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Carlsson gives the Mercedes-AMG C63 S sedan a motorsport flavor

Carlsson has once again been making the rounds in the automotive world as we can see from its latest iterations for an A-Class and an S Class Convertible. And now, here’s another one from Carlsson -- A Mercedes AMG C63 S has just received a whopping 625 PS and new aero treatment package.

It does look like Carlsson has finally moved on and is now up for something spectacular. Only last year, the German auto tuning company had met its lowest point riding under the wheel of Zhongsheng Group Holdings Ltd. Thankfully, its new owners, Sambo Motors Co. Ltd. came to the rescue and they successfully saved Carlsson from bankruptcy.

Carlsson’s aero kit comes with augmented air intake, diffuser, rear apron, spoiler lip, side skirts, aero flaps and black-chromed tailpipes. It only makes sense to have all these on a Mercedes-AMG C63 S. After all, the auto tuner’s creations have always been centred on cars with superb performance.

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Carlsson presents minty-green Diospyros version of Mercedes-Benz S 500 Convertible

How would a Mercedes-Benz S-Class Cabriolet look like once German tuner Carlsson does its work over this premium car? Well, the people at Carlsson got a Mercedes S 500 Convertible and gave it a number of modifications that it referred to as the Diospyros package.

One of the most glaring revisions made on the Mercedes-Benz S-Class Cabriolet is the exterior color wrapping its metal sheet. Diospyros is wrapped in a light mint green color that Carlsson has dubbed as "Carlsson Heritage Green." This modern mono-color paint, which was developed by Carlsson in collaboration with Standox color specialists, produces a golden shimmer when it is exposed to sunlight.

This Carlsson Heritage Green is accentuated by a piano lacquer finish in multiple parts like the car’s grille and bars. Another visual revision made on the Diospyros could be seen on the front end of the car – a diamond grille with Carlsson’s stallion logo.

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Carlsson upgrades the 2015 Mercedes-Benz C-Class Saloon (W205)

Carlsson decided that the all-new 2015 Mercedes-Benz C-Class Saloon (W205) needs some styling upgrades. As a result, the well-known tuning company specialized in Mercedes-Benz vehicles unveiled its first styling programme for the 2015 C-Class.

The new tuning programme includes a new front bumper with large, stylish air intakes, a redesigned front grille wearing the Carlsson logo, as well as an RS front spoiler lip which can also be available in carbon fiber. Moreover, Carlsson installed a new set of side sills.

At the rear end, we find a two-piece RS rear apron with diffuser insert that can be painted two-tone on request, revised chrome tailpipe surrounds integrated into the rear valance and a new bootlid spoiler. According to Carlsson, all components are manufactured from PU-RIM to OE standards of quality and fit.

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Carlsson unveils new tuning program for 2014 Mercedes-Benz GLK-Class

Carlsson has introduced a tuning program for the elegant Mercedes-Benz GLK-Class (X204) compact sports utility vehicle at the 2013 Essen Motor Show. The tuned GLK features OE quality PU-RIM aerodynamic components as well as a chrome Carlsson radiator grille that surrounds a strong horizontal dividing bar and has the distinctive Carlsson logo at its center.

The new front bumper is complemented by a RS lip spoiler, Carlsson’s trademark three-piece stainless steel mesh grille inserts that make the vehicle look sportier and more elegant.

The chrome-plated inserts for the LED daytime running lights, located at the top of each side air intake, seem like the ‘jewelry’ of this new frontal design. The tuned GLK’s rear valance features a chrome-plated diffuser, complemented by chromed outlets of the quad pipe sports exhaust system. The stainless steel exhaust lowers backpressure, allowing the SUV to churn out a few more horsepower.

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Tuning company Carlsson has unveiled its tuning program for the new Mercedes-Benz S-Class at the Frankfurt Motor Show. This new tuning program boasts of taking the new S-Class – already considered as the pinnacle of luxury motoring – into new heights by implementing modifications like the installation of aerodynamic components, light-alloy wheels and bespoke interior trim.

This is well in line with Carlsson’s "Go your own way" company motto. The modified S-Class boasts of an aerodynamic styling kit that features a new front apron with larger air intakes that complement the new, more three-dimensional Mercedes grille.

