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This one-off Ferrari GTC4Lusso by Lapo Elkann is a vision in blue

The name Lapo Elkann may be familiar to you. Yes, this is the Italian Fiat heir who faked his own kidnapping. He is making some noise again, but this time, it is for something we applaud him for. He plans to treat car enthusiasts to projects made by a company he owns, Garage Italia Customs.

Having said that, one of the newest models his aftermarket company has done would be this Ferrari GTC4Lusso, and guess who it was made for specially? It’s for no less than the company’s creative director, founder and chairman, Elkann. He made this model extra special by transforming it into a one off example by giving it different hues of blue all around the body - inside and out. He explains on a post on Instagram that these colours are symbols of the infinite, which are associated to both the sky and the sea.

Starting off on its exterior, the Ferrari GTC4 Lusso is finished in Scottish Blue (Blu Scozia) that combines it with another shade of blue that is the Azzurro Lapo. The latter is painted on the bonnet, roof, trunk, and side gills and acts as a contrast to the other shade of blue. To match the body, of course, Garage Italia Customs will be giving it blue brake calipers too.

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Ares Design Project Pony may remind you of an old-school Ferrari GTC4Lusso

After the Pantera reboot made its debut on January 31st, Ares Design announced plans to give another modern supercar a classic makeover. The revival of De Tomaso’s legendary model is based on the Lamborghini Huracan, while the Project Pony will be using the same underpinnings as that of the Ferrari GTC4Lusso. As for its bodywork, it will remind you of Maranello’s models from years before.

For Ares Design’s projects lined up for 2018, they will take inspiration from a trio of boxy grand tourers offered by Ferrari from 1972 up until 1989. These models include the 365 GT4 2+2, 400i, as well as the 412. Soon, Ferrari will bring these guys back to life in the Project Pony teased here in an official sketch. And by looking at the sketches, it seems like these models will be built with the full carbon fiber coach built body.

The Ferrari 412, the 400i, and the 365 GT4 were never the prettiest of Ferraris. And because not that many were sold, these models are now considered very rare, especially with their boxy design. In fact, they are now sought after by many car collectors.

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2018 Aston Martin Vantage Shooting Brake would be a worthy rival to the Ferrari GTC4Lusso

A couple of days ago, we saw the very first rendering of the Aston Martin Roadster just a few days after the automaker unveiled the newest Vantage. And we find it so amazing how these artists work on their imaginations so quickly. As mentioned earlier, the Shooting Brake is one of those possible family members.

It was Nikita Aksyonov who was the person behind the beautiful rendering of the 2018 Aston Martin Vantage as a more practical Shooting Brake, and we think that it is a genius idea.

Wouldn’t this baby Aston Martin be a better choice or at least be an alternative to the larger Ferrari GTC4Lusso, as it will more likely be cheaper as well. Overall, it will likely have 100 horsepower more when at its “T” flavor, while the range topping trim with the V12 engine will have as much as 680 horsepower.

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Ferrari takes the fuel-efficient route with the GTC4Lusso T

Recently, Ferrari has been on a more fuel-efficient route. For some, it may seem like this downsizing trend is keeping Ferrari from all the winning streaks it should be making at the racetrack but it too has some economic advantages considering the increasing gasoline prices.

The LaFerrari has been one of the first to be subjected to engine modifications thus adopting an energy recovery-based system that was first introduced on the HY-KERS concept car. The rest of the Ferrari range has also been subjected to engine modifications with most of the gang adopting turbochargers in the process.

This year, Ferrari will continue its downsizing trend and will be working on the GTC4Lusso T. The GTC4Lusso T will be the first four-passenger Ferrari to undergo this transformation. The “T” in its model name signifies that it is a lower-spec version of the turbocharged V12-engined GTC4 Lusso.

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Ferrari is introducing its latest offering -- the Ferrari GTC4Lusso – replacing the Ferrari FF that was introduced years ago. The Ferrari GTC4Lusso is ideal for drivers who wanted to get their hands on a car that boasts of remarkable power while still offering excellent in-car comfort, immaculate detailing and sporty elegance.

Thus, this Ferrari sports car allows these drivers to fully enjoy any trip, any time, and any place. This kind of versatility is an improvement, if not at par, to what the Ferrari FF had offered. With these attributes, the new four-seater Ferrari GTC4Lusso is expected, just like its predecessor, to cater to younger clients who usually drive 30-percent more than Ferrari's average customers.

The name "GTC4Lusso" is a reference to a number of iconic Ferrari cars like the 330 GTC and the 330 GT. It is also a reference to the 250 GT Berlinetta Lusso, which embodies an inspiring blend of high performance and elegance. Moreover, the number 4 is a reference to the GTC4Lusso's four comfortable seats.

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