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Aston Martin's Lagonda marque unveils All-Terrain Concept

Aston Martin’s Lagonda luxury marque is confirming its plans to launch an all-new crossover in the near future by unveiling a new concept at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show. Dubbed as the Lagonda All-Terrain Concept, this show car essentially serves as a preview to the brand’s upcoming crossover.

According to Lagonda, the All-Terrain Concept is an ultra-stylish, luxurious, all-electric emission-free vehicle. This marks a new step into the brand’s goal of becoming the first luxury electric automotive brand in the world. The All-Terrain Concept basically builds on the designs and materials in the Lagonda Vision Concept that was unveiled last year. While the Vision Concept was design to be driven purely on the road, the All-Terrain Concept pushes the boundary by showing that a luxurious drive could also done off the road.

While the exterior of the Lagonda Vision Concept was inspired by the Concorde, the Lagonda All-Terrain Concept, on the other hand, was initially influenced world of the super yacht. This allowed the design team at Lagonda to give the All-Terrain Concept a futuristic surfacing as well as forms and shapes seemingly created by “planetary forces of gravity fields.”

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2019 Geneva Motor Show: Aston Martin presents the AM-RB 003

It looks like Aston Martin will soon be following up its Valkyrie and Valkyrie AMR Pro offerings with a third hypercar. This comes as Aston Martin presented the design concept for the new AM-RB 003 at the 2019 Geneva Motor Showin Switzerland.

Its terms of styling and aerodynamics, the new AM-RB 003 shares the same fundamental philosophy with the Aston Martin Valkyrie. This is evident on the pronounced front keel and large rear diffuser. In addition, the AM-RB 003 features a variable airfoil that spans across the rear wing. This variable airfoil is made possible by a new technology from FlexSys Inc. – FlexFoil.

With this new system in place, the downforce AM-RB 003 can be changed without changing the physical angle of the entire element. This new system also virtually gets rid of the turbulence and the associated drag increase in present active wing designs.

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Aston Martin AMR brings Vantage and Rapide concepts to the 2017 Geneva Motor Show

Just like the previous years, the Geneva Motor Show has been a host to various concept debuts. This year is not an exception. Joining the lineup is Aston Martin debuting its new AMR sub-brand, and along with it are two of its fiercest concepts – the Vantage AMR Pro and Rapide AMR. Before its big reveal, quite a handful of details on the AMR have been gathered first-hand from Aston’s Gaydon, UK headquarters.

Aston Martin Chief Designer Miles Nurnberger describes the AMR as a philosophy of the British automaker’s “way of racing”. Aston Martin Racing is focused on the automaker’s constant search for (racing) success while Aston Martin focuses on the aesthetics of its sports and supercars. AMR functions in a way that it combines these missions in order to produce “more extreme versions of Aston Martin’s core lineup.”

This constant race for supremacy goes back to the One-77, a perfect example of the collaboration between aesthetics and performance, featuring carbon fiber and saddle leather, an unusual mix of materials. It is a collision of different forces, but in a luxurious way. This idea has been further used on the CC100, GT8, GT12 and Vulcan, according to Nurnberger.

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French artist Adrien Fuinel renders Aston Martin RR supercar concept

Soon, Aston Martin will be mesmerizing us with the follow-up to its Vulcan track-focused supercar – the AM-RB 001, a hypercar jointly developed by the British carmaker and Red Bull. The Vulcan and the AM-RB 001 are a duo of super performance cars from Aston Martin that impresses as a splendid work of art and a product of advanced engineering.

However, there is an automotive designer from Lyon, France who thinks that a third super performance car should be added to the duo – making up a new holy trinity for McLaren. This designer – named Adrien Fuinel – has created a visual rendition of the new (but not official) supercar from Aston Martin, the Aston Martin RR supercar concept. This rendition was then uploaded into his account at Behance, a Web site that allows for showcasing and discovering creative works.

At first look, you wouldn’t believe that the RR supercar concept is an Aston Martin. Well, that could be because -- aside from the front end and a ground clearance derived from the Vulcan and a few styling cues -- the curves and the body work of the RR supercar concept are not typical of an Aston Martin. But since this is a concept, maybe we can forgive Fuinel for that.

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Aston Martin together with their longtime Italian partner for design Zagato are proclaiming their fifth and latest collaborative exhibition vehicle, the Vanquish Zagato Concept, which was ceremonially launched on May 21-22 2016 at the illustrious Concorso d'Eleganza Villa d'Este in Lake Como, Italy.

The British automotive and Italian design companies have worked together on previous cars over a period of more than 50 years. The Vanquish Zagato Concept continues this combination of Aston Martin's heralded performance car engineering and technology with Zagato's standout aesthetic philosophy.