Providing the Mercedes flagship limousine with a lower and more assertive look is the unique Carlsson RS lip below the center intake. The car also features deeper, sculpted side skirts that draw attention to the new rear valance where distinctive trapezoid cut-outs indicate the outlets for the sports exhaust.

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As we may know already, Chinese companies are becoming more and more powerful because they have lots of money, right? It seems that Carlsson, the well-known German tuning company specialized in tuning Mercedes-Benz cars, knows this as it sold a 70 percent stake to Zhongsheng Group Holdings, a major Chinese auto retailer.

Just like Pangda Automobile Trade a.k.a. the company that tried to buy Saab, Zhongsheng Group Holdings wants to diversify its offerings in order to gain market share as the new millionaires in China want to spend more money on luxury cars.

According to Zhongsheng's chairman, Huang Yi, the company is working on an aggressive plan for Carlsson and a main advantage will be its vast network of dealers stretching from Heilongjiang province in the north to Guangdong in the south.

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For the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show, the tuners at Carlsson will be displaying a program for the Mercedes GL Grand Edition named the Carlsson CGL45. This conversion comes with revisions in both styling and performance, featuring an aerodynamic package and improved power and torque. When taken separately, the car has received wider wheel arches, a front spoiler and front spoiler lip. It also got a rear skirt as well. These were all shaped in the wind tunnel.

The tuner also gave this SUV a new chrome finished radiator grille that showed off Carlsson’s leaping horse logo and LED daytime running lights positioned in the front spoiler lip. The overall look is enhanced with a set of 22-inch Vredestein wheels covered in high-performance tires, and a stainless steel exhaust system that featured four oval end pipes.

The tuner also improved the interior by making use of a significant amount of the best-quality nappa leather, Alcantara, wood and stainless steel. Included in the kit are aluminum pedals, a signed plaque on the central console, and embossed headrests that have the Carlsson logo and illuminated door sills.

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Owing to the many improvements done, the S-Class guarantees that the interior comes with a high level of luxury. Created using the preferences of customers, Gut Wiesenhof, Mercedes-Benz’s in-house upholsterer, is able to convert the cockpit to meet the needs of individuals, much like a tailor making a suit. The company is offering a basic package starting at 5,290 euros. The package includes leather on the seats on the front, as well as the seat bench in the rear and the head rests, and the four door panels. At no additional charge, customers can select the color for the leather, the stitching, and even the piping.

Engraved on the headrests is the Carlsson logo which also appears as a blue lit-up signature on the door sill. This same logo highlights as well the improvements done on its aluminum pedals and the footrest. The pigmented leather is supplied by the best and experienced upholsterers, who use leather that has a feel similar to a fine leather glove. This is present on the steering wheel, middle arm rest, and dashboard, though available as an option.

Since the S Class Carlsson has indeed been refined, it reinforces its reputation as the authority when it comes to enhancing Mercedes-Benz vehicles.

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With the arrival of summer, tuners are expected to bring out their upgrade kits for the convertibles. One such example is the package that German aftermarket developer Carlsson created for the 2012 Mercedes SLK. It features interior and exterior modifications as well as performance tweaks.

The Carlsson SLK was fitted with different aerodynamic improvements such as a new front spoiler and a rear apron insert (priced at EUR620 each), stainless steel grille inserts (which cost EUR449) that replace the standard honeycombs, a couple of new side sills, and a stainless steel sport exhaust system with oval shaped end pipes that are offered at EUR1,298.

This upgrade package also features a 30 mm lower suspension, customized 18-inch wheels (with a price tag of EUR1,930) and one of three interior kits that include seats, headrests and door panel upholstery that have a starting price of EUR3,900. In terms of performance, the tuners concentrated on the new generation CGI engines that power the 2012 Mercedes SLK.

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Carlsson revealed today ahead of the 2011 Geneva Motor Show its new tuning package for the all-new 2012 Mercedes-Benz CLS. As you may know already, Carlsson is specialized in tuning Mercedes-Benz engines, which means that it will customize each version of the CLS.

As expected, the most powerful version will be the one based on the 2012 Mercedes-Benz CLS 63 AMG powered by an impressive V8 biturbo engine and delivering 600 hp (441 kW).

