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Rumor: Bmw 3-Series GT Concept coming to Frankfurt

There are lots of talks going around about a new BMW 3 Series GT Concept that will be introduced later this year at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Because of the falling demand for cars worldwide carmakers are trying to discover new and creative ways of attracting buyers. Creating cars that fill the gap in the car markets is the strategy of choice of BMW.

So, it's really not a bombshell if BMW would be seeking to add another model to its 3 Series range. The 3 Series is BMW's best global seller. When it was introduced in 1970 it actually doubled BMW sales around the planet. The carmaker will also be paying close attention to the introduction of its 5-Series GT, hoping that it will receive as much positive response from customers as the X5 did a decade ago. Just as the X5 produced a new range of cars for BMW, the 5er GT may well lead to a 3 and 1-Series GT.

The X5 was intended for older buyers who wanted a car that was not too sporty, but disliked the ride height of the X6 also. Now, there are conjectures being presented that the 3er GT aims at those who want the performance of the most popular car of BMW, the adaptability of a hatch and the lower ride height than an X3.

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