platform will be used by the next-generation Mini Cooper and future front-wheel drive BMWs just like the next 1 Series.

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BMW is bucking the old trends and is currently developing a FWD 1-series to offer to the market. It’s likely to be launched at the upcoming 2012 Paris Auto Show. BMW has made it clear that it won’t be introducing a regular 1-series form. Rather, BMW is developing a more practical, MPV-style vehicle that is even more convenient than the 1-series hatchback.

It will be similar to the Mercedes B-Class, with a ride height that’s slightly elevated to go along with the feel of the small crossover. When interviewed by Autoexpress, BMW board member Dr Klaus Draeger said that a front-wheel-drive BMW is a sure thing.

He said that BMW has plenty of experience and it knows how to tune the steering so there won’t be much torque steer. BMW could also make the car turn-in sharply to corners.

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Everything seems to work with the speed of light at Bmw: after we found out that the Bavarians are working on the 4-Series Gran Coupe, we also announced today that the manufacturer is planning a 1-Series sedan a.k.a. a spiritual successor to the E30 3-series sedan. This new model will be very important for Bmw as the company wants to reach sales of 2 million cars a year by 2020.

Moreover, the car will become one of the firm’s best sellers in North America and China. The new car will take on cars such as the new Audi A3 but also on the new Vw Jetta. Set to hit the market in 2015, the new Bmw will be priced below the current 3-Series.

Until this model arrives, Bmw has yet to launch the 2-Series Coupe and Convertible, codenamed F22 and F23 respectively – which will arrive in 2014. Apparently, a decision to introduce the 1-Series sedan is that the 3-Series sedan has grown by 269mm in length, 210mm in width and 49mm in height since 1975.

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The Bmw 335is will no longer be the single awesome car in the Bmw lineup as the Bavarian manufacturer revealed the 2013 135is Coupe and Convertible. Set to arrive in showrooms this fall, the 135is Coupe will be priced at $44,145, while the 135is Convertible will cost 48,845 (including $895 destination and handling).

Both models are powered by the same engine, the TwinPower Turbo 3.0-liter inline-6 engine (N55) featuring Valvetronic throttle-less intake technology delivering 320 hp (+20 hp increase) and 317 lb-ft of torque (+17 lb.ft). The models maintain the same emissions level and MPG ratings of the 135i. The 1359 models will be offered as standard with a 6-Speed manual transmission or an optional 7-Speed Double Clutch Transmission.

Moreover, the models are fitted with a Performance exhaust system, while the engine cooling system has been upgraded in order to match the additional performance output by adding a larger, and more powerful radiator fan and an auxiliary radiator. Furthermore, the vehicles feature a sport suspension incorporating an aluminum double-pivot front suspension and a five-link fully independent rear suspension in lightweight steel.

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Bmw introduced the second body variant of the 1-Series, the three-door version. The new vehicle offers the same looks as the five-door hatchbacks but comes with wide doors with frameless windows, side window graphics that flow seamlessly into the B pillar and strongly retracted side window graphics.

Moreover, we find side panels with particularly distinctive accentuation of the rear wheel arches and new side sills line that extends to the front. For those interested, Bmw 1-Series three-door will be available with three equipment packages: Sport Line, Urban Line and M Sport Package.

Under the hood, we find plenty of engines, so that customers will be able to choose the model that fits their needs. The Bmw 114i comes with a 1.6-liter engine delivering 102 hp and 180 Nm of torque, enough to push the car from 0 to 100 km/h in 11.2 seconds and to a top speed of 195 km/h (121 mph). This model will offer a fuel consumption of 5.5 liters/100 km.

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Bmw also unveiled today the M135i, a sporty version of the 1-Series three-door version powered by a 3.0-liter straight six-cylinder petrol engine. As expected, the engine is fitted M Performance TwinPower Turbo technology and delivers 235 kW/320 hp and 450 Nm of torque. Furthermore, M135i is capable to hit 100 km/h (62 mph) 5.1 seconds (automatic: 4.9 seconds) and has a top speed of 250 km/h (155 mph).

Average fuel consumption in the EU test cycle is 8.0 litres (7.5 litres)/100 km while the CO2 emissions level is 188 grams (175 grams) per kilometre. The engine uses a six-speed manual transmission with dry sump lubrication, while an eight-speed automatic sports transmission with gearshift paddles integrated in the steering wheel is available as an option.

Regarding its looks, the M135i comes with an with an M front bumper with large air intakes with horizontal struts in Ferric Grey metallic in order to keep the engine cool, and a rear apron with integrated air diffuser finished in Dark Shadow metallic featuring dual exhaust pipes. Moreover, the design is completed by the exterior mirror caps in Ferric Grey, specially contoured side skirts and 18-inch M light alloy double-spoke wheels.

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The BMW Concept M135i effectively combines the dynamic and sporty design of the new BMW 1 Series and the power of a BMW M Performance automobile.  The BMW Concept M135i features a body design that carries the sporty looks of the new BMW 1 Series to a three-door compact model, and the unique litheness that could only be experienced with a BMW M Performance automobile. 

Yes, BMW aims to bring the characteristics of BMW M Performance automobiles into another vehicle segment by merging them with the sporty looks of compact three-door car. The BMW Concept M135i is the result of decades of expertise and experience gained by the BMW M division from motor racing. 

The concept underlines the ability of the BMW M division to achieve supreme performance by combining powerful engines, the painstakingly modified suspension technology, and wonderful aerodynamic characteristics.This amalgamation results in the BMW M Performance automobiles having increased agility, controllable handling qualities and an emotional design.

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The athleticism of the BMW 1 Series Coupé and the BMW 1 Series Convertible is further enhanced with the Edition Sport. Aside from the M Sports chassis, the equipments used for the interior and exterior aid in making the driving experience much more intense.

Vehicles that have the M aerodynamic package are given further emphasis visually with an exclusive Carbon Black metallic paint finish as well as a set of 17 and 18-inch M light alloy wheels in double spoke design. Its unique look is supported by window cavity covers in BMW Individual high-gloss Shadow Line (or alternatively Chrome Line Exterior).

In addition, its exterior mirrors get a black finish. A hint of sportiness comes from the longitudinal kidney grille bars in high-gloss black, rear lights in Blackline Design and chrome exhaust covers. As proof this limited edition’s exclusivity, the vehicle is fitted with the M leather steering wheel (includes multifunction), stainless steel pedals and the M footrest in aluminum, as well as sports seats.

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Do you want a more stylish BMW 1 Series Coupé or Convertible? Then the Edition Exclusive may be just the car for you. Its look is improved with the use of window cavity covers and side frame strips in Chrome Line. You may also ask for the optional BMW Individual high-gloss Shadow Line. It comes with a set of light alloy wheels in 16, 17 and 18-inch format (depending on engine type).

Choices include the exclusive body finish in Mineral Grey metallic or any of the five standard finishes. To add color, the exterior mirrors are available in Oxide Silver matt finish. Its body features include exhaust covers and longitudinal kidney grille bars in chrome (for all engine types). The Edition Exclusive’s interior uses Boston leather trim. Its seats could have either a Pearl Grey finish with grey contrast stitching or a black with white contrast stitching.

It has a refined feel that is supported by door sill cover strips that use BMW Edition lettering, interior strips in aluminum accentuation polish or in the optional fine wood finish Fineline Anthracite.

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