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Technology-laden Nissan IMQ Concept vehicle unveiled at 2019 Geneva Motor Show

Nissan has unveiled at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show a new concept vehicle which design and advance technology provides a glimpse of what customers can expected from Nissan’s next generation of crossovers. This new showcar – the all-new new Nissan IMQ concept vehicle – could be considered as an amalgamation of Japanese heritage with modern human-centric technology.

Design to cater to the European market, the new Nissan IMQ concept boasts of electrified propulsion, although the car itself isn't an electric vehicle. It features the next generation of e-POWER, which a 100-percent electric motor drive system allows for instant, linear acceleration. This system – designed to deliver 250 kW of max output and 700 Nm of peak torque -- is an evolution of the e-POWER technology found in the Nissan Note and Serena models in Japan. The new system directs output via a new multi-motor all-wheel-drive system. By combining e-POWER and AWD, the IMQ concept could excel even in low-grip conditions.

Aside from the next generation of the e-POWER, the new IMQ comes fitted an advanced prototype version of Nissan's ProPILOT driving assistance system and the carmaker’s Invisible-to-Visible technology that was revealed at the CES 2019. This new Invisible-to-Visible (I2V) technology allows drivers see around corners, as well as visualize information about traffic jams and determine optional routes.

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Nissan Navara Dark Sky Concept is a powerful astronomy labs on wheels

Nissan took visitors at the 2017 Los Angeles Auto Show to the stars when it collaborated with Lucasfilm and displayed six Star Wars-themed vehicles. Now, Nissan is taking the visitors at the 2018 IAA Commercial Vehicles (also called Hannover Motor Show) to the dark sky with its latest creation – the all-new Nissan Navara Dark Sky Concept.

A product of collaboration with the European Space Agency (ESA), the United Kingdom-developed Nissan Navara Dark Sky Concept is all suited to do its job. Astronomers at ESA have been mapping the stars through the Gaia satellite. In fact, this project has already resulted to the observation of more than a billion stars. However, light pollution – especially from urban – makes the stars less visible. Thus, astronomers have been conducted follow-up observations from remote, hard-to-reach locations, also called as so-called "dark sky" places. In doing so, ESA’s astronomers have to bring them powerful telescopes, which have to transported safely and easily.

Embodying the Nissan Intelligent Mobility, the Nissan Navara Dark Sky Concept is appropriately suited to support this project. It is a solution to the enigma of how to transport telescopes for dark sky observations of the universe. It is properly equipped to tow on a bespoke off-road trailer the ultrahigh-power, observatory-class PlaneWave telescope, which can deliver detailed views of distant galaxies and nebulae.

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Nissan reveals Xmotion design study at 2018 Detroit Auto Show

Nissan is well-known for creating groundbreaking crossovers as well as sports utility vehicles. At the 2018 North American International Auto Show (Detroit Auto Show), the Japanese carmaker has unveiled a new design study that signals its design direction for 2020 and beyond – in the form of the new Nissan Xmotion three-row SUV Concept.

Pronounced as “cross motion,” the Xmotion concept explores the possible design for Nissan’s future compact SUV. It features a striking exterior that looks into the future with its sculpted body and menacing front end, as well as a well-crafted interior inspired by Japanese landscape. Just like a purposeful traditional SUV, the Xmotion comes with a high stance, bulked-up fenders, high-utility proportions as well as all-terrain-ready wheels and tires. The new Xmotion delivers American-style utility while taking inspiration from Japanese culture, and also fusing traditional craftsmanship with new-generation Nissan Intelligent Mobility technology.

The new Nissan Xmotion concept sports a bold evolution of the brand’s signature V-motion grille, now wider and deeper, to the point that this new form was the inspiration behind the name of the concept. The new grille dons horizontal bars inspired by Japanese architecture, featuring a blade-like appearance with deep carbon color and high-gloss finish. Nissan hopes to employ this evolved V-motion grille for future production crossovers and SUVs.