For the 2012 CLS 350 CDI model, Carlsson promises an additional Carlsson C-Tronic DIESEL POWER control unit, which will allow you to improve the power of your car from 265 hp (195kW) to 320 hp (235 kW), while maximum torque will be increased from 650 to 780 Newton metre.

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Carlsson, the German aftermarket developer, is providing a preview of its tuning kit for the brand new 2012 Mercedes-Benz CLS. Expect to see the package at the Geneva Auto Show this March.

Carlsson modified the petrol and diesel engines of the four-door coupe. From an output of 306 hp and 370 Nm of torque, the CLS 350 CGI model has been boosted to 333 hp and 410 Nm. This improved its 0-62mph acceleration time from 6.1 seconds to 5.9 seconds.

Meanwhile, the output of the CLS 350 CDI was boosted from a factory stock output of 265 hp and 650 Nm to 320 hp and 780 Nm of torque, enabling the car to sprint from zero to 62 mph time in 5.9 seconds (from 6.2 seconds previously).

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Mercedes-Benz has made an extraordinary statement in the medium class series with the release of its C-Class top-of-the-line model C63 AMG. The relatively small C63 AMG houses an engine bigger than the 6-liter V8. However, since the power yield is comparably low, Carlsson set in motion its hidden potential.

With a power ceiling of 565hp, the CK63 speeds far ahead of its competitors leaving them all behind its stainless steel exhaust end pipes. Equipped with new wheels and more athletic aerodynamics, the C-Class series clearly demonstrates some top features. Carlsson CK63 is the embodiment of both performance and full torque.

The performance kit used for the M156 drastically improves the serial performance of the 6.3-liter V8 from 457hp (336kW) at 6,800 rpm up to 565hp/414kW. In the same manner, the torque is appreciably improved from 600 to 685Nm giving the car only 3.8 seconds to accelerate from 0-100kph instead of the series standard of 4.5 seconds.

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Carlsson the great Mercedes-Benz tuner, announced today the debut of the Aigner CK65 RS "Eau Rouge" Dark Edition at the Zurich Auto Show. The new vehicle based on the Mercedes-Benz CL65 AMG will be produced in small series, and will be available in tow levels of performance, developing 705 hp and 756 hp (and 1,150 Nm).

The sport exhaust system by Carlsson generates more output and a truly powerful roar. Dominating the rear of the Carlsson Aigner CK65 are four Carlsson designed end pipes which electrify through their raw sound. Compared to the serial exhaust system, the exhaust back pressure and pipe guide are maximized for efficiency.

With that, Carlsson attains a high improvement in torque and performance. The latest Carlsson aerodynamic accessories and components emphasize the stylish profile of the model. However, the Carlsson Aigner CK65 "Eau Rouge" Dark Edition has its own distinctiveness and profile in both the inside and outside. The front spoilers and rear skirt lip are deliberately made in the characteristic Carlsson Diffuser Look and the arresting rear spoiler also provide effortless handling of the extravagant coupe at high speeds. The limited Carlsson aerodynamics components are made of high-quality and ultra-light solid carbon, a material which is chiefly utilized in F1 models.

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The exclusive North American importer of the Carlsson brand, European Tuning, is delighted to make known that Carlsson is currently providing a wide-ranging personalization program for the second generation Smart ForTwo, the smallest vehicle in the Daimler AG series. Carlsson's first-rate component design and sense of style alter the admired Smart ForTwo into an even more distinctively individualized vehicle.

All tuning begins with a set of unique alloy wheels. Besides its handsome appearance, the alloy wheel is light and tough, characteristics that accompany the swift handling of the Smart ForTwo. Carlsson created the 1/11 Evo BE as its representative wheel for the Smart ForTwo. It is their first stop on the road to making this tiny city car a prominent attraction.

Offered in sets of four with 16 inch x 7.0 inch and 17 inch x 7.5inch sizes front and rear, respectively, the polished and high-shine varnish covered surface of the 1/11 Evo BE alloy wheel are striking whether the car is at a standstill or on the go. Carlsson North America suggests Continental 195/45R16 rubber in front and either Continental 215/35R17 or Continental 205/40R17 rubber at the rear.

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If you desire to accent your style, taste and uniqueness, it can be achieved by carrying a creation of Carlsson with you all the time? With the fresh, valuable Carlsson automatic watch this becomes an easy task!

