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2018 Ferrari Portofino becomes official ahead of Frankfurt Motor Show

Say goodbye to the Ferrari California T hardtop, the V8-powered grand touring sports car. But don’t be sad yet, as the Italian carmaker has already lined up a suitable replacement for the charming convertible – the new Ferrari Portofino.

Instead of retaining the already iconic moniker that is California, Ferrari has decided to give this new drop-top car a new name, one that reflects charm, elegance, luxury and sportiness.

Thus, Ferrari opted to name the California T successor as the Portofino, derived from a beautiful and charming town located in the northwestern section of Italy. In addition, the Italian sports car maker also named the launch color of this new V8 GT after the town – Rosso Portofino.

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Ferrari unveils Handling Speciale (HS) package for California T

The Ferrari California T could now be availed with the brand-new Handling Speciale (HS) option. This new optional package from Ferrari -- the Handling Speciale – provides a series of specific calibrations and a set-up that could make the already athletic California T sportier, especially when it is in Sport mode.

Handling Speciale includes new damper settings and modified springs that make the California T stiffer. While this package may reduce the ride comfort, it allows for a sportier feedback, which is made more promising by a new engine sound that intensifies as revs rise.

This new HS package features 16-percent stiffer front springs and 19-percent stiffer rear springs, resulting to enhanced body control due to lower roll, dive and pitch. This feedback is especially welcomed when drivers are tackling challenging routes laden with twisty roads, adding more juice to the already versatile and high performing California T.

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Deserving children get the Ferrari California T experience

Ferrari North Europe has been giving many deserving children an unforgettable experience at the Silverstone Circuit since 2010. This is the foundation of the CSR program of the brand and this year, the same event was held with the Ferrari California T Experience. A group of disadvantage, disabled, and seriously ill children and their siblings were given the chance to experience being driven inside a Ferrari California T at Silverstone.

This event was made possible in coordination with the Rays of Sunshine and BEN charities. Rays of Sunshine is a charity the helps grant the wishes of children who have serious illnesses or life-limiting ones while BEN is a charity by the auto industry that provides financial help, care, emotional support and care for those who work or have worked with the industry and their immediate family.

While the child experiences an adrenaline-charged ride in the California T with a professional driver, the rest of the family get to enjoy various forms of entertainment at the Stowe Complex which is sponsored by many companies like Lego and PlayStation. The children and their families will also get a chance to mingle with the different celebrities who attend.

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Official: Ferrari California T is the 149M Project

Ferrari has officially unveiled the California T a.k.a. the 149M Project and announced that it will bring its new sports car at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show. As you can see from the photos, the new car follows the same design line introduced by the Ferrari 458 Italia and the F12berlinetta. Just like the mentioned models, the California T was penned by the Ferrari Styling Centre in collaboration with Pininfarina.

According to the official press release, the shape of California T’s flanks is inspired by the 250 Testa Rossa’s famous pontoon-fender styling, while the front wing line that stretches back towards the compact, muscular rear, brings an aerodynamic sleekness and movement to the sides.

The rear end was also redesigned and now comes with a triple-fence diffuser as well as new taillights. Inside, the California T was designed to be as ergonomic as possible and exudes a sense of warmth and craftsmanship, with luxurious Frau semi-aniline leather trim.

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As you may know already, Ferrari teased the 149M Project last week and the Italian manufacturer revealed the fact that its new car will make its debut tomorrow. Ahead of its official debut, the new Ferrari is teased once again and as you can see from the photos it is clear that the sports car will follow the new design line shown by the F12berlinetta.

We already know that the new model that Ferrari is talking about is the California, as the new car is dubbed ‘149M Project’.

Ferrari California is codenamed F149, which indicates that the 149M is a modified version of the California, where ‘M’ comes from ‘Modificada’ or Italian for ‘modified’. So, expect a new version of the Ferrari California wearing a F12berlinetta-inspired design.

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