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BMW Concept M4 GTS introduced at Pebble Beach

The high-performance BMW Concept M4 GTS has recently been introduced. It was a year ago that the BMW M Division launched the BMW M4 Coupe. This initial preview demonstrates the roots of BMW M Division as it performs outstandingly either on the road or on the race track. Founded in 1972, this BMW offshoot was first known as BMW Motorsport GmbH.

It attracted a ton of attention because of its legendary BMW M1 racing car and also when it built the first turbocharged engine to be named the Formula One World Champion. It is also credited for creating the Group A BMW M3, which has been recognized for so long as the most successful racing touring car in the world.

The new BMW Concept M4 GTS comes after a line of BMW M3 special models that include the BMW M3 Evolution (1988), BMW M3 Sport Evolution (1990), BMW M3 GT (1995), BMW M3 CSL (2003), BMW M3 GTS (2010) and BMW M3 CRT (2011). These models offer unparalleled performance combined with a driving experience that’s breath-taking and highly exclusive.

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