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Two Tailor Made Ferrari California T models unveiled in Frankfurt

One day into the 66th Frankfurt International Motor Show and it is clear who has emerged as the start of the show. The 2016 Ferrari 488 Spider indeed caught the attention of everyone especially that of the press. From the journalists to the TV cameras and photographers, everybody crowded from morning until evening in order to see Maranello’s exhibit.

However the excitement did not start with the presentation of the 488 Spider. Rather it was with the announcement that Apple’s CarPlay will now be included in the whole range of Ferrari’s offering. It initially debuted with Ferrari FF and will now be part of the Ferrari California T as well.

In fact, two of the Tailor Made California T’s also drew additional attention. The first California T has the Grigio Titanio glossy bodywork. Meanwhile, the interior has the black and Antracite top leather with the fabric Blu Microprestige interior trim.

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Next-generation Ferrari California revealed in a series of design patent images

It appears that Ferrari is working on a new version of the California as the first patent design patent images emerged on the web. Although we don’t know for sure if the new coupe cabriolet will get the same name, Ferrari is continuing its new design language started by the FF. As you can see from the photos, the new front-engined sports car features new headlights just like the ones found on the Ferrari 458 Italia, F12berlinetta or the FF.

The rear end is a mix between the FF and the F12berlinetta. The current California already received facelift and it is currently the oldest model in Ferrari’s lineup. Ferrari California is powered by a naturally aspirated V8 engine rated at 483 bhp and is capable to hit 100 km/h (62 mph) in just 4.0 seconds and a top speed of 194 mph or 312 km/h.

Taking its cue from the 1957 250 California, the Ferrari California continues the philosophy of superior performance and excellent craftsmanship with groundbreaking innovations. The Ferrari California was launched officially during the Paris Show in 2008 after conducting a succession of web previews. The car was also shown during special events held in Los Angeles and Maranello getting outstanding reception.

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Next-generation Ferrari California will get a turbocharged engine

Reports indicate that tests are ongoing for the powertrains and running gear of the thinly disguised Ferrari California mule. This next-gen model is expected to start selling at around 2014 or 2015. This test car had the engine sound of a turbocharged unit. This is expected to be a version of a new V8 family presently being produced at Maranello.

In addition, the raised bonnet line and extra cooling vents may signal that the turbo engine has a taller package height that requires additional under-bonnet space and heat management. According to sources, the strange exhaust arrangement on this mule is exclusively a test-car requirement, required to control noise output at the Fiorano test circuit, where strict operating regulations are implemented to satisfy local residents.

Ferrari designed the new V8 family. It’s already in production. In fact, it was newly seen in the Maserati Qattroporte in a twin-turbo 3.8-litre version. There’s no confirmation yet if Ferrari will utilize the same capacity. Even if the unit was used first in a Maserati, Ferrari claims that it exclusively owns the unit since it was designed and made in Maranello at a new £40 million facility.

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Lighter, more powerful Ferrari California seen at 2012 Geneva Motor Show

Another Ferrari vehicle currently on display at the Geneva Motor Show is the new Ferrari California, which is lighter but has more power. The Ferrari California’s chassis has undergone the most advanced aluminium fabrication techniques with Scaglietti Centre of Excellence, significantly cutting its overall weight by 30 kg. 

The car’s engine offers a power output of 490 CV, which is 30 CV higher than the previous version, which allows the car to accelerate from zero to 100 km/h in just 3.8 seconds. Customers who prefer to experience a more dynamic driving experience can select the Handling Speciale package, which significantly decrease body roll and improves the California’s response rate to driver inputs. 

The package includes magnetorheological dampers controlled by ECU running patented Ferrari software, which cuts the response time by half.  The package also includes stiffer springs and a new steering box that features a 10% quicker steering ratio. 

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The new version of the Ferrari California will officially debut at the Geneva Motor Show. This model, which is currently in production, is lighter by 30kg and yet it offers a boost in power of 30 CV. The GDI V8 on the Ferrari California now produces 490 hp with maximum torque of 505 Nm at 5,000 rpm – the result of its new exhaust manifolds and engine mapping.

In addition, the torque curve was modified and is now higher throughout the engine’s generous rev range. The car weighs 30 kg less due to the use of advanced aluminum fabrication techniques and construction technologies by the Scaglietti Centre of Excellence in making the Ferrari California’s chassis.

But it’s emphasized that the weight reduction doesn’t compromise its structural rigidity and performance. These gave the Ferrari’s California’s performance a boost, shortening its acceleration time in going from 0-100 km to 3.8 seconds. This enhances the sporty feel without sacrificing the car’s mission and character. This car has gained universal recognition for its retractable hard top and 2+ seating that offered excellent performance and versatility. Ferrari seeks to meet the requirements of clients that want a driving experience that’s more dynamic but not overly so.

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The power of the V8-engined Ferrari California, which will arrive in February 2012, has been given a boost. It comes with a new handling pack that was tested on the Fiorano test track doing high-speed runs. The ‘Handling Speciale’ package comes with major upgrades to steering, dampers and springs based on the HGTE package available on the 599. With this HS pack, the California will be targeting customers who are mostly new to Ferrari.

The suspension will be able to respond by up to 50% faster to bumps due to the reprogrammed control software for the California’s magnetorheological dampers and lower-friction seals in the Delphi-supplied dampers. Modifications to the engine management system as well as a new alloy intake manifold for the 4.3-litre V8 will improve peak power by 28bhp to 483bhp and torque by 15lb ft to 372lb ft.

But then, the California could achieve these figures only if it runs on high-octane unleaded. In addition, the California’s steering rack has been modified to be 10% faster and its springs have been strengthened by 15% to improve body control.