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Nissan brought 7 Star Wars-inspired vehicles to the 2017 LA Auto Show

We are just a few days away from the most awaited movie of the year, Star Wars: The Last Jedi. And you might have noticed that wherever you look, you’re reminded of this movie. It seems that Star Wars has invaded our everyday lives, as seen in clothing brands, to shoes, and everything in between to celebrate Star Wars Eight. And of course, Nissan is not going to be left behind.

This is why they introduced no less than seven modified vehicles, which were all brought to the 2017 Los Angeles Auto Show to be put up on display. The partnership between both the Japanese automaker and the franchise began this September when it was officially announced. Two months later, Nissan proves how ready it is for the movie’s premier in December with their expressive designs, where each car portrays a certain character or craft from the upcoming film.

All in all, Nissan modified three Maxima vehicles, and one of the following models: Altima, Rogue and Rogue Sport, and brought them to the City of Angels. Each car was designed by artists who work in Lucasfilm. This all started with a pen and paper, where the design team paired certain characters and crafts with cars from the newest film. They then chose colour palettes, graphics, textures and designs for each of them. You probably already know that the 7 vehicles will only be concepts, so don’t expect to get your hands on one.

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The current Nissan Qashqai (known as the Rogue Sport in the US) has been around for about three years now, and it also recently went through a facelift. In Europe, the model is very important for Nissan as it has been a huge success for them, being the automaker’s best-selling compact crossover in continent, and the best-selling model built in the United Kingdom. The Qashqai is not only popular in Europe as the automaker has also commercialized this C-segment CUV in larger markets all over the world.

To keep its success continuous, Nissan must play its cards right for the next and third generation Qashqai. And already, the Japanese automaker mentioned that the next Qashqai will have some similarities with the IMx Concept that is currently on display at the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show, when it comes to the design.

Alfonso Albaisa, who acts as the company’s senior vice president of global design, says that the IMx concept is just a design study, which means that it will probably never reach the production line. However, he did say that we should expect a production model that will be bigger than the Juke, and it will also get some of its design elements from the IMx. Of course, we should not expect the 2020 Qashqai to look very much like the show car and that it will definitely not be as flashy, but some of the concept cues will be having a road-going equivalent. Albaisa said that the IMx’s strong features will definitely be toned down for the production model.

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Not that long ago, we talked about the Leaf-based electric SUV by Nissan. The one where we were first teased with just a dark silhouette, and was followed by another teaser where robots were molding it. And after all that, the actual car has finally been revealed as the Nissan IMx Concept. By looking at it for the very first time, you would probably agree that it has a bold appearance with many lines on its angular body, suicide doors, and the new V-motion grille. Though not everyone may be a fan of how it looks, it sure is something else.

When looking at the SUV from all angles, you would notice that both the front and the rear fenders look like they’re floating as they are designed to point upwards. That’s not only the new thing it features, the EV has got a massive panoramic glass roof that runs from the front to the rear, so it looks pretty amazing when viewed from above, and from inside too, as you get a full view of the sky. The exterior has been finished in a pearl white body predominantly, combined with a vermillion colour and contrasted with black roof and pillars.

Since the IMx is still a concept, the interior only gets a minimalist layout, with only four seats and no physical controls. There is an OLED display that acts like an instrument panel located right above a wood grain-pattered display that stretches onto the door panels. The seats feature a laser-etched katanagare diagonal pattern that is matched with kumiki (Japanese interlocking wood puzzle) motif on the headreasts that the IMx boasts, as Nissan used a 3D printer to design the seats’ frame.

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We consider the dogs as man's best friends, and sometimes we even look at these furry animals as family. Starting now, all that we will be raving about is regarding Fidos- sorry cat people, maybe next time. The Nissan fam just revealed that they are dog lovers with their latest invention, the Rogue Dogue Concept.