All of their previous cars, beginning with the legendary 1960 DB4 GT Zagato on to the 2011 V12 Vantage Zagato, have prominently featured the markers of Aston Martin’s evolution in design, and paired these with Zagato’s signature motorsport-inspired style ethos. It is no wonder that their four past collaborative efforts were all characterized as having unique, progressive and pioneering designs.

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When Aston Martin Bulldog was first conceptualized, it was meant to have a very limited production of 25 cars. Ultimately though, only one was built making it a truly one-of-a-kind work of art and an engineering marvel.

Aston Martin hired William Towns to design the car and gave it a code name DP K9, in reference to a character in the British show Doctor Who. It was considered unusual being a left-hand-drive car and UK-built.

Its eye-catching gull-wing door, digital instruments, the tv console at the center showing the rear view, and its low height of only 43 inches (1.1 meters) are the car’s most outstanding features. Its 5.3L twin-turbo V8 engine can deliver 700bhp (522kW), propelling the Bulldog to a verified top speed of 191 mph (307 km/h) in its first test drive in late 1979.

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Aston Martin has showcased a special version of the four-door Rapide S sports saloon called RapidE Concept, its newest fully electric car, outside of Lancaster House in London. The unveiling was attended by his Royal Highness Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, and her Royal Highness Duchess of Cambridge Catherine, as well as by the President of the People’s Republic of China, Xi Jinping, and his wife Peng Liyuan.

This concept was developed in cooperation with Williams Advanced Engineering, which has a facility located in Grove, Oxfordshire. It was exhibited in order to support the British government’s GREAT campaign. This is a creative summit that was organized in order to serve as a platform displaying the best of what the country has to offer.

The campaign also hopes to inspire people not just to visit and study in the UK but to invest and do business as well. According to Aston Martin CEO Dr Andy Palmer, the company expects luxury electric vehicles to be a fundamental part of its product portfolios in the future.

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Aston Martin’s DBX Concept was a total surprise when it arrived at this year’s Geneva Motor Show and according to the company it was created to defy conventional thinking about the luxury GT segment and reach out a more diverse global audience. DBX Concept was imagined by Chief Creative Office Marek Reichman and his team at the Aston Martin global headquarters in Gaydon, Warwickshire and is a clear signal that the British brand is looking to expand its existing lineup with a new model.

Capable to accommodate four persons, the all-electric DBX Concept showcases not only cutting edge engineering but also a major evolution of Aston Martin’s design language. The front end of the vehicle is dominated by a reinterpretation of the well-known Aston Martin grille, stylish LED headlights as well as a front bumper that completes the design.

In addition, there is a new front hood, fitted with new design lines that underline the power delivered by the engine. Moreover, the rearview cameras were replaced the traditional mirrors, while the carbon ceramic brakes with a kinetic energy recovery system (KERS) make sure that no energy is lost. At the rear, we can see stylish LED taillights inspired by the iconic One-77 supercar.

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The thrill-seeking and highly popular PlayStation 3 racing game Gran Turismo 6 (GT6) will soon have a new GT racer from the United Kingdom on its virtual tracks – the Aston Martin DP-100 Vision Gran Turismo. GT6 gamers would be able to download the Aston Martin DP-100 Vision Gran Turismo in July 2014, following its global debut at the 2014 Goodwood Festival of Speed.

The DP-100 Vision Gran Turismo was developed in-house by Aston Martin’s design team headed by Design Director Marek Reichman. Aston Martin’s design team and design engineers started with the traditional 'blank sheet of paper' and toiled for six months to create the DP-100. They managed to create an Aston Martin that goes beyond the boundaries, with elegant looks and a high degree of engineering integrity. Since the GT6 is a high-octane virtual game, Aston Martin gave the DP-100 a powerful twin-turbo V12 engine that could deliver up to 800 bhp.

Interestingly, Aston Martin created the DP-100 employing the same techniques it usually applies when developing production sports cars, such as hand sketches and 3D modeling. Now fully realized in the virtual world, the highly detailed DP-100 comes with state-of-the-art electronics and a fully functioning suspension system.

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For the 2014 Goodwood Festival of Speed, Aston Martin announced the debut of its brand new Design Prototype 100. This is the latest concept to debut in the Gran Turismo 6 video game and according to Aston Martin, the stunning Design Prototype 100 was developed in-house by the company’s Design team.

DP-100 is a virtual-only GT race that will be available for PS3 fanatics to download in July 2014. For those who don’t know, Aston Martin is not the only carmaker to make a concept car especially for the Gran Turismo 6 game as other manufacturers also unveiled their creations.

