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Germany agency finds BMW 320d to be compliant of emissions rules

After going through a number of tests in Germany, the BMW 320d was deemed to be fully compliant will all legal requirements by the German Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA). The extensive test-bench and road tests were a result of accusations back in December 2017 from environmental lobby group Deutsche Umwelthilfe (Environmental Action Germany).

Klaus Frohlich, BMW board member said that their vehicles are not manipulated and comply with the country’s legal requirements. He then says that the public and the policymakers should rely on the fact that their diesel engines are clean. But he also emphasized that its customers as well as their employees can also rely on this guarantee.

Furthermore, after going through tests, the KBA did not find that BMW was involved in any illegal activities or technical provisions of any kind that influenced the test results for recording emissions. In other words, the BMW 320d had no defeat device installed to it. In fact, the KBA’s tests were pretty much the same as what other authorities worldwide have proven repeatedly after several tests.

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Investment analyst foresees Tesla Model 3 market domination over BMW 3 Series

Social Capital CEO Chamath Palihapitiya has presumed the entire (BMW 3 Series) business will “go to zero” judging by the number of pre-orders made for Tesla Model 3. Appearing on CNBC’s Fast Money Half Time Report, Palihapitiya claims that orders for the 3 Series are already being hit significantly by Tesla’s more affordable EV, adding that people do not know anything about the level of demand surrounding the popular Tesla Model. Adam Jones of Morgan Stanley has opposed the claim, citing both political and international contexts to the businesses.

Palihapitiya is a former member of Facebook’s senior executive team and has just attended the 2017 Delivering Alpha conference in New York last September 12. Earlier this week, the investment analyst pointed out there is not one person in his right mind who would choose BMW 3 Series over Tesla.

Despite this, BMW i3 has received a makeover in the hopes of competing with Tesla’s long ranging, lower priced sedan. The revamped i3 will be featuring a host of optional driver assistance technologies including adaptive cruise control though we know it won’t make the range any better. Like before, the i3 can only run up to 160 kilometers per charge plus it comes with an extended range of about 290 km. In contrast, the Tesla Model 3 boasts a range that goes somewhere between 350km and 500km.

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BMW won’t offer the new 1-Series Sedan in Europe for fears of cutting into 3 Series Sedan sales

After a prototype version of the BMW 1 Series 120i sedan – sans any disguise – was spotted in Munich, Germany early this year, many interested and potential customers had their hopes up that the German premium carmaker would offer the front-wheel-drive 1 Series Sedan in Europe. But to their dismay, BMW doesn’t plan to immediately bring the 1 Series Sedan from China to Europe, according to Autocar, citing a source from the German luxury carmaker.

While the new 1 Series Sedan is part of the BMW’s offering, it is not being offered in Europe since this so-called baby Bimmer is an exclusive product targeting affluent customers in China. BMW officially introduced the 1 Series Sedan at the Guangzhou Auto Show in China, hoping to take advantage of a new generation of car buyers that might shy away from larger premium vehicles that are currently the trend in the country.

BMW has already made it clear that the BMW 1 Series Sedan will only be offered in China. Autocar’s BMW source said the carmaker won’t be rushing the introduction of the 1 Series sedan outside of China, even though rival saloon model from Audi (Audi A3 saloon) managed to achieve much success in the global stage. Likewise, BMW’s reluctance to launch the 1 Series Sedan in Europe bears quite a contrast to a recent confirmation from rival Mercedes-Benz that its A-Class line-up will feature a saloon model in 2018.

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Talk of the town: BMW may soon phase out the 3 Series GT

There have been rumours going around about the BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo. At the moment, it does look like we won’t be seeing its next gen model in the coming years. Oh yes, we find it hard to believe too as BMW had come up with a revamped, all-new 3 Series G20 last June. But according to some reports, the GT is about to be phased out after the newest model goes out on sale.

This is probably because of the 4-Series Gran Coupe, which offers the same space and practicality altogether. Besides, if you have to put these two side by side, the 3 Series GT would turn out to be the less popular choice even if both practically look the same.

But then when it comes to the replacement of the current F30 model (or the G20), we probably have to wait until 2018 to see what the Bavarian marque has to offer. The new 4-Series Coupe’s debut meanwhile will likely soon follow after the 3-Series is launched.

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When driving on the road, you might want to watch out for a red BMW 3-Series Coupe (E92). This BMW might transform itself into a true robot, just like those featured in the 2D and 3D animated franchise Transformers. But wait, isn’t Transformers a science fiction film? However, a red BMW 3-Series Coupe (E92) that could transform into a big robot isn’t fiction. It is a real thing; it is science – made to come true by Ankara, Turkey-based start-up r&d company Letvision.

