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Cadillac launches redesigned, more powerful 2016 CT6 prestige sedan

The world premiere of the Cadillac 2016 CT6 took place recently with much fanfare. Situated at the top of its range, the CT6 prestige sedan features a surprising range of new technologies, agility, efficiency, and dynamic performance that have never been seen before in large luxury vehicles. As soon as the driver enters the Cadillac CT6, he or she immediately notices the higher involvement level.

The car features technologies that make the drivers have higher awareness of their surroundings. For instance, it has chassis systems (which include active technologies) that offer impressive control in all types of conditions. The driver will also surely become awed by its powertrains, specifically the new Cadillac Twin Turbo engine that offers incredible power on demand.

Passengers of the CT6 are treated to an amazing array of connectivity options as well as those for comfort and luxury. In terms of automotive body structures, the CT6 is unmatched when compared to the best luxury performance sedans in the world. It uses the most advanced aluminum-intensive architecture that makes use of 11 materials to attain excellent levels of efficiency, strength and performance.

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Cadillac offers Bose Panaray system on new 2016 CT6 sedan

Cadillac will offer its new flagship sedan – the CT6 rear-wheel-drive sedan – with the Bose Panaray system. Cadillac designed this new sound system exclusively for its new model, marking the debut of the latest line of Bose Automotive’s Advanced Technology Series sound systems. This system utilizes the technologies and design elements that are seen in Bose’s home entertainment and professional audio products.

The CT6 cabin will have 34 speakers, with nearly all of them having diameters of less than four inches. Last month in Detroit, General Motors CEO Mary Barra pointed out that this Bose system is a product of the joint development of innovations by the company and its supplier. Barra said that Cadillac has worked with Bose so that the technology can be integrated into the floor.

This system doesn’t need several stand-alone high-fi elements so it’s able to provide “great acoustics and greater efficiency.” In addition, the Bose system features articulated arrays, which are several small speakers positioned in alternating directions. Listeners will appreciate that its setup offers sound at a wider angle, resulting to a sound stage that’s more consistent and broader.

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