Nissan introduced the 2020 Vision Gran Turismo, Mitsubishi revealed the XR-PHEV Vision Gran Turismo, Mercedes-Benz the AMG Vision Gran Turismo, BMW the Vision Gran Turismo, while Volkswagen will bring to Goodwood the GTI Roadster Gran Turismo Concept.

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Aston Martin is extending its centenary celebrations into Goodwood by showcasing a number of its astonishing road and race to the 2013 Festival of Speed scheduled on July 11-14, 2013. Leading Aston Martin's army of vehicles is the CC100 Speedster Concept, which is a celebration of the carmaker's 100 years of sports car existence and excellence and is seen as a preview to its future design direction.

Powered by a 6.0-litre V12 engine, Aston Martin's CC100 Speedster Concept car was designed and built in fewer than six months at Aston Martin’s global headquarters in Gaydon. The two-seater concept, which was nicknamed DBR100 by Aston Martin chief executive Ulrich Bez, is the product of the styling genius of Design Director Marek Reichman, who will have the privilege of driving the car in its demonstration runs up the famous Goodwood Hill at the weekend.

Joining the CC100 Speedster Concept at Goodwood is no other than the carmaker's most potent road car to date with the exception of the limited edition One-77 hypercar -- the V12 Vantage S.  The Aston Martin V12 Vantage S is powered by an AM28 6.0-liter V12 engine that provides 573 PS of output and 620 Nm of torque available at 5,750 rpm, allowing it to accelerate from zero to 60mph in just 3.7 seconds. Low rev torque is 510 Nm. Power is sent to rear wheels via the Sportshift III automated manual transmission. The V12 Vantage S will also have some demonstration runs at Goodwood.

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Aston Martin is celebrating 100 years in the sports car industry in world-class style by introducing its CC100 Speedster Concept.

The one-off concept car looks to Aston Martin's past and to the DBR1, which is the British brand's biggest sporting triumph on track, as well as to the future with a preview of its potential design direction.

Moreover, the 6-liter V12-powered Aston Martin CC100 made its global debut by completing one lap around the Nordschleife at the ADAC Zurich 24 Hrs. of Nürburgring race in Germany. It lapped the circuit along with 1000-kilometer race winner, the 1959 DBR1, and with racing legend Stirling Moss at its wheel. Needless to say, joining the race is the brand's most tangible expression of its year-long celebration of its centenary.

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It was confirmed by Aston Martin that it is about to take the wraps off of the finished One-77 concept at the famous Concorso d'Eleganza show on the premises of the Grand Hotel Villa d'Este on the coast of Lake Como in Italy on April 24-26 this year.

The Aston Martin One-77 is the company's defining sports car, representing everything from technology, hand-craftsmanship of the hand-rolled aluminum panels up to the outstanding attention to detail.

The One-77 is the peak of the brand's expertise and it comes with an attractiveness that cannot just be put aside, most likely putting all other previous Aston Martins in the shadows through its performance potential. Extraordinary workmanship and limitless funding commitment are what makes this sports car a unique machine.

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The wraps on the Aston Martin One-77 supercar, which comes with a whopping price tag of €1.3 million, was removed at the Concorso d'Eleganza show held at the Grand Hotel Villa d'Este overlooking the coast of Lake Como in Italy. The supercar was completed only two day before the show.

The concept supercar was displayed in complete form including the interior and running powertrain, not like previous concept models displayed at the Paris and Geneva motor show.

Air intakes with a slashed appearance integrated in the front wing and a large grill, with obvious inspiration from the classic Aston Martin, are some of the styling touches that go into the concept car.

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Aston Martin is taking the next step in transportation through the Cygnet Concept -- a luxury commuter car. The Cygnet Concept is expected to showcase the future of Aston Martin as it relates to design, innovation and technology giving customers more freedom without compromising the qualities that symbolize the company.

The manufacturer has consistently been giving customers enjoyment in driving with high quality craftsmanship and designs. While the company uses traditional values to the letter, it also promotes innovation. The Cygnet Concept is expected to bring what Aston Martin stands for to new market sectors.

Aston Martin CEO Dr. Ulrich Bez relates that with many of its customers preferring to have small cars for use in the city, it was time to bring Aston Martin to this market. As a premium commuter car, the Cygnet Concept is exactly what customers need.

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Fiat celebrates its 120th anniversary at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show by unveiling a special concept car that expresses its bold, democratic future vision as derived from its rich history and extensive experience. This new concept car -- dubbed as the new Fiat Concept Centoventi – serves as a perfect expression of how Fiat views electric mass mobility in the near future.

