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Caterham is not for sale, says co-Chairman Tony Fernandes

Two days ago, a Malaysian report said that the Caterham Group could be sold for almost $590 million. An answer for this report came quickly from Tony Fernandes, a.k.a. the co-chairman of the Caterham Group. As expected, Fernandes dismissed the reports saying that he remains wholly committed to the Caterham brand.

The press release also added that the reports that are currently circulating are factually incorrect. Despite the fact that the Caterham F1 team didn’t manage to win any point in the F1 championship in 2012 and 2013, the company will continue to develop new sports cars and enter new segments.

For those who don’t know, Caterham also collaborated with Renault on the upcoming Alpine brand but things didn’t go according to plans and the partnership between the two companies came to an end.

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Caterham presents the Seven Kamui Kobayashi Special Edition

If yesterday we were reporting about a possible sale of the Caterham Group, today we bring you some good news from the British carmaker as it unveiled a brand new special edition of the Seven. Dubbed Caterham Seven Kamui Kobayashi, this special edition is based on the Seven 250 R, which means it is powered by a 1.6-liter Ford Sigma engine that generates 125 bhp.

Thanks to the small engine, the Caterham Seven Kamui Kobayashi Special Edition accelerates form 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) in 5.9 seconds, while top speed is limited at 122 mph or 196 km/h.

The engine uses a six-speed manual transmission with a limited slip differential. Regarding its design, the Caterham Seven Kamui Kobayashi comes with a high-gloss black paint with matt black sport stripes and each edition wears a number 10 badge on its nose, which is Kamui’s F1 driver number.

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Caterham could be sold for $589 million, report says

Things are not going quite well for the Caterham Group as a new report from Malaysia suggests that Tony Fernandes is looking for a buyer for the Caterham Group of motorsport. For those who don’t know, Tony Fernandes is a Malaysian-British entrepreneur and the founder of the Caterham Formula One team as well as the man who purchased Caterham Cars back in April 2011.

According to Malaysian business journal The Edge, Fernandes is asking $589 million for the entire Caterham Group which includes Caterham Cars, Caterham Formula 1 team, Caterham Technology and Innovation, as well as Caterham Composites.

Back in January, Fernandes said that he will stop funding the F1 team if the performances will not improve. The F1 team is not doing so great as it failed to win any point in the F1 championship in 2012 and 2013.

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Renault to pursue Alpine revival despite ending Caterham JV

Renault still plans to revive its Alpine brand even after terminating a partnership with British specialist sports car maker Caterham, reports said. The carmakers disclosed in November 2012 a 50-50 agreement to design, develop and build sports cars. At the time, the carmakers said they planned to roll out the first vehicles by 2016.

Renault is set announce to unions the unwinding of the joint venture with Caterham, but will pursue solo development of a roadster as it bids to revive its own Alpine brand, a source told Reuters. Renault and Caterham had intended to use their Formula One renown to build a following for affordable performance cars in Europe and Asia.

Tony Fernandes, a tycoon who bought Caterham in 2011 and controls the F1 team of the same name, had vowed more Renault-built models to transform the UK company into a global premium player. The Caterham F1 team, however, was dead last in the 2013 F1 season and has gotten no points since it entering the sport as Lotus Racing three years prior. This prompted Fernandes to give a warning in that he might walk away unless matters turn better.

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Caterham Cars’ new Seven 160, the entry-level version of the iconic Seven, offers impressive fuel consumption figures. Powered by a super-compact, turbocharged three-cylinder Suzuki engine, the Caterham Seven 160 could return 57.6mpg and emit just 114grams of carbon dioxide per kilometer. The performance figures of the Seven 160 make it not only the most economical Seven but also the most cost-effective two-seater sportscar on the market.

The super-frugal engine is complemented by the car’s live-axle rear suspension, efficient engine and ultra-low weight. The Caterham Seven 160 could be availed from £14,995 in component form and £17,995 fully built.

The car can be also taxed for just £30 per year. Despite its fuel efficiency and value for money, the Caterham Seven 160 still offers pure power as well as nice handling. Its 660cc engine provides up to 80hp of output, allowing the Caterham Seven 160 to accelerate from zero to 62 mph in 6.5 seconds and reach a top speed of 100 mph.

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Caterham will showcase its current lineup at the 2014 Autosport International Show slated on January 9 to 12, 2014 at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham. The display will include the AeroSeven concept car unveiled at the Singapore Grand Prix earlier this year, as well as the 2013 CT03 Caterham F1 car and the SP/300.R racing and trackday car.

