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Renault considers dropping the Dacia Logan MCV, Dokker and Lodgy

Three Renault models are at risk of being terminated as the vehicle market steers away from vans and stations wagons. The models are the Logan MCV station wagon, Dokker car-based van and the Lodgy compact minivan from Dacia, a spokesman disclosed, confirming a report from Les Echos.

According to Inovev analyst Jamel Taganza, the market in those segments is moving toward SUV/crossovers across the subcompact, compact and economy car segments.

Sales of the Lodgy have dropped in Europe while volume for the Dokker is flat. On the other, a new generation Logan MCV helped the model post significant jump in sales.

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Dacia introduces the Dokker

Two new models will be added to the Dacia lineup this year – the Dokker (a versatile crew van) and Dokker Van (a practical small van). These two models were introduced at the Casablanca Show. Both of them are produced in Tangiers and will go on sale in Morocco initially, in June. Dokker, a practical and versatile five-seat crew-van, is available with either one or two sliding side doors.

It has a spacious boot space and straightforward, modular interior, making it perfect for customers who require a vehicle that could carry large loads so it could comfortably transport a family. Business people and those involved in trade compose the target market for the Dokker van, the small van version of the same model.

Buyers can choose between one or two wide, sliding side doors. Aside from being dependable and robust, it has a carrying capacity that’s one of the best in the segment. Meanwhile, it benefits as well from having a meticulously studied modular interior and economical fuel consumption. Dokker is a wordplay on “dockworker.” It shows off both models’ excellent carrying capacity as well as their modular interior layout and robustness.

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