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BMW “Newfangled Idea” Super Bowl ad launched [w/video]

BMW launched its 60-second commercial bound for the Super Bowl on NBC’s “Today” show, featuring the BMW i3 electric hatchback as a thing-of-the-future. The ad, “Newfangled Idea,” features “Today” anchors Bryant Gumbel and Katie Couric back in 1994, both confused about the Internet and e-mail.

Then the duo jumps to 2015, now baffled about the electric i3 as the EV is also a thing of the future. Trudy Hardy, vice president of marketing for BMW of North America, explained the concept behind the ad, saying that just like how people had not grasped what the Internet was in 1994, the customers of today have yet to fully understand electric mobility.

BMW has already posted the ad on social media, including on the Twitter account of “Today,” which boasts of more than 2 million followers. Couric has on “Today” that she recently bought an Audi.

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