Caterham will also feature the new Superlight R300 championship race car, the Seven 485 SV and the Caterham Kart.In Hall 4. During the event, the carmaker will also hold the Caterham Experience, in which visitors could have a passenger ride in a Seven alongside Caterham’s team of professional drivers.  Also, some lucky visitors could find themselves driving a Caterham and master the art of donutting for themselves along with the carmaker’s team of expert tire screechers.

Interested visitors are encouraged to book early if they want to become of the few privileged to enter the Caterham Donut School.

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Caterham Group was at Milan’s International Motorcycle Exhibition (EICMA) to launch Caterham Bikes, its first ever motorcycle division. The three prototype products that will be launched next year were introduced. These are the Brutus 750 (recognized as the 'SUV of motorcycles'), Classic E-Bike (an all-electric, bike with retro styling) and the Carbon E-Bike (a premium electric bike that takes inspiration from F1 technology).

The Group’s strategy is focused on growth through intelligent partnerships. Caterham Bikes is an expected extension to the growing Caterham Group since Tony Fernandes and Dato' Kamarudin Meranun acquired the Caterham Cars brand in April 2011.

The new division – Caterham Bikes – is the latest to join the rapidly expanding Caterham family, which include Caterham F1 Team, Caterham Racing (GP2), Caterham Technology & Innovation, Caterham Composites and the latest arm, Caterham Moto Racing Team. The new products will have Caterham's DNA of British heritage, performance and intuitive handling features as well as follow the brand's philosophy of offering 'accessible fun'.

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A new model is available in the Caterham lineup as the British carmaker opened the order books for the Seven 160 (UK), which is available as the Seven 165 in Europe. Priced from £14,995 in component form, the new Caterham Seven 165 promises to be a new entry-point to the Seven range.

Under its hood, there is a 660cc three-cylinder, turbocharged engine, that pushes the car from 0 to 60 mph (96 km/h) in 6.5 seconds and to a top speed of 100 mph or 160 km/h. According to Caterham Cars CEO, Graham Macdonald, the new Seven 165 is more economical, more accessible and every bit as fun on the road as other Sevens.

The car features a new rear axle which is in fact a throwback to early Sevens in terms of simplicity and purity of design. The 660cc engine delivers 80 hp and conforms to EU5, EU6 and JC08 emissions regulations. In order to clarify the number 5 at the end of the EU spec car’s moniker: this signifies that the vehicle complies with the EU5 emissions standards.

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British manufacturer Caterham wants to enter into additional joint ventures with major automakers as part of its plan to expand its product range to include new areas like crossovers and city cars, according to Chairman Tony Fernandes. Caterham was bought by Fernandes and business partner Kamarudin Meranun in March 2011.

The AeroSeven Concept, which was newly unveiled, is the first stage in a three-pronged approach that will incorporate traditional Seven-based models, contemporarily styled cars like the production version of the AeroSeven and the sports car that’s jointly developed with Renault, as well as more practical vehicles.

Fernandes, who also owns the AirAsia airline, said that he will see Caterham wander away from its sports car base, with the new cars merging sharp handling attributes with an appeal that’s more wide-ranging. However, he thinks that to fulfil his plan, it has to be trough joint ventures. He shared that when AirAsia began, they had to lease planes because they couldn’t afford new ones.

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Caterham unveiled today its all-new AeroSeven Concept at the SingTel Singapore Grand Prix. This is company’s first model designed with significant input from all of the Caterham Group’s specialist business arms, and as expected its design will influence future models, including the new sportscar developed with Renault and due for release in early 2016. Inspired by the technology used in Formula 1, the AeroSeven Concept features a newly developed Caterham Engine Management System enabling fully-adjustable traction and launch control functionality.

Powered by a normally-aspirated engine with 240 ps (237 bhp) developed by Caterham Technology & Innovation for the recently launched Caterham Seven 485, the AeroSeven Concept hits 100 km/h (62 mph) in under 4 seconds.

In terms of design, the AeroSeven Concept comes with car-inspired features such as aerodynamic styling, an exclusive steering wheel with driver-focussed functionality, and an intuitive fully active Graphical Display Unit (GDU). Comparing it with the current lineup, the AeroSeven Concept is completely different and we are glad that the British carmaker will update its design philosophy.

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Caterham Cars will unveil a prototype concept form of its new base Seven at the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show slated on Sept. 10 to 22. Caterham Cars has already unveiled a number of details about a version of the Seven that will allow an accessible new entry point to the current range. The entry-level Seven, to be known as Caterham Seven 165, is expected to have a starting price of €25,000 including local taxes.