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If you prefer the finer things in life, then you might want to consider the A. Kahn Ferrari California for your collection. This car has a sporty design and innovation that’s more versatile, typical of the other cars built by A. Kahn Design. The consumer who wants the best in vehicle dynamics and driving pleasure would be delighted to know what has been improved in the Ferrari California. The chassis and its bodywork are both built of aluminum.

The engine, which enables the Ferrari California to accelerate from zero to 100 km/h in less than 4.0 seconds will be mated to a 7-speed dual clutch transmission that enhances the car's performance.

At the same time, the vehicle’s dynamics are enhanced and the driving pleasure is maximized. Ride comfort is improved while the fuel consumption and CO2 emissions level at 310 g/km are reduced. A Kahn sports suspension system raises the comfort level. With the exclusive F1-Trac traction control system, this vehicle becomes better suited to the expected driving conditions.

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As we already announced it, Ferrari revealed today at the 2010 Paris Motor Show a version of the California coupe-cabriolet equipped with the new HELE (High Emotion Low Emissions) system, designed to reduce the environmental impact of its cars and boost their performance and driving pleasure.

Before it received this new system, the California delivered 299 g/km of CO2 on the combined ECE+EUDC cycle, but thanks to the new HELE system the emissions were reduced to 270 g/km. In addition, the emissions fall by up 23% over an urban cycle that represents real-life use by a client.

Together with the Stop&Start system, HELE comes with a new intelligent engine fan and fuel pump control, electronic air-conditioning compressor displacement control and a gear-shift pattern that adapts to driving style. All these solutions cut the CO2 emissions and boost sportiness.

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Ferrari has big plans for this year’s Paris Motor Show, as the Italian manufacturer will unveil a green version of the smaller California coupe-cabriolet. Apparently, the car will now not feature a hybrid powertrain or stop-start technology, but we will see a refined V8 engine with a more sophisticated direct injection system , as well as a new system capable to disable cylinders.

Also, the system which will recover the energy during braking will also be installed on the new car, but also low friction tires. For those who don’t know, the standard version of the Ferrari California features a 4.3-liter V8 engine delivering 460 hp/338 kW at 7,750 rpm and a maximum torque of 485 Nm (49 kgm) at 5,000 rpm.

It can accelerate to 100 km/h (62 mph) in just 4.0 seconds while the top speed is 310 km/h or 192 mph. The V8 engine consumes just 13.1 litres/100 km (ECE combined) and has carbon emissions of 305.6 g\km (ECE combined). Same engine is mated to a dual clutch gearbox (7-speed + reverse) with the now traditional steering wheel-mounted F1-style paddles.

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The recently released UK pricing for the Ferrari California to a small group of media in Sicily today started at £143,000 (€185,767 or $249,000). The Ferrari is further unveiled through photos that display the cars sleek beauty from many different angles. Although the price for the Ferrari in the UK is not exactly equivalent to the pricing in the US, it gives us a fair estimate of the cost of the car compared to other Ferrari models, such as the F430 and the 599 GTB Fiorano.

Cars priced in the UK at £140,000 (€180,000 or $241,000) and £197,000 (€253,233 or $339,312), respectively, are expected to be priced quite similarly to the base price of the F430. The F430 may, however, top it off at £175,000 (€224,713 or $301,139) for the Scuderia and Spider models. In the US, where the F430 pricing begins at $186,000, the Ferrari California is anticipated to display a comparable sticker price, but not over the $200,000 price tag.

A discussion of sticker price, however, is just an intellectual exercise, considering that the final cost of in-demand convertibles can reach way beyond its base price. In true Ferrari fashion the fresh California model has already a long waiting list and is claimed by the Italian car manufacturer to be sold out until 2011.

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The latest two-seater called the California Spider, the latest entry-level model with a retractable aluminum top, is the offspring of the Ferrari 599 GTB, 612 Scaglietti and 430. The California Spider, which was introduced last October at the Paris Motor Show, is now available here locally.

The tuning specialist Edo Competition is currently offering unique accessories for the California for those who want to customize the looks and performance of their outstanding sports car. The Ferrari California sits atop attention-grabbing newly developed wheel-tire sets measuring 20 and 21 inches and come in a variety of designs.

Buyers have a choice between a lowered ride or an extra sport suspension system which is adaptable in both compression and rebound damping for a custom ride for cruising, fast driving or track.

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The Novitec Rosso tuners' work on the Ferrari California is nothing short of phenomenal. Prepare to be enthralled with the styling and performance tweaks included in the package that we're about to discuss.

Unfortunately, pricing has yet to be released. Let's start with the performance. Novitec Rosso added power and some aerodynamic benefits.

In particular, the 4.3-liter V8 engine has been updated to now be able to generate 500 hp (368 kW) and 518 Nm of torque. This is a considerable improvement over the standard model's 460 hp and 485 Nm.

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The tuning specialists at Novitec Rosso have revealed a new tuning program for the Ferrari California. With this package, the car's 4.3 liter V8 powerplant becomes capable of delivering 606 HP (at 7,900 rpm) and 603 Nm of torque (at 5,500 rpm).

This boosts the car even further than the modification pack that the tuner offered at the end of 2009 that made for a 500 Hp output from the engine.

This much power was obtained with the installation of a supercharger that provides a 0.4 boost pressure.

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Yesterday we showed you the Ferrari HY-KERS vettura laboratorio (experimental vehicle) also known as 599 GTB Hybrid which made its debut at the Geneva Motor Show, but it appears this is not the only way the Italian manufacturer wants to make its cars more eco friendly.

The Ferrari California will now be available with a Stop & Start, which will help it reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by 6 per cent in the ECE + EUDC combined cycle.

According to the manufacturer the California will deliver 280 g/km of CO2 emissions, impressive we'd say... for a Ferrari of course!

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