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Bentley Continental GT V8 S debuts as ‘Monster by Mulliner’ at CES 2016

Famous high-performance audio brand Monster has joined hands with Mulliner, Bentley Motors’ bespoke coach-building division, in creating the ‘Monster by Mulliner’ bespoke vehicle based on the Bentley Continental GT V8 S. This vehicle made its debut at the CES 2016.

The stunning Bentley Continental GT V8 S, which uniquely imparts the ‘Always Lead, Never Follow’ attitude of Monster has been strategically designed to target the young professional population as well as sports and music lovers. This ‘Monster by Mulliner’ Continental GT V8 S is perfect for buyers looking for a bold look and outstanding audio performance.

The latest innovations in audio technology developed by Monster have been well incorporated into this luxurious Bentley. The kind of custom sound system that will deliver all genres of music like Hip hop, rap, EDM and Rock has not yet been made available in any other production car in the world to date.

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BMW brings i Vision Future Interaction Concept to CES 2016

BMW Group showcased its i Vision Future Interaction Concept at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Based on the BMW i8 Concept Spyder, the Concept Car BMW i Vision Future Interaction will be used to show visitors one of the possible layouts of future user interface. For instance, the Vision Car employs high-resolution vehicle displays in which the content aptly responds to the situation.

Likewise, all functions can be controlled through voice, gestures or touch surfaces – thereby rendering human-to-vehicle interaction as intuitive as possible. While the Vision Car features an interior compartment so focused that it could fully support the driver while driving manually, it also allows the pilot to relax on its well-designed seats during a highly automated mode. Likewise, drivers – during auto mode – can also access the expanded content shown on the central information display.

Interestingly, the digital content will be optimally present according to the adjustments made by the vehicle to the drive mode and the surrounding environment. Before commencing a trip, a driver could check pertinent information like charge status using their smart phone, smart watch or Mobility Mirror. These are then transferred seamlessly to the appropriate menus, map displays and driver information on the panorama display in the BMW i Vision Future Interaction.

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VW BUDD-e Concept unveiled at 2016 Consumer Electronics Show (CES)

At the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Volkswagen will launch BUDD-e. It is designed specifically for plug in vehicles as it uses the all new Modular Electric Platform (MEB). BUDD-e uniquely combines Volkswagen’s distinctive look whilst hinting at a futuristic feel. With a range of 373 miles, it is certain to generate interest.

In this digital age, our reliance on our mobile phones has never been greater and BUDD-e acts as an extension of our phones. Using the Internet of Things (IoT), BUDD-e connects the vehicle like no other car has done before. It interacts with your mobile or office computer for seamless connection wherever you are. It knows where you are and has resources to hand, making driving a completely interactive affair.

The vehicle makes use of infotainment technologies that effortlessly merge gesture and touch control for the maximum convenience of the driver. Gone are the old school analogue mirrors replaced by digital monitors. The combination of technology and interactive operating systems launches Volkswagen into the future, 2019 to be precise. For this is the date when production of BUDD-e is expected to commence in earnest, providing a car that runs solely on electricity but can rival its soon to be dated, petrol driven competitors.

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2012 CES: Audi shows the new 2013 A3 interior

At the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Audi revealed the interior of the all-new 2013 A3 and as expected this brings some interesting innovations. Some of these include the electromechanical parking brake, which replaces the mechanical component, a new multifunction steering wheel with a freely assignable button but also new infotainment features. The new modular infotainment platform utilizes the Nvidia Tegra processors. The central computer in the modular infotainment platform comprises two units, the the Radio Car Control Unit and what is known as the MMX board (MMX: Multi-Media eXtension).

The latter is responsible for all voice control, online, media, navigation and telephone functions. What is more interesting is that the new modular layout makes it easy to update the hardware – the fact that the MMX board can be replaced keeps the system at the cutting edge of technology. According to Audi, the T 20 processor of the Tegra 2 series from market leader Nvidia is a dual-core processor with 1.2 GHz clock frequency and a fast graphics card.

With its help, the playback of audio and video formats such as mp3 audio and mpeg4 video is accelerated. Moreover, the T20 works with a graphics program (what is known as a 3D engine) from the specialist Rightware and makes Audi one of the first automobile manufacturer able to display three-dimensional graphics in a vehicle.

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