The new Caterham Seven 165’s name is derived from a confirmed 80hp of output provided by the 660cc, three-cylinder, turbocharged Suzuki K6A engine, following improvements done by Caterham Technology & Innovation (CTI), the Caterham Group’s engineering consultancy. The number ‘5’ meanwhile refers to the vehicle’s compliance with the EU5 emissions standards, allowing it to be available for sale across mainland Europe.

The new Caterham Seven 165 is likewise compliant with the similar JC08 test mode for sales in Japan. Caterham will offer a different variant of the car in the United Kingdom to be dubbed as the Caterham Seven 160. It will have a starting price of under £17,000. CTI has fine-tuned the compact Suzuki K6A engine to provide a higher level of performance that includes a 107Nm of torque, better fuel economy and lesser emissions.

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Powering the new Caterham Seven entry-level model is a 660-cc, three-cylinder turbocharged engine from Suzuki Motor Corp., which would be the smallest and most efficient mill ever fitted in a Seven. By employing a compact and lightweight turbocharged engine to make it lightweight, the new Seven pays tribute to early models of the iconic Seven.

This downsized engine sends power to the wheels through a compact five-speed transmission, also from Suzuki. Caterham Group’s engineering unit – the Caterham Technology & Innovation (CTI) – has fine-tuned this lightweight gearbox to work in harmony with a re-engineered chassis which suspension system has been heavily revised.

Suzuki is considered as an ideal partner for Caterham in the latter’s quest for the most efficient and lightest Seven ever, as the Japanese carmaker is regarded as an expert in the field of compact and efficient vehicle design.

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Caterham unveiled ahead of 2013 Goodwood Festival of Speed its most extreme Seven to date, the 620R. According to the official press release, the new Caterham Seven 620R is powered by a newly-engineered 2.0-liter Duratec engine made by Ford, which delivers 310 hp and 219 lb-ft of torque. As a result, the new Seven 620R zooms from 0 to 60 mph (96 km/h) in just 2.79 seconds and has a top speed of 155 mph or 250 km/h.

Besides the improved engine, the new Caterham 620R features other enhancements such as a unique gunmetal chassis, an air-flow optimised nose cone and a race-developed cooling package. Moreover, we find De Dion rear suspension and wide track front suspension units complemented by high-performance dampers all round, and 13-inch alloy wheels wrapped in track-inspired Avon ZZR tyres.

The interior shows more improvements as we find performance-focused instrumentation and ergonomic switchgear, but also carbon fiber interior panels and dash plus carbon fibre race seats and a Q/R race steering wheel.

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A joint venture between Caterham and Renault will develop a Caterham-branded sports utility vehicle and a subcompact car, according to Caterham chairman Tony Fernandes. Fernandes disclosed before a board meeting of the joint venture Societe des Automobiles Alpine Caterham (SAAC) that the new models may be rolled out right after the launch of first sports car under the Caterham and Renault Alpine brands in 2016.

Renault unveiled the joint sports car program with Caterham in November 2012. At the same time, Renault announced a deal to sell its Dieppe plant to Fernandes, thereby creating the Alpine Caterham venture. Caterham and Renault seek to use their Formula One presence to attract customers for their performance vehicles.

Fernandes acquired Caterham in 2011 and controls the Formula One team bearing the same name, which is powered by Renault engines. Fernandes told Reuters in an interview that while sports cars “will do well,” the Asian market really wants city cars and SUVs. He noted that if they get the “SUV right, it will be huge." He said that Caterham seeks to emulate the success of the Range Rover Evoque, which sales have boosted profit for Jaguar Land Rover and parent Tata Motors.

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It only took less than a month for Caterham Cars to sell out its limited edition ‘40 Years of Caterham’ pack after announcing it to the public. Caterham achieved the sellout in just a short time thanks to overwhelming interest from customers in the United Kingdom and overseas. The stylish pack, commissioned by Caterham Cars to celebrate 40 years of developing and building the iconic Caterham Seven, was available at no extra cost to the first 40 Seven buyers from May 9, 2013 in a limited run.

The pack features a limited edition plaque as well as ruby red ‘40YOC’ paint with bespoke bonnet stripes and new 15” silver alloy wheels. It also features hand-tailored leather seats, dashboard and interior and a custom-made aluminum key. Caterham is already building the first ‘40YOC’ Sevens, with initial orders due to be delivered to customers next month.

New customers acquiring a Seven in component form can still take advantage of Caterham’s partnership with Draper Tools, which has created a bespoke toolkit designed specifically to handle the task of assembling a Seven. The first 40 customers who will buy a Seven in component form will get the specially designed toolkit valued at over £800 for free.

