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GTbyCitroen coming to the Frankfurt Motor Show

Of the many Citroen vehicles that will be introduced in next week's Frankfurt Motor Show, the GTbyCitroen is one of the most highly anticipated. The concept was first displayed at last year's Paris Auto Show and will soon enter production. It's very exclusive and in fact, only 6 units of the GTbyCitroen will be rolled off the assembly lines.

According to our sources, Citroen is selling each unit for 1.5 million euros (around $2.1 million). Only a little is actually known when it comes to its specifications.

A report earlier this year by a Citroen insider said that he production form of GTbyCitroen will have many of the features available on the concept, including most of the carbon fiber-made parts and interior details.

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Enough with the teasers, GT by Citroen unveiled in Paris

We have one reason to be very happy today! Why? Because it's the 2008 Paris Motor Show and all the teaser campaigns are finished now! Citroen finally unveiled its GT Concept and we are speechless! Called GTbyCitroen, , the new concept is a style replica of a vehicle taken from the digital world.

The new vehicle was born from the partnership between Citroen and Poliphony, known as the designer of the driving simulation game Gran Turismo 5 on Playstation 3. The GTbyCitroen features in the game an electric drive train which is powered by a fuel cell capable to provide zero emissions. 

Now let's get in! First of all in order to enter the vehicle you have to use the gullwing opening of the two doors. The interior was designed just for two adults, no kids, no dogs, no grandma, no nothing and features two sport buckets dressed in black leather, each fitted with a four-point seat belt!

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