This red BMW 3-Series Coupe (E92) robot is named Antimon, the first and the leader of a group of robot-transforming cars called Letrons. Antimon the Letron is being displayed at the Big Boys Toys the Luxury, Innovations and Technology Expo that is being held at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (ADNEC) (November 23 to 26, 2016.

Powered by gear motor that provides 400 Nm of torque, Antimon is currently the center of attention at the Big Boys Toys Expo is Abu Dhabi, mesmerizing men – as well as boys – with its ability to transform from a car to a 15-foot robot and back to a car. A one-way transformation takes around 30 seconds, which is way slower from the sci-fi Autobots of the Transformers franchise – but at least, it transforms.

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As a driver reaches 115 miles per hour (around 185 kilometers per hour), he or she is already moving at high speeds. However, this speed pales in comparison to how fast a high-powered car could really get. Some cars could even go beyond 250 mph like the Hennessey Venom GT (270 mph) and the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport (268 mph).

But when you do a two-wheeled side wheelie at 115 mph, that’s another story. It is a crazy stunt considering such speeds. But recently Finnish stunt driver just managed to do it as he set a new Guinness World Record for the fastest two-wheeled side wheelie.

Vesa Kivimaki, with the support of Finnish winter tire specialist Nokian, managed to reach a top speed of 115.742 mph (186.269 km/h) with his BMW 335i Coupe, thereby setting a new Guinness World Record for the fastest two-wheeled side wheelie. The record attempt required a run – each way -- over a 100-meter (328 feet) road. Take note that this had to be completed within an hour. Although the record-breaking attempt was conducted at the end of August, Guinness World Record recently made it official.

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One of BMW’s most celebrated vehicles is the BMW 3 Series, a compact executive car that has been in the market since 1975. There have been six generations of the said vehicle, all of which come with a unique quality and charm. Now, another generation of the 3 Series is in the making that will take on challengers like Audi, Jaguar, Mercedes and even the leading automaker in electric vehicle development, Tesla. What does BMW have in store for us? Let’s take a sneak peak.

As far as what has been made known, the next generation 3 series will come with three, four and six-cylinder engines that will compete with the Audi A4 and Jaguar XE in terms of CO2 emissions. There are also plans to make a plug-in hybrid version and an all-electric version which will take on the Tesla Model 3. This next generation 3 Series will be codenamed G20 and will follow the current trend in using carbon fiber construction technology.

To further reduce weight, the G20 3 Series will adapt a new platform called the Cluster Architecture technology (CLAR) which was used in the 7 Series and will soon be used on the X7. It will make use of a combination of carbon viber and different kinds of metals.

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The BMW 3 Series is adding a new groundbreaking variant to its line-up with the launch of the BMW 330e iPerformance. Equipped with the latest plug-in hybrid drive system, the 330e iPerformance will mark the first time for these BMW i technologies to be part of a premium model. Even with the use of traditional combustion engines, the BMW 3 Series Sedan had long set the benchmarks in its class when it comes to performance and fuel economy.

There are a number of factors that contribute to this, including the wide-ranging use of its BMW EfficientDynamics technology, built-in as a standard. It also has outstanding aerodynamics for a vehicle in its segment and it uses a lightweight design.

The BMW 330e iPerformance is priced starting at $44,695, which includes Destination and Handling. It will be available at authorized dealers by the summer of 2016. Inside the 330e iPerformance, the combustion engine is one that is based on the brand’s four-cylinder gas unit but has the BMW TwinPower Turbo technology.

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The 2015 Los Angeles Auto Show becomes the first event ever to showcase three new vehicles from BMW in North America. On November 18, attendees to the said event will have an exclusive first peek at the new eDrive BMW 330e, BMW M4 GTS, BMW X1 and the BMW 7 Series.

They will be joined by the BMW 7 Series (G11/G12), the eDrive BMW X5 xDrive40e, the new BMW 3 Series, the high-performance eDrive BMW i8, and the all-electric BMW i3.

The BMW 330e is a hybrid machine that makes use of both an electric motor and a BMW TwinPower Turbo 4-cylinder engine to power the car’s propulsion. The use of these two components results to a power rating of 248 bHP, which also produces a 310 lb-ft. of torque.

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BMW has reached a new milestone in its already wildly successful vehicle production history. Around forty years since BMW unveiled the 3 Series at the IAA Cars Show, the German carmaker marked the roll-off of the 10th million unit of the 3 Series Sedan from the assembly line at its Munich plant.