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Caterham announced a new, affordable entry-level version of the Seven, a car that will come with a price tag at under £17,000. According to the official press release, the new Caterham pays homage to the company’s engineering DNA of ‘adding lightness’, with a super-compact, flexible and EU6-compliant engine.

Moreover, the new Caterham will take the brand brack to its simple design roots but it will remain entirely true to Caterham’s mantra of delivering “accessible fun”. Set to be launched in Autumn, the first deliveries are expected before the end of the year. Caterham Cars CEO, Graham Macdonald, said: “As we celebrate our 40th anniversary at Caterham, it feels good to be taking the brand right back to where it started.

Colin Chapman designed the original Seven to be entirely ‘fit-for-purpose’ – a racing car for the road with the driving experience at its heart. “With that in mind, the new entry-level Seven will be uncomplicated, easy to run and, most important of all, an intuitive and exciting drive.”

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Caterham Cars is providing a free limited edition pack, ‘40 Years of Caterham,’ to customers of the first 40 Seven orders taken from May 8, 2013, as part of its celebration of 40 years of building and developing the iconic vehicle. The promotion is applicable to any car in the Seven range. Caterham Cars has been producing the Seven since 1973, when original owner Graham Nearn bought the rights to the model from Colin Chapman.

The carmaker continued to develop the Seven but never departed from Chapman’s philosophy of “adding lightness” and making the driving experience the focus of the engineering process. The free ‘40 Years of Caterham’ pack is available in the United Kingdom and other export market for Caterham. Designed to stimulate the memories of the early Sevens, the free limited edition pack includes optional equipment valued at thousands of pounds.

The limited edition pack includes grey painted chassis that replicates the original Lotus Seven color and Ruby red ‘40YOC’ paint with bespoke bonnet stripes. It also includes hand-tailored leather seats with grey piping; grey leather dashboard, bespoke tunnel top with grey handbrake and gearstick gaiters as well as distinct numbered dash plaque.

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Caterham Motorsport has released details about its karting championship, which is designed to restore karting’s reputation as an accessible sport. Caterham Motorsport’s karting championship is open to a maximum of 120 young individuals aged between 13 and 16, all coming from families who might not have considered karting as an option.

The championship will feature a season composed of six one-day events as well as the customized Caterham-designed kart that boasts of durability and quality. For a package price of £4,995+VAT, the championship series promises unequaled value for money and a exceptionally fun experience for racers – as Caterham Motorsport provides technical support for all karts to ensure equality.

The championship series will feature the CK-01 kart, which prototype can be viewed Caterham stand (Stand No 2520) at AutoSport International Show at Birmingham’s NEC slated from January 10 to 13.

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The Asian market is what the new partnership between Caterham and Renault is targeting with the production models that they’re planning to build. Tony Fernandes, the Caterham boss, wants the company to soon be Asia’s Porsche. This suggests that it will offer more mainstream models with the help of its collaboration with Renault.

He also revealed a plan to develop a supercar as soon as the brand has already offered a reputable lineup. Caterham has a lengthy experience and expertise in assembling race cars so it’s confident that it will be able to build an extraordinary supercar for the road. The engineering and design work on the Caterham/Alpine sports car have already begun.

A concept is scheduled to be revealed in 2013. Mike Gascoyne, former F1 technical director and current head of Caterham Technologies, said that this project benefits from Caterham’s knowledge on motorsport, carbonfibre, and aerodynamics. He added that he is tasked to basically commercialize its motorsport involvement and to show off its expertise in a halo car.

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A new model jas been added to Caterham’s iconic range of Sevens: this is the two-liter Supersport R. Packing 180 bhp, the new Caterham Supersport R features many circuit-orientated performance essentials, a bigger engine as well as a five-speed gearbox. As expected, the Supersport R will sit above its 1.6-litre sibling in the Seven range and will be priced at £24,995 (incl tax) in self-build form or £27,995 fully-built.

According to Caterham the new adaptation’s 2-litre Ford Duratec engine has been developed during three years in Caterham’s R300 race championship. With a total weight of just 535 kg, the new vehicle promises to expand the Supersport line, which already includes road and track versions of the 1.6-litre model.

The interior of the car features a bespoke Supersport steering wheel, integrated change-up light, composite race seats and four-point race harnesses. An Aero screen is offered as standard. In order to offer better handling, the Supersport R features grippy Avon CR500 tyres, Supersport dampers and race springs.

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