While we see the dogs as worthwhile companions when it comes to cruising the roads, going to the beach or hiking the mountains, we cannot help but sometimes think of the cons in bringing our furry friends on a ride: saliva and hair sticking everywhere in the car, possibility of urine and poop decorating the interior and so on. But Dennis McCarthy, the car coordinator for the Fast and Furious movies, built a vehicle that directly caters to the puppet's needs sans the nitrous setup as seen in the movies. The concept car conceptualized as a 2017 Nissan Rogue SL with the Platinum Reserve package with quilted leather inserts and tan leather sets.

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If you’re a pet lover with strong preference for our canine friends, then this newest concept vehicle from Japanese carmaker Nissan would be to your liking. In fact, a dog-lover would want Nissan to turn this concept into a production vehicle in the nearest time as possible.

Nissan is introducing the all-new Nissan X-Trail 4Dogs Concept, which has been designed according to the preferences of most dog owners in the United Kingdom. The X-Trail 4Dogs concept was basically an offshoot of a recent survey conducted by The Kennel Club -- the largest organization for promoting dog welfare in the UK – and covering more than 1,300 dog owners.

According to the survey, around 98.7 percent of the survey respondents use their vehicles to transport their dog with 88.7 percent of dog owners doing that at least once a week. Moreover, around 90.5 percent of dog owners transport their pets in the car when travelling for at least 10 minutes. These indicate how important a vehicle is when transporting dogs from one place to another.

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With the Vmotion 2.0 Concept, Nissan hopes to show the future of its Intelligent Mobility technology and what direction its sedan design is headed. This concept vehicle was revealed by the brand through a press conference conducted during the 2017 North American International Auto Show held in Detroit.

The Vmotion 2.0 shows a good combination of an emotional design with an excellent sense of style. It offers enough room on the inside with features designed for comfort and technological systems integrated to it.

Overall length of the Vmotion 2.0 is at 191.3 in. (4,860 mm), making it shorter compared to the Altima. Meanwhile, the wheelbase measuring 112.2 in. (2,850 mm) is actually longer than the Altima, and even the Maxima. Excluding door mirrors, width is at 74.4 in. (1,890 mm), meaning it is lower than many of the brand’s sedans. The height of 54.3 in. (1,380 mm) gives it an appearance that exudes style.

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Nissan is intending to exhibit two special versions of its popular crossovers, the Qashqai and the X-Trail, at the upcoming 2016 Geneva Motor Show. The show car duo – the Qashqai Premium Concept and the X-Trail Premium Concept – are essentially different models but feature similar themes, colors and materials.

Both SUVs are wrapped in a vibrant yet elegant black and white palette as contrasted by a premium golden copper. The Qashqai Premium Concept and the X-Trail Premium Concept are creations of Nissan Design Europe (NDE) in London and Nissan’s Global Design Centre (GDC) in Japan, respectively.

Since both the Qashqai and the X-Trail play a big role in Nissan's success in Europe, the Qashqai Premium Concept and the X-Trail Premium Concept demonstrate the carmaker's intention to cater to more customers in more markets.

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Nissan has just released a video about the Rogue Warrior that shows why this prototype is a good choice for those harsh winter conditions. The release is considered fitting as Canada is just starting with its major snowfall which marks the start of a possible severe winter.

In the video, the Rogue Warrior is equipped with snow tracks and shows just what it can do by going through what looks like 40 centimeters of new snow and then climbing up a 30-degree slope to reach a ski resort in the northern part of Quebec. Going back to the video, it starts with a group of snowboarders and skiers waiting impatiently for what appears to be a chairlift moving slowly.

An observant snowboarder, also in line, notices that the people are getting frustrated and makes an early departure. However the same snowboarder later returns in the Rogue Warrior and carries everyone up the hill, with all the snow, effortlessly.

