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Another Lamborghini Aventador meets unfortunate fate in China

What is it with China and supercar crashes? This year, we’ve had more than the usual share of reports about vehicular accidents in China involving high-end cars. Just recently, a McLaren 570S ended in a one-way trip to the local scrapyard after what seems to be another over-speeding incident. And before the year ends, another vehicular accident took place in the city of Kunming in Yunnan Province.

Apparently, a lightly modded Lamborghini Aventador and a bus got tangled up in a road accident. From what has been reported, the Italian supercar was in the process of hurriedly trying to change direction when it hits the side of the bus.

The Lambo came from the other side of the road when the driver made a rather rash decision to make a tight turn somehow ending up hitting the bus. Luckily, it looks like the Italian supercar received only minor damages and none of the passengers (on both vehicles) seemed to be injured.

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