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Bonham auction has sold off first U.S. McLaren F1 for $15.62 million

We have just witnessed the sale of the most expensive McLaren F1 to date. Over the weekend, at the 2017 Pebble Beach Concours in Monterey, the Bonham auction took place. And the first ever 1995 McLaren F1 that had been imported to the United States had been put up for auction, and was brought home by its new owner, who offered $14.2 million for it. This price does not yet include ten percent buyer’s fee, which means that it was sold off for a grand total of $15.62 million.

The car is looking good as new, and was offered by its original owner. Under the hood is the 6.1 liter V12 that it originally came with, paired with a six-speed manual transmission. This enables the F1 to yield 627 horsepower (467 kilowatts) that can sprint from 0 to 60 miles per hour (96 kilometers per hour) in only 3.2 seconds, before continuing to its max speed of 242.9 miles per hour (391 kilometers per hour).

Looking at it from the outside, it is dressed in a matte silver finish. While the inside cabin is finished in black and grey Connolly leather. As I have mentioned earlier, this example is almost as good as new with only 9,600 miles (15,449 kilometers) on its odometer since it got out of the factory. The only thing is that the fuel cell had been replaced twice already and it has gone through some minor wear and tear.

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Renault Sport F1-Lotus F1 Team partnership extended

Renault Sport F1 will still be the official chassis-engine partner of Lotus F1 Team for 2014 and beyond. For the upcoming season, Renault will supply Lotus F1 with its cutting edge Energy F1-2014 Power Unit, which is designed for the radical new 2014 technical regulations, combining a V6 turbocharged direct injection internal combustion engine with two motor generator units that gather energy wasted in the exhaust gasses and brakes and deploy as both electrical and mechanical power.

The energy system is tagged to be over 35% more energy efficient than the previous V8 generation, thanks to its technical and sporting regulations that set a fuel flow limit of 100kg/h and maximum quantity of 100kg of fuel permitted per race.

The partnership extension continues the long history of collaboration between the two entities that began in 1995 when Renault supplied its legendary V10 to Benetton, the team’s name back then.

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Chinese GP: Hublot reveals F1 King Power watch

Hublot, the luxury watchmaker, unveiled the F1 King Power watch in Shanghai. Only 500 samples will be produced of the zirconium watch. The F1 logo is displayed clearly at the 12 o'clock mark.

The watch measures 48mm in diameter and its bezel is reminiscent of the disc brakes on a Formula 1 car. Hublot, which was named the Official Watchmaker of Formula 1 last month, offers this watch with a two-layer strap that features rubber on the inside.

The dial is composed of a material that's comparable to that used on making racing drivers overalls externally. The movement is a mechanical chronograph with automatic winding known as the Hublotcalibre HUB 4100. Meanwhile, its dial has multilayered indexes with black nickel treatment.

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