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Meet the Nissan Concept 2020 Vision Gran Turismo – a concept supercar that made its debut at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show. Nissan has always been known to be formidable in the Gran Turismo game but it’s likely to gain even more recognition with the launch of this concept.

With a striking body color in Fire Knight red, this supercar was built together with the Gran Turismo creators themselves, Polyphony Digital Inc. The Nissan Concept 2020 Vision Gran Turismo uses a reinterpretation of the brand’s trademark V-Motion grille.

Gamers who attended the Tokyo show as well as those around the world who are viewing the supercar at their homes couldn’t help but gasp at this tangible expression of the virtual vehicle. Nissan has always been known for their innovativeness and the outstanding performance of their models.

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Heads up, digital natives! Nissan has designed a car just for you – the Teatro for Dayz – which has been on display at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show. This car is meant for people who have gotten used to transformational technology and can’t imagine a world where they won’t be free to use digital devices to share their experiences.

Nissan’s approach to this concept is quite unusual as it defies customs and finds way to push boundaries.

It also brings to light the need of doing away with added value. Executive Design Director Satoshi Tai said that in designing for ‘share natives,’ the company deviated from its typical processes and it chose not to use the knowledge that it has already gained from previous experiences.

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Nissan Motor Co. today revealed the IDS Concept during the Tokyo Motor Show 2015. This concept car is Nissan’s way of showing what it believes is what we should expect in the future when it comes to electric vehicles. It should have zero emissions and it should feature autonomous driving.

No other than the company’s president and CEO Carlos Ghosn led the presentation. Ghosn shared that with the upcoming technologies developed by the brand, there will be a new future for mobility that transforms the relationship between the driver and the car.

Nissan has always been ahead when it comes to the technology on electric vehicles and now it is poised to take the lead again in automotive technology. While the use of safety technologies and better vehicle control is a practice in the industry, Nissan takes it a step further by incorporating the two with the latest in artificial intelligence.

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Nissan has added the Scoot Quad to the electric vehicle fleet known as the Scoot Networks mobility service that is active in San Francisco, in California.

Also known as the New Mobility Concept, the Scoot Quad is the first four-wheeled vehicle to join the ranks of the Scoot Networks fleet, which, as of October 17, operated only 400 custom-made electric scooters that can run up to 25 miles on a single electric charge.

These scooters are ideal for short hops around the city to run errands, visit friends or just to explore the iconic Californian city. The Scoot Quad, on the other hand, features a longer range of 40 miles but a slower top speed of 25 mph – the smaller scooters can go up to 30 mph.

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We can expect great things from Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.’s stand at the 44th Tokyo Motor Show, which opens on October 30 and closes on November 8. Open to the public, this exhibit will be held at Tokyo Big Sight. One of the most anticipated highlights of Nissan’s exhibit is a ground-breaking concept dubbed Teatro for Dayz that indicates a new path in mobile technology.

A departure from the usual way we perceive things, this concept was designed particularly for the digital native youth. Other highlights in this exhibit include: (1) Nissan Gripz Concept, which marks its debut in Japan after having been launched last month at the 2015 Frankfurt Auto Show; (2) the latest autonomous drive and safety technologies; (3) and Nissan Concept 2020 Vision Gran Turismo.

Nissan will be displaying as many as 20 vehicles, which include the X-Trail Hybrid Mode Premier and Juke 16GT Four Personalization models. In addition, visitors will be treated to a display of special-feature models such as the Skyline 350GT Hybrid Type-SP Cool Exclusive, Serena Highway Star V Selection, and Fuga 370GT Type-S Cool Exclusive.

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The Sway Concept that Nissan unveiled at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show is a study that previews the next-generation Micra and the way that the Japanese manufacturer is experimenting in order to see how it can bring fresh ideas to the compact segment. Nissan will launch the next-generation Micra in mid-2016 and will be designed and engineered in Europe, which is the same strategy used by the company with the Qashqai and Juke.

