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Citroen C-Zero meets London’s Mayor, Boris Johnson

London wants to become the “electric car capital of the world” and in line with this plan, London’s Mayor, Boris Johnson has taken the time to check out the Citroën C-Zero, the brand’s new 100% electric city car.

The city is also preparing the first ever city-wide electric vehicle charging network -- Source London – which will be launched in the spring. Source London ( provides better infrastructure and support for electric vehicles.

Currently, there are over 250 charge points across London but Source London plans to expand to at least 1300 publicly accessible points by 2013.

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Citroën expands compact vehicle selection with the C-Zero

Citroën is expanding its compact vehicle range with C-Zero, a car that is the 100% electric solution with zero CO2 emissions, zero fuel consumption, and zero noise. Having a compact dimension, fast charge, and enough range for daily travels, the C-Zero was designed to make mobility in the city easier. In addition to all these features, it also offers silence that allows both the driver and passengers to forget urban noise.

The C-Zero is indeed a mix of creativity and technology that is able to meet the challenges of tomorrow today. With the experience to be the market leader in its segment, Citroën expects to grow even further and has manufactured almost 6,000 electric cars. The C-Zero was developed in partnership with Mitsubishi Motors Corporation and was launched towards the end of 2010. This is Citroën’s second electric car after the Berlingo First Electric which was developed through collaboration with Venturi.

These two models are eligible for a government bonus in France for as much as 5,000 euros. Being foremost as an environmental carmaker, Citroën has a long standing policy of reducing not just fuel consumption but the emission of greenhouse gases as well.

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