The model -- a BMW 320d in Imperial Blue -- was received by its owner at BMW Welt. Vehicle handover has been one of the main functions of BMW Welt, which since 2007 has been the ideal place where customers could fully enjoy the last stage of the new vehicle purchasing process.

Thus, it is only appropriate that it was in BMW Welt that the automaker marked this very significant milestone in its history. Receiving the 10-millionth BMW 3 Series Sedan was Xaver Bittl of Eichstätt on the Premier stage at BMW Welt.

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To achieve sheer driving pleasure, drivers need not go the conventional way. They could instead tread on another path that offers the same driving dynamics but presents less impact on the environment and on the fuel budget. That is the philosophy behind BMW’s unveiling of the latest member of its 3 Series, the new BMW 330e.

Electric power is stored in a high-voltage lithium-ion battery placed underneath the boot. This battery features a very efficient refrigerant cooling, including an integrated low-temperature circuit. With a total capacity of 7.6 kWh, the battery could allow an all-electric driving of up to 40 kilometers (25 miles), which means the BMW 330e is ideal for those living in urban areas.

When the juice runs out, 330e owners could recharge its battery through a conventional power socket (three hours and 15 minutes of charging) or via a BMW i Wallbox (two hours and 15 minutes). Amazingly, the load compartment floor of the BMW 330e remains flat thanks to the neat integration of the battery in the compartment under the boot.

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BMW has newly introduced the 320d ED Sport, an even sportier version of the ED Plus model (one of the EfficientDynamic models of the 3 Series). The ED Sport offers the top-of-the-class fuel efficiency of the 320d ED engine as well as has the sporting design features of Sport trim.

This new model is equipped with the new 2.0-litre engine and comes with either a six-speed manual or the best-in-its-class eight-speed automatic. That is how this new model is able to offer a performance that’s effortless and to boast improved fuel economy and lower emissions.

Because of the wide range of EfficientDynamics technologies, the new BMW 320d ED Sport boasts CO2 emissions of only 104g/km. The manual version has only 108g/km of CO2 emissions. It offers a combined fuel consumption of 70.6mpg, earning it the title of the most frugal and cleanest sports model in the 3 Series lineup.

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BMW has unveiled the facelifted 3 Series that will go on sale next month. The BMW 3 Series will be available with a lineup of new engines, modified chassis settings, and reduced CO2 emissions. The 3 Series will be built on the same platform used on the current model.

However, BMW engineers said that agility is improved since they’ve made revisions on the car’s three chassis set-ups (standard, M Sport, and adaptive) by retuning dampers and adding stiffer suspensions. The automaker also reprogrammed the electric power steering system.

The 3 Series appears wider and lower but the styling changes are subtle. It features new front and rear bumpers, with horizontal elements that are longer, and its headlights were revised to now include two levels of LED-based lights that place the indicator elements at the top of the lens.

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German tuner Hamann surely knows what products to offer. Typically, Hamann would have been seen offering kits for BMW’s more expensive models, and the company still does. What may come as a shock to many is that Hamann is also looking to offer kits to less expensive and also less known BMW products like the F31 3 Series Touring.

The kit, while decent looking, definitely changes the vehicle’s appearance not only on the front but also on the rear. It may be surprising to see Hamann offer such a kit on such a model, but the fact is that not all people are driving sedans, and quite a number of drivers are into wagons.

In terms of practicality, wagons, touring and estates definitely have the edge against sedans, but may not be the sole reason why some people love Touring models. For these wagon-lovers, these vehicles look much better than the other types.

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With extraordinary adaptability, integration possibilities with a broad range of vehicle concepts, the rapid deployment of this plug-in hybrid drive technology to the BMW model range is a viable and credible proposition.

The plug-in hybrid prototype for the BMW 3 Series gives us a first glimpse into the super-efficient drive pleasure that the best-selling premium sedan in the world can offer.

Integrating a four-cylinder TwinPower Turbo petrol engine from the family of new Efficient Dynamics engines with an electric motor, the BMW 3 Series plug-in hybrid prototype provides sporty performance standards equal to a traditionally powered BMW 3 Series 6-cylinder, mixed with a considerable reduction in fuel use. Its plug-in hybrid drive system produces approximately a combined 245 hp and combined maximum torque of about 400 Nm (295 lb-ft).

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BMW announced that it will offer a 3-Series Sedan M Performance Edition in South Africa. According to the official press release, 500 limited units will be produce, each available in exclusive Laguna Seca Blue and Valencia Orange metallic paint colours. BMW says that the 3-Series Sedan M Performance Edition will be produced at its Plant Rosslyn in Pretoria and will be available in the 320i, 320d, 328i, 330d and 335i engine derivates.