According to Nissan, the concept was designed to shake up the compact hatchback segment, which is known as a conservative sector of the market. When it comes to design, the concept blends four distinctive elements: the V-motion grille, floating roof, boomerang lamps and kicked-up C-pillar.

This new design already inspired vehicles such as the Nissan Lania Concept which was unveiled at the Auto China 2014, as well as the new Murano. As we said, the Sway Concept shows a V-motion grille, located low at the front between V-shaped quarter bumpers. Moreover, the grille is actually the starting point for a bold contour that curves over the bonnet and front wheels and dips towards the centre of the front door.

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When Nissan unveiled the attention-getter Kicks compact crossover concept at the Sao Paulo International Motor Show, the American press could not help but speculate that this model provides a glimpse of the replacement for the Nissan Juke.

Well, it has been four years since Nissan unveiled the Juke at the 2010 Geneva auto show, which means that a concept previewing its replacement should not come as a surprise. In fact, the Kicks offers some similarities with the Juke – almost the same proportions, short overhangs, a tall shoulder line, generous ground clearance and a relatively small cargo area.

However, the concept is flashier than the Juke, thanks to its bold accent colors in the wheels and on the roof. Likewise, the Kicks is bigger than the Juke, boasts of an all-wheel drive system and is powered by a turbocharged engine – seemingly fitting for customers in Brazil and Latin America.

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Nissan Brazil officially revealed the Nissan Kicks Concept at the most prestigious and largest motor show in Latin America, the 2014 São Paulo International Motor Show. As a compact urban crossover concept, this will be the brand’s second design exploration to be developed exclusively for its customers in Brazil. The first one was the Nissan Extrem Concept, which was one of the highlights during the same car show held in 2012. Nissan Brazil President François Dossa said that this latest offering brings the Nissan Extrem from what was considered as pure fantasy to have a market position that is a bit closer to reality. It also hints of a potential future production vehicle.

He added that as suggested by the name, the exaggerated form of Extrem was mainly focused on fun. However for the Kicks Concept, he continued, it brings with it elements as it relates to security and robustness, both of which are more than appropriate given the fast-moving lifestyle of many Brazilian professionals today. While the development of the new Kicks Concept was headed by the Global Design Center based in Japan, it is in fact a partnership between Nissan Design America (NDA) located in San Diego, California and the Nissan Design America Rio (NDA-R).

The latter is the newly opened satellite design studio of the brand at its Brazilian headquarters. In a statement, Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. Senior Vice President and Chief Creative Officer Shiro Nakamura, revealed that the Kicks project is an excellent example of how Nissan’s global design network continues to work in order to come up with models that are best suited to the region where they will be both enjoyed and seen. Nakamura said that for this concept car, the brand relied on the Rio de Janeiro team not just for their local insight but also for their expertise.

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All of Nismo’s creations are underpinned by three core values: passion, excitement and race-inspired engineering. Nissan has been striving to bring Nismo philosophy to the most number of customers, and is now taking a new road by unveiling the new Pulsar Nismo Concept to the global public at the 2014 Paris Motor Show. The new Nismo Concept is an expressive design study that delves into the styling and engineering possibilities of a new sporting flagship for Nissan’s Pulsar range.

Injected with the same Nismo sporting DNA, the new Pulsar Nismo Concept represents a new dimension – one that focuses on performance – for the Pulsar range. Despite being just a design study so far, the new Pulsar Nismo Concept reflects Nissan’s commitment to develop its Nismo line-up with the goal of building new performance models to the next generation of drivers.

Every detail of the Pulsar Nismo Concept – its panel, trim and styling elements – allows it to stand out from standard models. Finished in satin grey, the Pulsar Nismo Concept is surrounded by Nismo's trademark Layered Double-Wing. Accentuated in red, this wing is shaped through airflow analysis, delivering better levels of aerodynamics performance and visually lowering its gravity.

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