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Ferrari Enzo FXX Evoluzione on sale for 12.5 million USD

True supercar enthusiasts know there is only one or two street-legal Ferrari Enzo FXX Evoluzione in the entire world. For those who have everything but couldn’t get enough of just about anything, this is quite an opportunity they wouldn’t want to miss. The only roadworthy Ferrari Enzo FXX is up for sale for £9,999,999 or a little over $12 million at Amari Supercars.

Based on the listing, the FXX Evoluzione was initially registered in the UK in 2015. For a street car, it has a significantly low mileage considering it’s been driven for only 1300 miles after it was bought for the first time in 2008. The dealer’s website has dubbed it as the world’s only street legal FXX. Apparently, another road legal FXX Enzo also exists in Germany. As we searched for more details about this offer, we found out that Edo Competition has its own Enzo “street car turned legal” and calls it the ZXX.

In order to make the Enzo FXX street legal, the first owner of the Enzo FXX Evoluzione asked Ferrari to adjust the ride height a little bit higher off the ground. During the process, the supercar has also been equipped with a new set of headlights, handbrake, signal lights, brake lights, a front axle lifter and a softer suspension.

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Impounded Ferrari Enzo in Dubai is stuck there indefinitely

Dubai’s streets have been widely known to cater to some of the most expensive luxury cars in the world. Despite falling prices of oil, its residents are still capable of powering their luxury cars with as much difficulty as feeding a pet dog. However, like any other country, Dubai also has its fair share of problems. One of their most bizarre problems is the abandonment of high-end luxury cars, often in the parking lots of local airports.

Why would someone abandon a perfectly functioning luxury car? We’d like to assume that these decisions weren’t made lightly. One such incident involves a Ferrari Enzo. If you are up and about looking for an Enzo, then one of the best places to look for is in Dubai Police’s impound. Yes, you read that right.

One Ferrari Enzo has spent about a year in a police impound in Dubai collecting dust, not a shadow of its owner to be seen. Now you’re probably wondering how such a historic car such as the Ferrari Enzo can end up in a police impound, right?

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Revived-from-crash Ferrari Enzo sold for $1.76 million

How can a Ferrari vehicle split into two pieces come back to life and fetch a price of $1.76 million? In 2006, Bo Stefan Eriksson crashed his Ferrari Enzo while racing against a Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren on the Pacific Coast Highway. But the crash wasn't an ordinary one. It was bad enough to cut the pricey Ferrari Enzo into half. Putting back a car that has been split into two would be unimaginable for many people.

Any vehicle in that condition would be written off as heading to a scrapyard. But the Enzo with chassis number 135564 is valuable enough to have every reason for it to be pieced back together. It was sent to Ferrari Technical Assistance Services to be repaired. The Enzo, originally painted in Ferrari's signature Rosso Corsa Red, was repainted black with red-trimmed seats. It was also given a navigation system, a Bose stereo, and a back-up camera.

This revived Enzo has been certified by Ferrari and boasts of just around 1,500 miles on the odometer. The car was bound for auction on February 3 at the RM Auctions event in Paris, France, and fetched $1.76 million. Another reason for this high price is the history for such a car. Ferrari has been known for regularly producing limited edition vehicles that show off its expertise and experience. Examples of such astonishing Ferrari vehicles are the Ferrari 250 LM in 1963, the Ferrari GTO in 1984, the Ferrari F40 in 1987, and the Ferrari F50 in 1995.

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Mayweather sells his Ferrari Enzo at Sotheby’s auction for $3.3 million

Floyd Mayweather has many obsessions and one of these is collecting hypercars that some people can only dream of having. It has been revealed that the five-division world champion sold his Ferrari Enzo tat RM Sotheby’s for a staggering $3.3 million.

When the Ferrari Enzo was first released back in 2002, Luca di Montezemolo said that it was going to become the brand's historic car for a number of reasons. Montezemolo added that the name chosen had to be very significant yet symbolic hence the reason for using that of the company's founder.

Montezemolo shares that with its V12 5998 cc engine, the F1 gearbox, and the use of carbon materials, Ferrari Enzo gets the best combination of the brand's four consecutive F1 Championships.

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Set to debut next spring, Ferrari’s new flagship codenamed F150 weighs just 1100kg but can deliver over 800bhp, sources said. This means that the F150 is the road-legal vehicle that’s the closest to being a true competition car. Ferrari said that the F150, which replaces the Enzo, uses carbonfiber during construction in a more sophisticated way when compared to the upcoming McLaren P1.

In addition, Ferrari said that the entire car, starting with its radical race-car driving position to the radical active aerodynamics, will offer a driving experience that’s closer to the idea of a Formula 1 car for the road. The price wasn’t confirmed yet but it’s not likely to cost much lower than £800,000. The F150 builds on the concept of the 2005 Enzo-based, track-only FXX.

