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Ferrari SP38 gets rendered as a Spider

For those of you who follow news on Ferrari, we are pretty sure that you have seen the one of a kind SP38 nicknamed the “Deborah”, which simply is a 488 GTB that has gone through a number of cosmetic upgrades for it to look like a prettier coupe. But have you imagined a car like that, looking like a Spider? X-Tomi Design, and individual artist from Hungary decided to take out the car’s roof to imagine how the unique creation would look based on the 488 Spider.

The coupe’s lovely F40 inspired engine cover may be gone already, but the imaginary SP38 Spider still has everything they need to become a veritable showstopper, though there are zero chances of this to become a reality.

That’s because Ferrari has no plans of making an exact same model for another client, because the first client will probably not want a replica of his car. But instead, maybe the commissioned Deborah wants a matching Spider to go along with the Coupe. But don’t get us wrong because we are really just making up these scenarios in our minds.

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One-off Ferrari SP38 is a one-off dream inspired by the legendary F40

Ferrari recently revealed their latest project, dubbed the SP38, which is a one-off based on the 488 GTB that uses its chassis and running gear. This model was ordered from them by one of their most dedicated customers. This customer has allegedly already received the keys to the supercar at the Fiorano track, and the car was put through its paces just after its reveal.

Without a surprise, the car’s design comes from the Ferrari Design Center and reflects the vision of the customer, an enthusiast who has a real passion for racing. The result? A gorgeous supercar that expresses all the beauty and innovation inherent in Ferrari’s road cars - the car is equally as good on the road and on the track. As for the design, it gets most of its inspiration from the iconic F40, from which the three layer metallic red paint also draws impulse. This paint job marks a radical departure from the language aesthetic of the donor car. It also has a twin turbo, twin intercooler set-up.

When you give the front end a closer look, you will notice that it has a pair of unusual headlights, which were especially designed for the SP38. The mandatory daytime running lights have also been moved to the front bumper to allow for an extremely thin headlights form. As a result, this adds more character to the car.

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Eric Clapton’s 1991 Ferrari F40 could be yours for $1.1 million

Who knew after more than twenty-five years, the F40 would still be one of the best Ferraris of all time. Out of all the 1,300+ examples built around 1987 to 1991, one of them belongs to the great guitarist/musician/performer.

Legendary singer and songwriter Eric Clapton once bought a Ferrari F40 and it is now on sale at GVE London. For the record, Clapton sold his Ferrari F40 in 2003, which means he’s no longer the current owner of the said vehicle now on sale. Nevertheless, the supercar can be bought for a fairly reasonable price of just £925,000 (more or less 1.1 million USD). We think this is a great buy given the fact that the 1991 Ferrari F40 already has about 6,800 total mileage.

According to the listing, the current owner carries a complete record of services including its MOT history. In Great Britain, the MOT test is conducted yearly to ensure the car is safe, road worthy and has passed the emission testing requirements. As a matter of fact, it was also stated there that the vehicle had undergone a fuel system refresh in 2008. That means, Eric Clapton’s former Ferrari F40 is still in tip top shape after all these years.

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