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Bridgestone hopes to release air free bike tire by 2019

Bridgestone Corporation formally announced that it will be developing the next-generation bicycle tire with the goal of finally showing a practical application of the company’s “Air Free Concept.” With this particular technology, the tires will no longer need air in order to be inflated.

The company will be partnering with Bridgestone Cycle Co., Ltd., and together will conduct feasibility studies under the expectation of introducing this new tire in the market by 2019.

The “Air Free Concept” utilizes a distinct structure for the spokes and stretches it on the tires’ inner sides. As a result, the weight can be supported by the tires without any need to inflate them with air. Further, the use of resins for the spokes and using rubbers for the other components meant that resources are used more efficiently. This is because both the rubber and the resin are materials that can be recycled.

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Ferrari taps Michelin Pilot Super Sport tyres for F12berlinetta

Ferrari has chosen the Michelin Pilot Super Sport as its standard tyre for its brand new F12berlinetta, touted as the most powerful Ferrari ever with max power of 740bhp. The Italian manufacturer has chosen Michelin as one of its original equipment suppliers for the new F12berlinetta. Michelin specially designed the Pilot Super Sport tyres to cope with the power of the new F12berlinetta. 

Ferrari and Michelin had a successful partnership over the development of tyres for the 599 GTO and the FF. The latest partnership with Ferrari highlights Michelin’s years of success in the world’s most excruciating endurance races, including the 24 Hours of Le Mans, wherein the tyre maker has posted 14 victories in a row. Michelin’s excellent quality has been attributed to the company’s willingness to transfer its tyre technologies from the race tracks to the roads. The same is true for the Michelin tyres fitted in the F12berlinetta.

Using its acclaimed tyre technologies developed at Research and Development Center, Michelin has designed tyres capable of handling the power and torque of the 740bhp 6,262cc V12 engine that powers the F12berlinetta. Some of the technologies that Michelin used on the Pilot Super Sport tyres are Twaron Belt, Variable Contact Patch 2.02 and Tri-Compound and Bi-compound Tread. 

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Bridgestone unveils colored tires

Bridgestone will be bringing in a major change in the tire industry with its future lineup of bright and colorful, lightweight and fuel-efficient tires. Last month, Bridgestone had revealed that it was developing a tire printing technology that leads to new stylistic possibilities.

In the past, white-wall tires and white lettering were commonly seen in cars with cranks but these are rare now. Bridgestone hoped to change this by searching for a way to have bright designs to be printed on the tires’ sidewall. This would have to be very durable, lighter, and hence, more fuel-efficient. It also shouldn’t discolor.

Tires that are multi-colored will further encourage vehicle personalization. They also offer a unique venue where companies could do advertising. Instead of shopping for tires because it’s necessary, customers would then be buying tires because it’s fun.

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Bridgestone unveils airless tire concept

Bridgestone developed an airless concept tire that is a practical and greener alternative to conventional tires. In accordance with its Environmental Mission Statement to contribute to a more sustainable society, Bridgestone is working on projects such as the non-pneumatic tire that will help nurture a healthier environment for the present and future generations. Compared to the conventional tires, non-pneumatic tires have less impact on the environment but in the past, these concept tires were not viable to produce for the mass market.

Bridgestone built this technology with the goal of being implemented. The tires have a unique structure of spokes extending along the inner sides of the tires to support the vehicle’s weight. This means that it won’t be necessary to periodically refill the tires with air. As a result, less maintenance is required. Drivers would never have to worry about punctures ever again.

It also helps that the spoke structure within the tire is built from reusable thermoplastic resin*1. This material as well as the rubber in the tread portion is 100% recyclable. This ensures that the tires establish a new standard when it comes to safety, environmental friendliness, and comfort.

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