The 3-Series Sedan M Performance Edition will be offered as standard with the BMW M Sport Package, 19-inch M Sport wheels, M Sport brakes but also a range of M Performance parts consisting of an M Performance aerodynamic package, M Performance side sill with foil, M Performance carbon rear spoiler, M Performance carbon wing mirror caps and black M Performance front grille.

In addition, BMW will offer optional and segment exclusive 20-inch BMW M Performance light alloy wheel Double-spoke, M Performance top stripes, M Performance exhaust system (available only for the 328i and 335i derivates), exclusive Laguna Seca Blue and Valencia Orange metallic paint colours.

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Starting November 2013, BMW’s X5 will receive new engines while its 4 Series Coupe and 3 Series Touring will get a new trim and the carmaker’s xDrive all-wheel-drive system. The X5 range will feature three new engines. The sDrive25d, particularly, will be powered by a 215bhp twin-turbocharged four-cylinder diesel. It is the first X5 to feature a four-cylinder engine and to be offered in rear-wheel drive only.

The X5 xDrive35i now comes with a 302bhp six-cylinder petrol engine while xDrive40d now features a 309bhp six-cylinder diesel engine. The third-generation BMW X5, which will be available this December, will feature more optional extras with the Driving Assistant Plus system that now includes the Traffic Jam Assistant function. Also coming as an option is the latest generation of the BMW Parking Assistant.

The 4 Series Coupe and the 3 Series Touring will feature a new trim level dubbed as BMW Modern Line, in addition to the Sport and Luxury Line packages. BMW Modern Line features exclusive bespoke light-alloy wheels and aluminum satinated design elements. It also features an Oyster color shade for the seats and roof liner, a sports steering wheel and variable-color ambient lighting.

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The new Alpina D3 Bi-Turbo saloon and estate was introduced at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The BMW 3-series-based D3 Bi-Turbo is powered by the same twin-turbo 3.0-litre straight-six diesel engine used by the XD3 and D5 models. This engine can deliver 345bhp and 516lb ft. This marks the first time for Alpina to install a six-cylinder diesel engine on the D3.

A four-cylinder engine powered the new D3’s predecessor in 2005. This remains the top-selling model throughout Alpina’s history. A total of over 2000 units were sold. The engine, which is EU6-compliant, offers a combined economy of 53.3mpg and can emit 139g/km of CO2. The vehicle can sprint from zero to 62mph in 4.6sec and can reach a top speed of 173mph.

As a result, the new diesel saloon can outpace the BMW M135i, which can accelerate from zero to 62mph in 4.9sec and has a limited top speed of 155mph. The D3 Bi-Turbo is offered in both saloon and estate (Touring) bodystyles. Meanwhile, right-hand drive models are offered with standard rear-wheel drive. All-wheel drive is offered as an option for left-hand drive vehicles.

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Sources confirmed the fact that Hyundai is finally developing an answer to the German compact sports sedans, such as the Bmw 3-Series, Mercedes-Benz C-Class or the Audi A4. Set to arrive somewhere in 2016, the new Hyundai rear-wheel-drive sedan, dubbed the RK, will be a little bit larger than the Bmw 3-Series, according to Automotive News and its design cues and characteristics will be borrowed from the Genesis Coupe.

Moreover, the new car will be inspired by the HCD-14 Concept, unveiled back in January at the 2013 Detroit Auto Show, which means that we should prepare to see a dramatic fastback roofline, short front and rear overhangs, as well as bold front end.

Under the hood, we will find a turbocharged four-cylinder engine, such as the 2.0-liter used by the Genesis Coupe, but the bigger 3.3-liter V6 used by the Agera could also make its way in the new sedan.

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Vorsteiner released the first details and photos of their upcoming tuning program developed for the Bmw 3-Series Sedan (F30). As you can see from the photos, the car comes with a carbon fiber front lip spoiler, a carbon fiber trunk lip spoiler and a new rear air diffuser with integrated exhaust system made from the same carbon fiber.

The design is completed by the 19- or 20-inch Flow Forged alloy wheels. There are no details regarding engine tweaks but we do admit that the 3.0-liter six-in-line engine found on the 335i can be the perfect choice, as it has to be powerful enough to sustain the design.

For those who don’t know, the 3.0-liter engine delivers 306 hp and 400 Nm of torque (295 lb-ft) at just 1,200 rpm, enough to push the car from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) in 5.5 seconds and to a top speed electronically limited at 155 mph or 250 km/h.

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