The new Fiat Concept Centoventi is aptly named as such as “centoventi” actually means “120” in Italian. According to Fiat, naming the electric concept car as Centoventi reveals its destination to break away from the past and push beyond. In addition, Fiat said that the Concept Centoventi projects the Italian brand into the future by become “ABC of cars. Affordable But Cool."

Being a democratized car, the Fiat Concept Centoventi offers great freedom to customize. This is evident on the fact that not only its exterior and interior are customizable but also its electrical power source. Fiat is offering a set of modular batteries. As standard, the Centoventi comes out of the factory with one battery that delivers a range of 100 km. If a customer needs to travel a longer distance, he or she may opt to install another battery to give the Centoventi a total range of 200 km.

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Nissan has unveiled at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show a new concept vehicle which design and advance technology provides a glimpse of what customers can expected from Nissan’s next generation of crossovers. This new showcar – the all-new new Nissan IMQ concept vehicle – could be considered as an amalgamation of Japanese heritage with modern human-centric technology.

Design to cater to the European market, the new Nissan IMQ concept boasts of electrified propulsion, although the car itself isn't an electric vehicle. It features the next generation of e-POWER, which a 100-percent electric motor drive system allows for instant, linear acceleration. This system – designed to deliver 250 kW of max output and 700 Nm of peak torque -- is an evolution of the e-POWER technology found in the Nissan Note and Serena models in Japan. The new system directs output via a new multi-motor all-wheel-drive system. By combining e-POWER and AWD, the IMQ concept could excel even in low-grip conditions.

Aside from the next generation of the e-POWER, the new IMQ comes fitted an advanced prototype version of Nissan's ProPILOT driving assistance system and the carmaker’s Invisible-to-Visible technology that was revealed at the CES 2019. This new Invisible-to-Visible (I2V) technology allows drivers see around corners, as well as visualize information about traffic jams and determine optional routes.

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Alfa Romeo is signaling with pure clarity its intent to enter the compact utility vehicle segment with a new concept that is currently being displayed at the 2019 Geneva International Motor Show in Switzerland. This new concept car – the new Alfa Romeo Tonale – combines practicality, dynamism, style as well as electrification.

The Alfa Romeo Tonale show car essentially marks a new milestone for the brands. It is the brand’s first compact SUV, albeit in concept form. Moreover, the Tonale is Alfa Romeo’s first entry into the world of electric cars, although in plug-in hybrid configuration. For customers, the new Tonale serves as preview for the Italian carmaker’s up and coming CUV.

Alfa Romeo actually announced last year its product road map for the period covering 2018 to 2022. Aside from its current offerings of six models – MiTo, Giulietta, Giulia, Stelvio, 4C Coupe and 4C Spider – the brand is planning to cover 71 percent of the premium market with the new Giulietta MCA, the production version of the Tonale, Giulia MCA (LWB), Stelvio MCA (LWD), GTV and the 8C.

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Audi has finally taken the veil off its latest electrified creation at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show – the new the Audi Q4 e-tron concept. This new concept car is a compact four-door SUV that basically provides a good look at the German premium carmaker’s fifth batter electric vehicle that would enter the automotive market by the end of 2020.

Wrapped in “Solar Sky” paint finish, the exterior of the new Audi Q4 e-tron concept is only constrained by its compact dimensions pegged at 4.59 meters in length, 1.90 meters in width and 1.61 meters in height, with a wheelbase of 2.77 meters. It is almost impossible not to indentify the Q4 e-tron concept as an Audi, as the prototype is marked by on the front end by Singleframe with the four rings.

Furthermore, it is also fairly easy to distinguish the concept as an electric Audi e-tron as it features upright octagonal frame instead of a traditional radiator grille. Large inlets can be found extending from below the concept’s two matrix LED headlights to the front apron.

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It has been three years since Toyota’s luxury division, Lexus, unveiled the LC Coupe at the 2016 North American International Auto Show (NAIAS), which is also known as the Detroit Auto Show. Now at the same venue, Lexus is presenting to the global public an open -top study of the LC Coupe – the Lexus LC Convertible Concept.

As the luxury carmaker puts it, the Lexus LC Convertible Concept suggests future direction of its LC flagship. The premium carmaker calls the LC Convertible Concept as an aspirational halo vehicle for the entire Lexus lineup. In terms of looks, the LC Convertible Concept is essentially the LC Coupe without a fixed roof. For three years, not a few have imagine how the LC Coupe would appear if it become a convertible. The LC Convertible Concept is the realization of this imagination in metal.

As Tadao Mori, Chief Designer of the Lexus LC Convertible Concept, quipped, the show car re-imagines the unmistakable design of the LC Coupe as a future convertible. He added that the LC Convertible Concept is a blend all the best aspects of the original LC Coupe, but with the dynamic design of a convertible.

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