However, it is really based on the 2007 Millechili technical concept. This 1000kg research program was unveiled during the 60th anniversary celebrations of Ferrari. The F150 is built with a compact central carbonfibre monocoque that weighs only 70kg, which is 20% lighter than that of an Enzo’s. Powering it is a V12 engine. It features a small electric motor and lithium ion battery packs. The V12 is derived from the 731bhp 6.3-litre unit seen in the F12.

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Ferrari will launch the replacement for the limited-edition Enzo at the Detroit Auto Show this January. Ferrari claims that this gasoline-electric hybrid will be its most powerful road car ever. According to sources, this model is capable of producing 900hp from a new V-12 normally aspirated direct-injection gasoline engine combined with an electric motor.

This is part of a high-performance hybrid system that the automaker has dubbed the HY-KERS. Ferrari asserts that this Enzo replacement will exceed the 740hp output of the F12 Berlinetta. Ferrari had introduced a carbon fiber chassis of the vehicle at the recent Paris auto show. Carbonfiber is the material used so that the weight may be kept as near to the Enzo’s weight of 1,365kg (3,009 pounds) as possible.

The car is heavier by 150kg due to the hybrid system. Its electric motor weighs 50kg while the batteries weigh 100kg. Ferrari CEO Amedeo Felisa told Automotive News Europe that to reduce weight, the company opted for the carbon fiber used in Formula One race cars instead of the Resin Transfer Molding mostly used. This permitted Ferrari to build a chassis that’s 20% lighter than the Enzo’s chassis.

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Ferrari will replace the limited-edition Enzo next year with a gasoline-electric hybrid model that’s the most expensive and powerful sports car yet. The Italian automaker will make use of fuel-saving technology for its first hybrid that has so far been dubbed the F70 in trade press and blogs. It’s likely to be priced higher than the 660,000 euro ($850,000) price tag on the Enzo, a source said.

By making use of the Hy-Kers hybrid technology intended for Formula One racing, the model will combine two electric motors with a 12-cylinder gasoline engine to generate higher horsepower than any existing Ferrari. What makes it even more surprising is that its fuel consumption is lower by 40%. Fabio Barone, chairman of the Passione Rossa owners' club and the owner of two Ferraris, said that “dedicated Ferrari drivers: consider power and technology first.

He said that the new Enzo will meet their needs. This model is included in an incoming lineup of green supercars as high-end automakers improve efforts so that their models would be environmentally friendly, while still maintaining or increasing performance. As more models are offered and emission rules tighten, sales of hybrid supercars may experience a surge from fewer than 100 this year to over 2,100 in 2015, IHS Automotive said.

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To discuss the performance of Ferrari S.p.A. for the first quarter of 2012, the Board of Directors (with chairman Luca di Montezemol) held a meeting. Ferrari’s results as of March 31, 2012, were exceptional. It reported a 13.2% increase in revenues to 556.1 million euros. It delivered 1,733 cars to the dealership network, an 11.5% increase compared to the same period last year.

These results were influenced by the success of the 12-cylinder FF and the persistent demand for the 8-cylinder models, such as the Ferrari California (the company's best-selling GT) and the coupé and spider versions of the 458 that dominate the sports car segment.

All Ferrari owners personalize their Ferrari models. Since 2012 started, they have been able to take advantage of the Tailor Made programme, which enables each client to tailor their own bespoke car with the use of a broad variety of unique and exclusive materials, colors and finishes, with the help of a specialist team.

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A special auction took place on Wednesday as the police in Dubai attempted to sell 23 luxury vehicles, which include a £1 million limited edition Ferrari Enzo. This is believed to be the most expensive police sale throughout history. There had only been 399 units of this model produced worldwide. Last year, the police impounded the car, which was found abandoned in a car park and had already been covered in a lot of dust.

A Brit owned these vehicle, which is considered one of the top 10 fastest ever road cars ever built. It is believed that the owner is being hounded by unpaid traffic fines, which had piled up as the supercar was left there 20 months ago. Many expats decide to simply abandon their pricey cars because having a debt in Dubai is a crime. To avoid jail, many would skip the country.

They would be placed on the Interpol wanted list by the rich Arab state's authorities. It’s unknown if the Brit had committed serious crimes. The supercar will be getting a 5998c aluminium V12 engine, which delivers 660bhp and reach a top speed of 217mph.

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Ferrari will be launching the replacement for the Enzo Ferrari hypercar by the end of this year. Ferrari isn’t about to be complacent after it unveiled the 2012 F12 Berlinetta sports car. The Enzo Ferrari hypercar ended its run in 2004. This new car, which will probably be named F70, has much in common with the older F40 and F50 models and will keep the stunning design of the old Ferrari flagship as obviously seen in Scott Olsen’s renderings.

