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Bentley Motors boosts Flying Spur range with new W12 S flagship

Bentley Motors is now unveiling the Flying Spur W12 S, the new flagship of its Flying Spur range. The Flying Spur W12 S is power, luxury and style fused into a single four-door Bentley. It is targeted towards customers seeking a more athletic Bentley that boasts of more power, torque and responsiveness.

In fact, this new Flying Spur flagship is powerful enough to cruise over 200 mph – making it the fastest Flying Spur to date. This sterling performance is thanks to its 6.0-liter, twin-turbo W12 engine that has been calibrated and tuned to deliver 635 PS (626 bhp) of max output (plus 10 PS) and 820 Nm (605 lb. ft.) of peak torque (plus 20 Nm), available from just 2,000 rpm.

Technically speaking, this amount of power allows the Flying Spur W12 S to achieve a top speed of 325 km/h (202 mph), with the ability to dash from zero to 100 km/h in just 4.5 seconds (0-60 mph in 4.2 seconds). Power from the twin-turbo W12 engine is translated to speed through the all-wheel-drive system. Thanks to a 40:60 rear-biased torque split, the Flying Spur W12 S is able to deliver sporty and dynamic driving experience in any road and weather condition.

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2014 Bentley Continental Fying Spur makes its debut at Auto Shanghai 2013

Bentley is set to present the new Flying Spur at the Auto Shanghai 2013, together with the Continental GT Speed, the company’s fastest production model ever and the ultra-high luxury Mulsanne, its ultimate flagship model.

Furthermore, Bentley revealed plans to expand the dealer network in Greater China, strengthening China as a major market for Bentley’s sustained success as the company is on track to achieve double digit growth again in 2013. According to Dr Wolfgang Schreiber, Bentley’s Chairman and Chief Executive, Bentley considers China to be a key market and to continue to reap high sales and increasing customer interest, the company has prepared a significant expansion plan.

The first model to come out from this endeavour is the new Flying Spur, which was formerly its top-selling model. It predicts that 60% of the new Flying Spur sales to be sent to customers in China. He also said that what all customers want, regardless of what they’re shopping for, are quality, attention to detail and performance. He pointed out that the company made use of these principles in creating the new car shown at the Greater China premiere.

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Bentley Flying Spur model would be moved away from the Continental GT line

Bentley will present the updated EXP 9 F Concept within the next few months. It can be recalled that it got plenty of criticism when it debuted. However, Bentley also got some positive comments and decided to proceed with the design of the SUV concept albeit with major styling revisions. David Hilton, Bentley’s new head of exterior design, said that its appearance will be sleeker and that its front end is likely to be controversial.

So far, the SUV still hasn’t gotten approval to start production. According to Kevin Rose, member of the Bentley board in charge of sales and marketing, the automaker aims to introduce a new or updated model every couple of years. It’s quite surprising that the Flying Spur model would be moved away from the Continental GT line.

It will be a lineup of its own and so it won’t anymore carry the Continental name. It’s believed that the Flying Spur will be sportier, differentiating it from the Continental GT models. This means that more radical styling changes are to be expected for the next-generation Continental GT model. Hilton said that there will be bolder upgrades for the upcoming models.

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Bentley Continental GT Flying Spur to get a facelift in late 2013

A new Flying Spur is set to be launched in late 2013, completing the overhaul of the Bentley Continental family. This engineering mule was spied while it was subjected to tests in southern Europe. It was disguised to conceal the near production-ready bodywork of the new Spur.

The new Flying Spur is similar to the newly refreshed Continental GT coupé and GTC convertible as it is also based on a heavily modified version of the existing platform, with a fresh bodywork and a new interior that has been upgraded. Even if this prototype makes the new saloon seem shorter and taller, it is believed to be using the same wheelbase as the current car, with comparable overall dimensions.

But then, the mule reveals its new bodywork, which has a crisper sheetmetal. It seems to take inspiration from the new GT and GTC. While flowing curves are evident on the bonnet and boot of the current model, this new model will have sharper creases. Its flanks will also have an appearance that’s more structured.

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Bentley, in collaboration with British design company Linley, will be launching 10 Continental Flying Spurs limited edition models, all which will be marketed in China. These new models were unveiled at Jack Barclay, a Bentley dealer in London's Berkeley Square. The decision to sell these limited edition models in the Asian country underscores the fact that demand in China for Bentley products remains as high as ever.

These Continental Flying Spurs limited edition models feature signature Linley elements – all designed to attract people who place value on pedigree and lineage as well as handcrafted quality. The limited edition’s fascia, waist-rail, roof console and console are implemented with carefully selected Linley veneers in Santos rosewood, covering the entire wood surfaces where Bentley chestnut or walnut would typically be employed.

Continental Flying Spurs limited edition – its waist-rails and picnic table in particular -- features iconic Linley Helix motif from the Linley Helix Furniture Collection. This Helix pattern features four different types of veneer that contrast with the Santos rosewood to showcase the wave effect of the marquetry. Furthermore, the limited edition’s rear console has been tweaked for a customer-commissioned Linley humidor.

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Bentley has teamed up with Linley, a British design company, to create a limited edition of 10 Continental Flying Spurs for China, which is the automaker’s largest four-door market. Several Linley elements will be used on this vehicle that will flaunt its lineage, its outstanding design, and its handcrafted quality. For the first time ever, the fascia, consol, waistrail and roof console will have specially chosen Linley veneers in Santos rosewood.

Instead of chestnut or walnut, all the wood surfaces of the model will be covered with veneers. According to Chairman David Linley, the two brands are both committed to “superlative craftsmanship and design.”

He said that this car is unique and reflects the passion that Bentley and Linley have to push the limits of engineering and excellence. The Linley Helix motif was borrowed from the unique Linley Helix Furniture Collection that features the highly specialized skill of marquetry inlay on the waist-rails and picnic table of the Flying Spurs.

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Bentley announced today that it will add the Series 51 designation to the 2012 model year Continental Flying Spur and Flying Spur Speed. For those who don’t know, the Series 51 allows customers to order ‘off the peg’ from an innovative and exclusive range of recommended combinations.

The Series 51 made its debut back in 2009, on the Continental GT and GTC models. Now, the program offers no less than 14 unique Series 51 designs for the Continental Flying Spur and Flying Spur Speed, which means that the customers can tailor their cars to their individual tastes.

Furthermore, the Series 51 Continental Flying Spurs will receive a range of striking John Blatchley-inspired duo-tone paint options, with accent colour sweeping from the bonnet, over the roof and onto the bootlid.

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Besides the Bentley Continental GT Design Series China, the British manufacturer will also bring the Continental Flying Spur Speed China at the same 2010 Auto China Motor Show.

The new edition developed especially for the Chinese market features a bespoke comfort suspension setting, which helps the car to deliver a superior ride quality for both driver and passengers.

The Continental Flying Spur Speed is known as the world's fastest luxury four-door saloon and it appears that this edition makes no exception as it comes with

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