It is the perfect present for car enthusiasts and possessors of a "Carlsson." For your spare time time, business convention or gala dinner, you are constantly well-dressed with the prized, exclusive Carlsson automatic watch.

This watch conveys modest luxury, elegance and technical finesse just like all the cars produced by Carlsson. The Carlsson automatic timepiece, with its plane clock case, in either silver-colored or a three micron gold-plated, is wonderfully lightweight. An assortment of arrangements with varying-colored face variants of silver, black or champagne color permits the best possible match to your own individual taste.

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The latest project of German tuner Carlsson is the limousine E-CK63 RS, which is based on the 2010 Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG. As with any other Carlsson tuning packages, the focus was on both the styling and the performance. The engineers tweaked the car to reach 585 HP, a feat that it achieved without changing the cubic capacity of 6.3 liters.

Maximum torque was increased from 630 to 695 Nm. Acceleration from 0 to 60 mph is achieved in 4.5 seconds, which is 0.3 seconds faster than the factory model. PU-RIM technology figured largely in the car's aerodynamic enhancements, which consist of a front skirt, extended wings, side moldings and rear skirt.

Carlsson also installed a carbon diffuser on both ends of the stainless steel end pipes from the exhaust system. In addition, Carlsson mounted 1/5 REVO wheels with 8.5x20 size at the front and 10.5x20 size at the rear.

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Carlsson revealed today its own developed automobile dubbed Carlsson C25 which is set to make its official debut in March, at the Geneva Motor Show.

As you expected from Carlsson, the performances of the new car are really impressive: the vehicle feature a 6-liter V12 engine capable to deliver 753 hp (554 kW) as well as 1320 Newton metres at 3750 rpm (this will be electronically limited to 1,150 Newton metres) and to push the car from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) in just 3.7 seconds while the top speed will be 352 km/h (218 mph).

Known to be a Mercedes-Benz tuner, Carlsson says that its new vehicle can be fixed in every service of the German manufacturer. First look at the car shows its impressive ultra-light and forged wheels 1/10 UL in the dimensions 9,5x20 and 12x20 inches especially designed for the C25.

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Carlsson, the auto maker from Merzig dedicated in improving Mercedes-Benz models, makes an impression with a current first-rate RS-design kit for the Mercedes S-class in either authentic carbon, a material which is chiefly utilized in the Formula 1, or in polyurethane.

The limited total package provides the Mercedes S-Class long variant -- with an internal production name of V221 – with an even more athletic and memorable look. Employing the RS-design and therefore the most precious materials ensures an unequalled individuality and distinctiveness of the Carlsson S-Class.

The extensive carbon parts for the new Mercedes S-Class are composed of specially selected components. The included front apron and the front spoiler lips improve the total athletic look. Furthermore, the front view is prominent for its elegant round Carlsson badge for the front hood and distinctive grill insert.

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At last, the details of the remarkable CK63 RS, which was initially seen at the Essen Motor Show, have been released by Carlsson.

Patterned after the Mercedes SL63 AMG, Carlsson modified the car's standard V8 to produce 600 hp (411 kW) and 705 Nm (520 lb-ft) of torque from the original 525hp (386 kW) and 465 lb-ft (630 Nm), respectively.

These improvements enable the CK63 RS to sprint from 0-62 mph in 4.1 seconds in contrast to the SL63 AMG's 4.5 seconds.

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Carlsson, the tuning company specialized in Mercedes-Benz vehicles unveiled today its latest masterpiece: the Carlsson Aigner CK55 RS Rascasse. Based on the Mercedes-Benz GL 500, the new vehicle will make its official debut at this year's Geneva Motor Show. As you can see the most interesting part of this vehicle is the two-tone paintwork, a hallmark of the Carlsson Aigner range.

This new body kit includes a new larger front grill and sub-grilles feature chromed wire mesh, additional driving and fog lights set into the bumpers and LED daytime running lights, wider wheel arches visually linked by side skirts, a new rear bumper featuring chromed exit pipes of the freer-flowing sports exhaust system.

Under the hood the V8 engine was boosted from 388 hp and a torque of 530 Nm to an impressive 456 hp and 640 m of torque pushing the vehicle to 100 km in just 5.9 seconds (the standard vehicle achieves 100 km/h in 6.5 seconds).

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