It also features a mid-mounted engine as well as rear-wheel drive. There were rumors that the replacement for the Enzo would not have the traditional V-12 powerplant and instead, it will get a direct-injected, twin-turbo V-8. However, this actually isn’t the case since the F70 would probably be powered by the same 6.3-liter V-12 as the F12 and FF gran turismos but built with a lot more power.

The twelve-cylinder in the F70 can deliver around 800 hp. It will be mated with a KERS (kinetic energy recovery system) driveline that gets a 120-hp electric motor. This motor allows for zero-emission travel under light load but it could also boost the V-12, raising the net power output to 920hp. But then, it would be premature to discount a twin-turbocharged V-8 since it’s very possible that the F70 will signal the end of this engine, which would later be replaced by a twin-turbo V-8.

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Ferrari will unveil at the end of 2012 the replacement for its Enzo supercar to a chosen few, which include a group of potential and current customers, according to Ferrari Chairman Luca Cordero di Montezemolo. The Ferrari chairman told Automotive News Europe on the sidelines of the Geneva Auto Show that they want to surprise people not just in terms of price but also with the car. 

The company has yet to decide when to unveil the new model to the public. A Ferrari spokesman revealed that they are considering unveiling the new model in January 2013 at the Detroit Auto Show or in March 2013 at the next Geneva Auto Show.

The new model will no longer carry the Enzo name, because the Enzo model was a limited-edition model. The new model, however, will be the company’s fastest and most powerful road car ever, exceeding the recently unveiled F12 Berlinetta. The new EUR271,000 F12 Berlinetta delivers up to 740 hp, slightly lower than Formula One cars, whose outputs are estimated to be between 740 hp and 750 hp. 

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Approximately 15 years after Porsche gave up its lightness-and-small-displacement strategy and developed a five-liter sports racer to outperform Ferrari at Le Mans, a different sort of battle started between the two companies -- a battle for top positions in the super-supercar market. Ferrari manufactured a radically modified twin-turbo 308 GTB in 1984 with an intent to meet Group B road-racing rules.

In response to the 288 GTO, Porsche introduced the impressive 959, which made its debut at about the same time as the successor of the 288 -- the infinitely loopier and practically skeletal F40. When Ferrari introduced the Enzo Ferrari 10 years ago, Porsche responded by launching the Carrera GT, which is a cost-no-object hypercar of its own.

Now that Porsche is ready to manufacture the V8/hybrid 918 Spyder, which will feature 718 gas-electric horsepower, Ferrari's Enzo successor could not be shown up by a measly Porsche. The new vehicle, which is rumored to be revealed this fall, will boast an output of 920 hp, 800hp of which will come from a 7.3-liter evolution of the 599 replacement's V12, reports Automobile.

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It’s likely that you watched in dread a YouTube video of exotic car dealer Zahir Rana as he mistakenly drove his $2 million customized V-12 Edo Enzo Ferrari sports car into a river on the south coast of Newfoundland. The car had cosmetic and engine damages amounting to over $100,000.

But this didn’t stop Rana from returning to the Targa Newfoundland car rally and bringing a car with an 860hp engine that enables it to reach speeds of up to 392 kilometres per hour.

Rana had vowed back then that he had “so much fun” that he will aim to “do bigger, better next time." Rana’s interest in exotic cars started three decades ago as he watched Magnum PI's stylish vehicles each week. He started to beef up his collection and he later decided to open his own auto shop so that he could perform his own modifications and provide a service to his clients too.

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The model that replaces the Ferrari Enzo will feature a mid-mounted V12 and a carbonfibre chassis, according to Ferrari CEO Amedeo Felisa. Felisa, who spoke during the launching of the Ferrari 458 Spider, said that this car may use hybrid technology. He added that Ferrari has already started testing the hybrid prototypes.

Felisa divulged that the development of Ferrari’s KERS in Formula One led to the discovery of some information that may be significant for road cars. But he explained that a Ferrari hybrid system shouldn’t just have a good performance since efficiency has to be improved too.

Presenting hybrid technology on a replacement for the Enzo goes with Ferrari’s viewpoint of making use of these cars as test beds for new technology. An Autocar report in July bared a California hybrid mule. A future hybrid system has to be coupled to a mid-mounted V12 petrol engine.

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Gemballa, the well-known German tuner specialized in tuning Porsche cars decided that it is time to take on a new challenge and revealed a new customization program based on the Ferrari Enzo and called Gemballa MIG-U1.

The new program includes an all new aerodynamic kit consisting in a new front spoiler lip that generates an additional downthrust of up to 35 kilograms at the front axle but also a new rear spoiler that generates up to 85 kilograms more downthrust on the rear wheels.

In order to obtain the best results, the flap lowers, as soon as the car reaches a speed of 120 km/h. Also, Gemballa developed an ventilation- and cooling concept: the front and the back wheel-houses are supplied with cooling air in order to guarantee an optimal use of the high performance braking system; newly designed air exhaust ducts end in and on top of the rear skirt while their dimensions allow supply of an additional radiator.

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